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How Can FSSAI License Help Your Food Business?

In a sense, the FSSAI regulates the food business. It also establishes food safety standards by offering FSSAI food safety recommendations. Every food business operator in India needs an FSSAI licence to do business. Any FBO that does not have one will be penalised, and the FBO may be forced to close.


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is in charge of maintaining and overseeing the quality of food produced by India’s food industry. Each and every food business operator (FBO) must follow FSSAI’s laws and regulations. In order to incorporate any type of food business, you must first obtain a food license by meeting the FSSAI requirements for food products. Know more on FSSAI License Help Your Food Business.

Types of FSSAI License

The three types of FSSAI licenses differ in terms of the scope and volume of food business activity. To be specific,

FSSAI Basic Registration

This form of food registration online is typically obtained by food industry operators such as small scale food manufacturers, storage facilities, transporters, retailers, marketers, distributors, and so on. It is generally for food businesses with an annual turnover of ₹12 lakh or less. 

FSSAI State License

Small to medium-sized food manufacturers, storage facilities, transporters, merchants, marketers, and distributors, among others, typically receive this sort of FSSAI state licence. It is mostly for food businesses with yearly sales of more than 12 lakhs but less than 20 crores. 

FSSAI Central License

Large-scale food manufacturers, storage facilities, transporters, retailers, marketers, distributors, and other food company operators with a multi-state presence typically seek this sort of FoSCos FSSAI central license. It is mostly for food businesses with yearly sales of more than 20 crores. 

Get expert advice on the documents required for FSSAI Registration, making the process smoother for your food license.

FSSAI’s Contribution to the Success of Your Food Business

Following FSSAI guidelines not only helps in the acquisition of a food license, but it also helps in the profitability and credibility of a food business.

Avoid Legal Repercussions

Most FBOs consider acquiring an FSSAI licence to be a costly, time-consuming, and tedious documentation process and hence choose to avoid it.

The procedure, on the other hand, should not be avoided at any cost. If a food business operator runs his business without obtaining the right FSSAI licence, he may be convicted with imprisonment and may even have to pay up to a penalty of up to ₹5 lakhs. Vakilsearch can assist you with obtaining the licence as soon as possible. 

Build Goodwill and Ensure Credibility

It is undoubtedly really difficult to market or makes people trust new eateries or food businesses in the early stages of operation. Every new food business is plagued by suspicions and allegations about the possibility of food adulteration, the use of cheap and dangerous products, toxic chemicals, unsanitary methods of preparations, and so on. 

A food license shields your restaurant from such allegations and helps clear any doubts regarding the safety of your food products. Once you get the food license, you may creatively employ the FSSAI logo in your menus to publicise the better quality of your food over others. A food license not only certifies that your product is safe to eat and has no negative health repercussions, but it also helps market the credibility of your FBO and helps build lasting customer loyalty.

Develop Food Business and Protect Quality of Food Products

Only after verification can a food licence be obtained. This verification is extensive and demands standardization and the highest quality of output.

The inspection is performed at all levels and examines each and every ingredient utilised in the production of the food product. Moreover, the verification may reveal any flaws in your food product, which can be corrected to increase the product safety and quality. As a result, you can be confident that the processing of your food is of the highest quality,

Make Expansion Seamless For Food Business

If you currently have a well-known restaurant or food outlet and want to reproduce your success in another part of the country or in the same state, you need a food licence to help achieve this feat. 

The FSSAI logo can also be used as a part of your marketing strategy to capture a larger market share in new business locations. The logo can help inculcate trust in your services and portray your goodwill. New customers will be more likely to purchase from your FBO once they see the FSSAI accreditation attached to your business operation. A food licence is also extremely useful in assisting restaurant operators like yourself in obtaining bank loans and additional financing for the purpose of expansion.


FSSAI guidelines for the food industry have a tremendous magnitude of real and direct influence on the growth and profitability of a food business. If you are a food business operator and wish to take your business to the next level, get in touch with our team at Vakilsearch.

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