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Payroll Management

Best Online Payroll Service for Small Businesses

Payroll generation is a lengthy task that many small businesses dread. We at Vakilsearch offer seamless services from Payroll generation to tax and TDS filing for the employees. Trust the leaders of e-legal services for payroll generation for your business.

No matter who you are and where you work, everybody looks forward to their monthly payouts. But as a small business owner this can be tricky. Less staff does make it harder to get a lot of hands-on deck when chasing to complete dispatching the salary of your employees. Thus, to make this process seamless we introduce Vakilsearch, India’s most trusted Online Payroll Service for Small Businesses.

Vakilsearch – Who Are We?

Welcome to Vakilsearch, your premium destination for all matters legal and professional. We are an online platform providing quality services across various fields like taxes, GST return filing, legal and business-related concerns. We are the giants who register the big companies on the Indian market with a record of registering one in almost nine minutes. 

Having Problems with Payment Dispatch?

Paydays are a delight to all- all except the dispatchers. All due to the complex nitty-gritties of the process. The lengthy calculations including various benefits and taxes, the invoices etc. have to be done with no room for doubt. One easy, hassle free way is the use of online or cloud-based services. Here comes India’s very own Vakilsearch, providing trustable online payroll services for small businesses. 

Why choose Vakilsearch?

While partnering with us, you will never again have to worry about any issue on pay of your staff as all of it will be handled by us. From organising contacts of your employees to keeping a note of holidays and absences to finally shuffling out the Salary slip, all of it will be our responsibility. We house a team of trained professionals, accountants and tax experts to craft a customised plan for any business no matter the size.

What Do We Require?

We are the most trustable online payroll services for small businesses and we will never even dream of putting you to any problem. We need a few basic info from the company. We need the Company Registration document, the GST and TN return and the return of your electronic challan (ECR) of the company. For the employees, we need the pay frequency (Yearly, Monthly, weekly, bi-weekly etc.) as well as the type of employees like full and part-time employees, the interns and such. We would also require the compensation of the business like the office timings, overtime etc. 

Our Efficient System for E-payroll

With Vakilsearch our taxation and Chartered Accountant expert design all the major steps in your company’s pay routine.

  1.  We created the CTC structure for the company. The CTC is the total salary allotted to any employee and consists of gratuity and PF along with the base salary.
  2. Abiding the Gov. Of India all business and corporations, big or small have to ensure a minimum quality of pay and benefits for their staff. Under the labor law of the government, EPF filing is compulsory by the employees, the failure of which means penalization for the organisation. Don’t worry about small business! Our Payroll Management Services cover this too.
  3.  Hiring new employees? Well, you need to draft all the rules and benefit the joiner now entitled to. Our services also cover this drafting of Employement Agreement, a crucial step to avoid future lawsuits. We offer this service for full time, part time as well as contractual and freelancer joiners. 
  4. We also help the employees under the payroll management of our system. We provide tax planning strategies to your staff as well so they can save some of their money while staying under the government set regulations.
  5. Businesses often have to cover multiple costs for the employees working like cost of travel for business, paid leaves, medical bills etc. This has to be covered by the company and falls under reimbursement policy. Our CA and tax experts help the small businesses design the policy to meet both the employer and employee’s comfort.
  6. The Human Resource or HR laws of a business is crucial, helping both the staff and the bosses with a variety of needs. The HR team usually has to deal with grievances and disciplinary issues depending on which sector your organisation caters to. Vakilsearch also has experts to guide you on creating the smoothest rules and policies that will help the HR department work best.
  7. As abiding by the Indian government and the ILO regulations, every company has to fix a number of leave days and holidays. It is compulsory to provide holidays on the national holidays which are seven days. Additional to this, it is up to the company or the business to provide further leaves to their staff. Our services here at Vakilsearch also cater to drafting of great leave agreements for you.
  8.  And last, but surely never the least we also assist your business by helping the drafting of the promotion and increment rules that are sure to charge up the performance of your workforce. Appraisals that are very useful to provide feedback to the workforce also fall under this clause of our service.

What Do we Offer?

We provide enviable services and four types of memberships but that’s not it. By subscribing to our services, you can save your precious time leaving this stuff to us and instead focusing on further growing your small business. We will also provide tips to the employees on how to save taxes, helping easy taxes and lower amounts which is surely bound to increase their opinion of you and your brand. We collect data efficiently so that you can have the payroll ready by the first day of the month thus helping you further save time


With the best in the country services and transparent working we bring the online payroll system for your small business. We are not only benefitting you but also looking at the betterment of your workforce thus increasing your overall value. So, don’t wait, avail our services at amazing prices starting from 999 today! Join Vakilsearch now and take your business to the next level without the hassle and tension of payroll errors.

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