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Finding Company Name Search Availability: Not As Easy As It Looks

If you are stressed about finding the availability of a company name, then you should consult a lawyer to know about the registration process.

Finding a good name for your company is essential because you want it to be memorable and easily understood. You may have trouble getting customers interested in using your product or service if you choose the wrong name. Your marketing materials will also be affected if your name is too difficult to read or remember.

In addition, you must find a name that is easy to spell and pronounce. This helps people remember what you do and how you can help them achieve their dreams. You should also make sure that the name of your business can fit into a sentence without being too long or short. Lastly, check the name through a Company name search site to ensure you’re not infringing on trademarked names. 

What You Should Remember When Choosing A Name For Your Company

There are many things to remember when looking for a name for your company. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure your company’s name makes sense to others and solves a problem.
  • Avoid names that sound like popular brands, especially those owned by other companies or people you know personally.
  • Be careful of names with racial or cultural connotations (e.g., “Chinatown”).
  • Avoid names that sound like they were made up by a committee (e.g., “Mushroomclouds”).
  • Choose a name that’s easy for people to say and remember and can be pronounced easily in different languages (e.g., Google).
  • Think about how often you want people to use your company name in conversation – it should be memorable but not too familiar.

Ensure you check the availability of your proposed name on websites such as Namebench, which can help you find out if it’s available and registered as a trademark.

You could also consider checking for similar names in the Indian and U.S. markets and other industries where your business might be operating.

Can My Company Name Get Rejected?

When trying to register a domain name, it may seem like a simple task. You type in the website address and wait for the results. However, in some cases, companies are rejected when they try to register their business name for various reasons, such as trademark infringement or improper use of keywords.

There are a lot of reasons why your company name could get rejected, but here are the most common:

1. It’s Too Close to Another Company’s Name

The name is too close to another company. For example, if you had a company called “Apple Inc,” then another company called “Apple Inc” would be rejected because it is too close.

2. It’s Too Generic

The name is too generic or ordinary. For example, if you have a company called “ABC Company” and another company called “BAC Company,” both of them will be rejected because they are too familiar in the industry. Avoid abbreviations for the first time, but on the other hand, don’t go for something that’s strenuously long either.

3. The Name’s Not Unique Enough

The words that you used in your name are not unique enough. If your company is named “Lazarus”, another company named “Lazarus2” will likely be rejected.

4. It’s Way, Way Too Long

A company name should not be more than eight characters in length because most people can’t remember longer names and might have trouble reading them. Longer names might also make it hard for people to type them into search engines and other websites. If your company name is shorter than five characters, consider a nickname or an acronym instead of a full-length name.

5. Or On the Other Hand, It’s Way Too Short

If you have a short name that sounds like a brand or product name, it could also be confusing for potential investors because it doesn’t tell them much about what your business does or who it serves. It also limits how much capital you can raise with such a short name — unless there’s an existing brand attached to it.

6. It Doesn’t Include the Business’s Keywords.

When choosing a company name, make sure that it includes the words that describe who you are as a company: “website design” or “website development” would work better than “Website Designers, Inc.,”.

7. It’s Culturally Offensive or Stereotypical

Choosing a stereotypical or culturally offensive name is the fastest way to get it rejected. Even if your business provides aid to disabled people or a particular culture, it’s generally a good idea not to mention them in the name.

How to Check if Your Company Name Has Been Taken

Before registering a trademark, you must ensure that your proposed mark will not infringe on any existing or pending trademark registration. To do so, you must conduct an internet search for the other party’s name using the same mark. If the other party has registered a trademark, you may not use it without authorization from that party.

Suppose you find that another party has registered a trademark with identical or similar spelling and/or pronunciation as yours. In that case, it probably means they have already secured their rights over the same mark. 


The Three Best Tips for Choosing Your Company Name

Here are two things that we thought were the first things you should think about when choosing a name for your company:

1. Keep Your Name Relevant

Buzzwords like Lazarus, Icarus, and even Adam sound catchy, but these are mostly reserved for big conglomerate groups that don’t need to advertise themselves using their name. On the other hand, your business needs as much exposure as it can get, and it’s not going to do that with a name that says nothing about what you actually do.

2. Get Your Domain Name Registered ASAP!

Lastly, the most important tip many new business owners usually miss is registering your domain name in time. Even if it’s only been a couple of days since you decided on a name, the domain could get snapped up by the most random people. 

3. Use A Company Name Search Availability Site 

You can use a company name search site to check if your company name is available. This will help you determine if the name you picked for your start-up is available and whether it suits your particular business. This step is critical since it can help you avoid potential setbacks when setting up your business.

The main advantage of using such sites is that they provide information about the exact status of a given business name, which means that you do not have to deal with any uncertainties when starting up your own business.

The Takeaway

It’s not news that you need to do a trademark search before launching your business. Still, it’s horrible to finally decide on a name for your company (and maybe even register it) and then learn that another company already owns it. A good search will take time, but it is well worth the effort, but Vakilsearch can help you with it; The best thing to do is consult else you might find yourself unpleasantly surprised one day when a cease and desist letter appears in your mailbox.

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