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Get Creative Ideas For Company Name With These 5 Quick Tips

Get creative ideas for company name by going through this article and pick an attractive and unique name for your company.


Looking for a company’s name has always been an arduous task. When you start a business with all your enthusiasm, you want your business to be perfect from all sides. The name of your company also impacts a lot on your business. A unique and attractive name always instils good vibes in the customer’s mind. A name that suits your business helps you maintain your business’s standard. A wrong name may spoil the identity of the whole business. Therefore it is very important to get creative ideas for the company name that aligns with the purpose of your business idea. It would help if you did thorough research before deciding on your company’s name. Even you can take the help of the internet or any other source to get a proper name for your company. This article presents creative ideas for company name and strategies to consider when brainstorming a company name that captures attention and resonates with your target audience.

What is in a Business Name?

A business name is a name by which your business is known to the public. It can be anything you want it to be, but there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a business name:

  • It should be easy to remember and pronounce.
  • It should be unique and not similar to the names of other businesses in your industry.
  • It should be relevant to your business’s products or services.
  • It should be available as a domain name.

Here are some of the elements that can be included in a business name:

  • Your Own Name: 

If you are starting a business that is based on your own name or expertise, then using your own name as your business name can be a good option. This can help to build trust with customers.

  • A Descriptive Word or Phrase: 

Using a descriptive word or phrase in your business name can help to communicate what your business does or offers. For example, a business that sells flowers could be called “The Flower Shop.”

  • Your Location:

 If your business is located in a specific area, you can include that in your business name. This can help to make your business more recognizable to local customers.

  • A Keyword:

Including a keyword in your business name can help people find your business online. 

For example, if you are a web design company, you could include the keyword “web design” in your business name. This would make it more likely that your business would show up in search results when people search for “web design companies.”

Business Name Ideas by Brand Tone

Business name ideas can be categorized by brand tone, such as playful and fun, professional and serious, bold and edgy, friendly and approachable, and innovative and creative. Each tone conveys a different brand personality and can attract different types of customers.

Business Name Ideas by Industries

Business name ideas can also be tailored to specific industries, such as food and beverage, health and wellness, technology, fashion and beauty, and finance and consulting. These industries have unique characteristics and values that can be reflected in the business name.

Here are some examples of each – 

  • Food and Beverage: Bite, Crave, Flavor, Munch, Savor
  • Health and Wellness: Balance, Harmony, Vitality, Wellness, Zen
  • Technology: Byte, Code, Logic, Pixel, Tech
  • Fashion and Beauty: Chic, Glam, Luxe, Style, Vogue
  • Finance and Consulting: Apex, Capital, Elite, Summit, Wealth

How To Get Creative Ideas For Company  Name?

The following creative ideas will help you to get a unique name for your company. With the help of these ideas, you will be able to come up with a unique and suitable name for your business. 

  • Pick Easy Name

Select a name that is easy to pronounce. An accessible name will allow the customers to remember your brand. You can also use an acronym to keep it simple. For example, the familiar name is BBC instead of British Broadcasting Corporation. You can simplify a long name by using their acronym. 

Select such a name that is easier for all to search or type on google or pronounce. Never pick a name that is difficult to pick. In this era of digitalization and multiple businesses, a name that can be remembered will serve its purpose.

  • Take the Help of Literature and Mythology

Taking the help of literature is the best choice. You can get catchy lines from literature that will provide you with a unique but attractive line. Mythology is also one of the good options that help you to pick a suitable name for your company. Nike, Oracle, and Mars are some examples that have been taken with the help of mythology.

Most mythological names are picked from Greek mythology, and Nike is the name reputed brand. In Greek mythology, Nike is the Goddess of victory. When you decide to take a name from mythology, you should research to find a suitable name for your business idea.

  • Avoid a Name That Limits Expanding Your Business

If you plan to expand your business, pick a name that becomes suitable for any business. Do not pick a name that limits your business only to particular products or a place. If you want to include other products in your business, pick a name that aligns with other places and products.

A future-proof name will keep your business safe in various aspects. If you feel at some point that the products you deal in are no more relevant in the market, you can include other products in the business.

If you have a business of clothes for men, then do not name it ‘MenWears’ or ‘MenSuits.’ It may cause trouble if you want to include products for women and kids.

  • Look for Meaningful Word

Pick a name that conveys meaning to your business. When your business’s name aligns with your purpose, customers can relate to it. It also becomes easy for the customers to remember the name. However, some meaningless names cannot convey the purpose of business.

Apart from being meaningful, the name should sound good. A good name always uplifts the standard of your company, and people won’t have to hesitate when they pronounce the name. 

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  • Combine Two Names

Many businesses have picked a name combining two names. Examples of popular businesses that combine two names are Maruti Suzuki, Hero Honda, Air India, Go Daddy, etc. Many businesses prefer to combine the name of two owners if there are two partners in a business. By combining these names, you can get one classy name. Instead of combining the names, you can combine the title as well. Make sure that the combination does not complicate the name.

  • Take the Feedback on the Name

After selecting a name, take feedback from others once you decide to finalize it. You can pick 10 names and get feedback from friends, family, and your well-wishers. Feedback from others will help you choose the right name and get an idea of which name will also be liked by other people. When you take the feedback, you feel confident picking that name recommended by your friends and families.

When you discuss the idea of the name, another great name may appear in your mind. Therefore, taking feedback will be an added advantage.

  • Pick a Unique Name

A unique name helps you to stand out from the crowd. A unique name also attracts more customers and ignites their interest in knowing about your brand. The more you do research, the more unique name you will get. Due to more traffic drag, you should do proper keyword research. Pick a name that attracts more traffic to your company website to establish your business in the internet world. 

You can take the help of a dictionary to Get creative ideas for a company name. By looking for a word in the dictionary, you will know the meaning of a particular word.

You can also play word games to find a unique and attractive name. Since you can explore many words while playing word games, you can get an idea of many names for your business.


What are good company name ideas?

Good company name ideas are unique, memorable, and relevant to the business. They should be easy to pronounce, spell, and remember.

How do I create a creative company name?

To create a creative company name, brainstorm keywords related to your business, combine them in unique ways, and test them for availability and appeal.

What is a catchy business name?

A catchy business name is one that is memorable, easy to pronounce, and stands out from competitors. It should also be relevant to the business and convey its unique value proposition.

How do I find a catchy name?

To find a catchy name, brainstorm keywords related to your business, use a thesaurus to find synonyms, and combine them in unique and memorable ways. You can also use online tools to generate name ideas.

Why is a company name unique?

A unique company name helps to differentiate the business from competitors, establish a strong brand identity, and make it easier for customers to recognize the business.

Is a unique name better?

A unique name can be better for a business as it helps to establish a strong brand identity and differentiate the business from competitors.

How are companies named?

Companies can be named in various ways, by using the founder's name, describing the business's function, or using a unique and memorable word or phrase.

How is a company named?

A company can be named by brainstorming ideas, researching competitors, testing name availability. To know more, request a callback from our experts right away!


Embrace the power of creative ideas for company names, and let it pave the way for a strong and unforgettable brand presence in the marketplace. You create a business after putting in a lot of effort. Since a name is the first thing to introduce your business to the customers, you should always be careful while choosing a name. A unique name that suits your business will always contribute to the growth of your business. Your business’s name represents your business’s standard and purpose, and therefore always choose a name that aligns with your business’s purpose. It would help if you also tried to find a name that can evoke feelings in the customers’ minds. Some names speak about the business of your company. Visit Vakilsearch to take the help of different sources to get creative ideas for the company name. 

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