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How to Check FSSAI Application Status

Do you want to know how your application is progressing? You've arrived at the right platform. We did our best in this post to provide you with a clear and simple manner to check your status

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We have provided you a brief and a step by step procedure to Check FSSAI Application Status, Please read each instruction mentioned carefully.

  • Enter FSSAI Reference Number – after registration, Food business operator (FBO) will be provided with a 17 digit FSSAI reference number. In the search bar, you will be asked to “Enter a 17 digit FSSAI reference number“.
  • Check Status – After entering the reference number, just click the option “Check Status”. Once you have clicked the option, you will be provided with basic information subjected to application status. Listed below are the basic detail
  • FBOID – includes food business operator ID
  • Company Name – indicates name of the company
  • Company Address – specifies the address of the company
  • Application Type – includes application type such as registration, new license or new registration
  • ARN – Application reference number
  • Application Date
  • Last Updated Date
  • Application Status

Check FSSAI Application Status

When you check the status of application, your status will be shown based on the following elements

Stage 1 – Processing to be initiated

You will see this status, if you have recently applied for FSSAI license. This status simply states that your application has not yet been initiated.

Stage 2 – Application reverted to FBO

You will see this status, if your application is reverted. In case of any changes needed, your response for the same must be submitted within the time period of 30 days. If not submitted, your application will be rejected.  

Stage 3 – Rejected application

You will see this status, if your application is rejected. As mentioned above, if you haven’t submitted the information in the given time period of 30 days the system will automatically reject the application.

Stage 4 – Inspection

You will see this status, if any officer is allotted to contact you for inspection on the Basis of your evidence


Stage 5 –   Registration Certificate Issued

  • You will see this status, if all the premises you have submitted meet the guidelines and criteria of FSSAI. Your application is accepted and your FSSAI registration.
  • Certificate is issued successfully.

 What is FSSAI registration/license number?

Each and every FBO must apply for a food license in India, after registration the FBO will be given a 14 digit license number which must be mentioned in the premise.

The provided 14 digit number is divided into five parts to understand better. Listed below are five divisions of FSSAI license number with detailed description.

Part 1 –  first digit

The first digit of the FSSAI license number specifies the status of the food business whether it is registered or not.

Part 2 – includes two digits

The state code, which defines the state where the firm is registered, is shown in the second and third numbers of the FSSAI license number.

Part 3 – includes two digits

The fourth and fifth digit specifies the enrollment year in which the food business is registered.

Part 4 – includes three digit

The sixth, seventh and eight digit specifies the quantity of enrolling master.

Part 5 – includes six digits

Ninth to Fourteen number specifies the Makers permit number


After the registration process, you need to keep a track on FSSAI application status .Make sure you are updated with each stage of status, so that you won’t miss any modification needed in the information.



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