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Payroll Management

Essential Features of Payroll Software

Read all the essential features of Payroll software below and how it impacts the business.

A payroll system is essential software for the company. It maintains a steady and regular financial process through which they can pay their salary on time. In a very short time, the payroll  has become the most common HR software on the market. There are many features of payroll software that make salary management more handy.

7 Necessary features of Payroll Software

During the evaluation of payroll software vendors to track the most essential payroll features. This system has various automation capabilities with the following software features and capabilities:-

Payroll Processing and Management

Processing and management are the most crucial features of the Payroll software. This feature involves the assurity of every employee’s correctly compensated via their preferred payment method. That provides the foundation for other additional features of payroll service.

Tax Filing Service

Proper filing of taxes is one of the most essential things in all businesses to avoid the hurdles in tax deposits. Thus, the most reliable payroll system offers tax filing features. The calculation of tax is time taking and carries a lot of chances of mistakes. For many manual calculations and to avoid miscalculations or issues with federal, state, local, social security, and other payroll taxes, leave this complicated task to software to get the accurate tax calculations.

The payroll management system that you are using should be able to create them automatically, filing the deposit information which is the same in the case of tax documents like W-2s and 1099s. Also, it should be able to send the correct forms to the right agency that handles the tax filing process from front to end with minimal oversight.

Direct Deposit

It is another important payroll feature to assure the timely payment of the employees. As there are many people who are still using paychecks at the end of the week but it is not popular anymore.

Direct deposit is essential for businesses and their employees as they save both time and money by avoiding the printing and distribution of Salary payment slip fomat. Also, the employees don’t have to worry about losing or theft of the checks or the check fraud.

Employee Self-service

The employee self-services are capable of all the payroll systems. This feature explains employee self-service to put all the employees’ data at their fingertips to get access to their pay stubs.

Thus your employees don’t have to take time from your human resources department by requesting access to the information. With this feature, the employees can easily get their necessary payroll data and forms when they need them.

Compensation Administration

Compensation management is beyond the payroll and wage management and accounting for a non-traditional method of pay. It includes worker’s compensation, bonuses, and adjustment for changes in the Minimum wage, cost of living, etc. The functionality of compensation administration oversees any non-traditional payment practices that offer an extra layer to your overall Payroll strategy.


The majority of the business software categories require to include some kind of business intelligence or reporting feature. This tool is very essential because it gives you insights into your payroll processes.

This feature provides a high-level overview of the business budget, taxes, worker’s compensation, and other payroll data. The report from this feature exposes the trends and patterns that are used by the HR and accounting departments to improvise their operations. This might be a better allocating resource or overtime management, these insights can save costs and efficient payroll processing.

Compliance Management

When a business manages financial matters, compliance is an important consideration for a better experience. Keeping all the tracks along with all the relevant regulations assures up-to-date and lawful business. This step avoids legal action and potential fees that may arise due to a lack of compliance management.

Accounting Integration

With the enhanced integration capabilities of payroll software, accounting functions are integrated with payroll systems as well. This feature is capable of saving accounting and HR team hours by having manually key in monthly payroll details. Thus, it reduces the chances of miscalculations, incorrect data entries, and other manual errors.

Payroll is the main part of any business. Although, it is also said that every person should spend their resources on other critical matters than resolving your payroll system.

High-level of Security

The most important security feature in payroll software is database encryption. The system includes a highly valued resource like tax files, employee personal details, and payroll information, with strong password protection.

The security features also focus on control access along with comprehensive audit trails. The security feature protects all sensitive information to the highest degree. Another layer of security can save the company from fraud cases at optimal stages.

High level of Accuracy with No errors

The best part about the payroll software application is that it is carried out by following high-level skills. The installation of the latest updates of the application will give all the latest features of the payroll software. With this system you don’t need to pay any price for manual errors. Thus, with the automated payroll software, there is the least chance of human error.

With this feature, the tax forms are already filled from the employee’s payroll details. The third-party apps can keep the records to keep updated every hour even with outsourced operations. This feature also includes quarterly audit reports, leave status, and direct labor distribution documents.


The features of the payroll software are important but complex for businesses. After being complex they make the lives of HR executives and administrations easier. Before applying for payroll software research well to get an understanding of various vendor’s offers. To know more details about the Payroll software feature, contact Vakilsearch for detailed information.

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