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Documents and Cost to Register a Marriage in Punjab

Explore everything about marriage registration in Punjab, covering costs, processing times, and the legal framework under the Compulsory Registration of Marriages Act.

A Marriage Registration in Punjab is the legal piece of document which ensures that the jurisdiction accepts a wedding ceremony solemnised between two adults. In India, each citizen is aware of the provisions associated with a marriage certificate and its importance in further approval of legal actions like applying for a VISA, requesting a name change on the PAN card, etc. So, if you are a resident of Punjab and if you are soon to get married, you should register your marriage without a second thought.

A marriage certificate registration can now be done online. This will save time and money for couples who previously hired legal services to complete the necessary steps. The Punjab marriage certificate registration aims to provide government aid to married couples who have their residential addresses within the state territory of Punjab. People of all religions must have their marriages registered. Failing to do so may lead to paying a penalty of ₹2, which the government will sanction from the very first day of their wedding.

Marriage Registration in Punjab has been made compulsory after the formal marriage ceremony, and a couple must seek to register their marriage after the completion of one month of their marriage. This rule is applicable throughout the urban setting of Punjab. The process can be solemnised either through the online portal of the state government website or by availing of the traditional service offered by the office of the Municipal Corporation.

A Brief Note on Marriage Registration in Punjab

Punjab marriage certificate legally binds a married couple who resides in Punjab. Those who previously used to refrain from Online Marriage registration due to the elaborate process involved in the municipal office can now avail of similar services from the comfort of their homes.

Therefore now, the citizens of Punjab can apply for Marriage Registration in Punjab at a greater rate.

Also, the state government has cut down the expenses of married couples, and now there is an online interface that can accurately register marriage details in government databases. The Registrar General of Marriages looks after the whole process. It is a subdivision of the law department under the Punjab High Court. The end goal of online Marriage Registration in Punjab is to ensure that the maximum possible newly married couples legally step forward to authenticate their marriage by getting their respective marriage certificates from the government.

In 2022, the government has further decided to stress this matter so that the citizens of Punjab realise how important it is to have their marriage registration done. Otherwise, the government will offer no banking facilities to a couple with a joint account.

Benefits And Features of Marriage Certificate 

  1. The Marriage Certificate is Mandatory

In Punjab, obtaining a marriage certificate is a compulsory legal requirement. The certificate serves as official recognition of the marriage under the relevant laws and regulations.

  1. Proof of Marriage

The marriage certificate, aside from being mandatory, serves as conclusive proof of the marital union. It is an official document that attests to the legality and authenticity of the marriage.

  1. Document for Various Applications

Beyond its role as proof of marriage, the certificate is instrumental for obtaining other crucial documents. It is commonly required for processes like immigration, visa applications, and even for updating personal identification details such as PAN numbers.

  1. Immigration, Visa, PAN Number Change, etc.

The marriage certificate holds significant value in administrative processes. It is an essential document when couples need to make changes related to immigration status, apply for visas, or update personal identification details like PAN numbers.

  1. Application Timing

Couples in Punjab can apply for the marriage certificate approximately one month after the marriage ceremony. This strategic timing allows for the completion of legal procedures and ensures the timely issuance of the certificate, contributing to effective documentation and administrative processes.

Eligibility Criteria for Marriage Registration in Punjab

The legal authorities of Punjab have abided by the national regulations to set the state’s eligibility criteria for Marriage registration. The credentials are listed as follows:

  • The marriage should be aged at least one month old or otherwise; the married couple is not eligible to apply for marriage registration in Punjab.
  • The bride and the groom must be permanent residents of Punjab before their marriage. Otherwise, registration is not possible online or through the traditional method of visiting the registrar’s office.
  • The groom must be 21 years old, while the bride’s age by no means shall be lesser than 18 years.
  • Remarriage after widow status is solemnised only if the concerned person can produce the death certificate of their previous partner.
  • A divorce decree or certificate is compulsory for those opting for remarriage after a divorce.

Documents Needed for Marriage Registration in Punjab

The following documents must be there with every single adult who intends to Marriage Registration in Punjab

  • Both the bride and groom must have their AADHAR as proof of nationality. This is the primary identity proof of every Indian after the passport;
  • Birth certificates are needed as an age-proof document. The bride must be above 18 years of age on the day of marriage, while the minimum age criteria for grooms is 21;
  • A gazetted officer must sign a certificate to approve that the bride had changed her surname at marriage;
  • If marriage is conducted in a different country, a NOC must be taken from the Indian embassy of that country;
  • There must be a photo of the marriage day where both the couples are present in marriage attire;
  • The couples should produce a marriage invitation card during the marriage registration.
  • Passport size photo of both the bride and groom is needed;
  • The bride’s past residential address proof must be supported by any address proof, such as an electricity bill.

Marriage Registration in Punjab Procedure Online

  • Online Application

Begin by accessing the designated online portal for Marriage Registration in Punjab. Fill out the application form with accurate details.

  • Document Upload

Upload essential documents such as identity proof, residence proof, marriage invitation card, and a passport-sized photograph of both partners.

  • Payment of Fees

Pay the prescribed fees for the online registration process through the secure online payment gateway provided on the portal.

  • Verification Process

The submitted documents undergo verification by the concerned authorities. This may include cross-referencing details with the provided proofs.

  • Generation of Marriage Certificate

Upon successful verification, the marriage certificate is generated electronically. Download and print the certificate for official use.

  • Physical Verification (if required)

In some cases, authorities may require physical verification. If prompted, schedule an appointment for the necessary verification process.

  • Collection of Certificate

Once all processes are complete, collect the original marriage certificate from the designated office or have it delivered as per the specified guidelines.

  • Legal Recognition

The online marriage registration certificate holds legal recognition, serving as official proof of the marriage. This document is crucial for various legal and administrative purposes.

Marriage Registration in Punjab Procedure To Apply Offline

  • Obtain Application Form

Visit the local Registrar of Marriages office or municipal corporation to collect the marriage registration application form.

  • Complete the Form

Fill out the application form accurately and provide all necessary details about the marriage, including the identities of both partners and witnesses.

  • Attach Required Documents

Gather essential documents such as proof of identity, residence proof, marriage invitation card, and photographs of both partners. Attach these to the completed application.

  • Submit to Registrar

Submit the filled application form along with the required documents to the Registrar of Marriages office. Ensure that all details are accurate and complete.

  • Payment of Fees

Pay the applicable registration fees at the designated counter. Obtain a receipt as proof of payment.

  • Verification Process

The submitted documents undergo verification by the concerned authorities. This may involve cross-checking details and confirming the legitimacy of the marriage.

  • Registrar’s Approval

Once the verification is successful, the Registrar approves the marriage registration.

  • Collection of Certificate

Collect the original marriage registration certificate from the Registrar’s office after the approval. This document holds legal recognition and is essential for various legal and administrative purposes.

  • Legal Recognition

The offline marriage registration certificate is officially recognised, providing legal proof of the marriage. Utilise this document as needed for official and administrative requirements.

Marriage Registration in Punjab Fees

All the citizens of Punjab who are looking forward to a marriage must apply for marriage registration to certify their marital status. The government has now arranged for online means of registration which has considerably lowered the charges previously associated with all the elaborate steps needed to be executed for marriage registration at the Registrar’s office.

The government has fixed a service charge for registering married couples in the national databases. For newly married couples, the Punjab government charges 100 ₹ if the registration is applied for within one month of marriage. For married couples who seek registration after completion of one month, the government stipulates fees of ₹ 250 for them.

Any citizen who wants to issue their marriage certificate but has been married for more than one year needs to pay a sum of ₹300 . Marriage certificate has emerged as a necessary certificate for all the Indians, just like AADHAR, PAN, Voter cards, etc.


The Punjab government has taken a revolutionary step by mandating the requirement of a marriage registration in punjab for all citizens with “married” relationship status. The online application procedure has made the whole application process simple, time-saving, and user-friendly. The concerned person now does not need to visit the municipality office to collect their certificate. They can simply download the marriage registration certificate from the official website of the Punjab government.


What is the Cost of Marriage Registration in Punjab?

The cost of marriage registration in Punjab varies and is subject to change. It is advisable to check with the local Registrar of Marriages office for the current fee structure.

How Much Time Does It Take to Get a Marriage Certificate in Punjab?

The processing time for obtaining a marriage certificate in Punjab can vary. Typically, it may take a few weeks to a couple of months. The exact duration depends on the completion of verification processes and administrative procedures.

What is the Compulsory Registration of Marriages Act in Punjab?

The Compulsory Registration of Marriages Act in Punjab mandates the registration of marriages to ensure legal recognition. Couples are required to register their marriages within the stipulated time frame as per the provisions of this act.

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