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Procedure to Register Marriage in Delhi

In a world of technology, everything has become easier and more convenient, including marriage registration in Delhi. This article will tell you how to apply for a marriage certificate online with your partner's information and without having to go to the government office.

How to Apply Marriage Certificate in Delhi?

The process of getting married in Delhi can be a little daunting if you are not familiar with it. However, by following these simple steps, you can register your marriage with the authorities without any hassles. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply online for registration of marriage in Delhi:

  • First and foremost, you will need to gather all the necessary documents to apply for registration of marriage. This includes your identification card, passport, and an affidavit for marriage certificate of residence
  • Next, head over to the official website of the Indian Government Department responsible for registering marriages. On this website, you will be able to fill out the application form completely online. Make sure that all your details are correct, as mistakes may result in delays or even cancellation of your registration. You will also need to provide photographs of yourself and your spouse. If you are using a proxy, make sure that the
    affidavit for marriage certificate of proxy is also attached to your online application form.

Marriage Certificate Delhi Online

To Register marriage in Delhi, you will need to visit the website of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). After logging in, click on the Marriage Registration tab on the menu. You will then be able to find the Online Registration Form on the right-hand menu.

Important Documents

When applying for marriage registration in Delhi, it is important to have the following documents ready:

  • A copy of your ID card
  • A recent photograph
  • Proof of address (utility bill, bank statement, etc.)
  • Proof of income (a letter from your employer, tax return)
  • If you are a foreigner, a copy of your passport or visa

Benefits of Registering in Delhi

Registering your marriage in Delhi is a great way to secure legal proof of your relationship and protect yourself and your family. Here are some of the Benefits of Registering Your Marriage in Delhi:

  • You can get legal proof of your relationship
  • Your marriage will be recorded in public records
  • You can get a copy of your certificate
  • You can get assistance from government agencies if you need it.

Role of Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate is an important document in India. It can help you get alimony from your spouse if you are seeking it. The certificate should also be submitted as evidence in any legal case that initiates the importance of marriage. In India, when a couple decides to get divorced, this certificate is the most important document. The reason is because it proves that the couple was legally married. Without this certificate, a divorce can’t be legally processed.

If you’re in a relationship where you’re thinking about getting divorced, and you don’t have a this Marriage certificate, you should definitely register for one as soon as possible. Registration can be done online, and it’s relatively simple to do.

Do I Qualify for Online Marriage Registration?

If you are looking to get married in Delhi, you may qualify for registration of marriage. To qualify, you must be a resident of Delhi and your marriage must take place in Delhi. You also must meet other requirements, such as being of legal age and not being previously married. If all of these conditions are met, you can begin the online marriage registration process.

How to Get Approved

If you are looking to get married in Delhi, you may be wondering how to go about it. Fortunately, getting approved for a marriage registration is relatively easy. Here are the steps to help you get started:

  • Check with the local registrar’s office to see if they offer online applications. If so, click on the link and complete the registration form. You will need to provide your name, address, and ID card number. You will also need to provide your parents’ names and addresses and your wedding date
  • Once you have registered online, take the completed form and identification documents to the local registrar’s office. Present them all together at the same time and ask for an application form for marriage registration. Make sure to bring your certificate if it exists
  • Fill out the application form and submit it with all of your identification documents to the registrar’s office. Make sure that all information is legible and that the signatures on the application forms match those on the original documents
  • Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a notification in writing confirming that it has been received and that processing of your application is underway.


If you’re planning on getting married in Delhi, now is the time to start applying for marriage registration. Registration of marriage is compulsory in India, and as such, it’s important to get started as soon as possible if you want to make sure that your application is processed correctly and without any delays. To apply online for marriage registration in Delhi, contact Vakilsearch today.


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