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APEC Registration, Eligibility, Documents Required, etc

The Apparel Promotion Export Council (APEC) is a one-stop solution for export. Now know the eligibility criteria for AEPC registration

APEC Overview

APEC members have recorded revised exchange statistics, probable market data on global carnivals and subsidies in contributing to these festivals. It also takes advantage of a huge role in observing new markets and leading trade committees in many countries.

What Is the APEC?

The APEC is the authorised organisation supervised by the government for stimulating the export of clothes. It was established in 1978, APEC funds Indian exporters in their employment actions and also advertises the global buyers to invest in Indian apparel.

APEC was constructed with the expectation of stimulating and funding Indian exporters and promoting the organisation and development of their business. It aims to provide an active goal to the Indian apparel industry and enhance its global importance in a rounded and bearable manner. To attain this, Apparel Promotion Export Council acts as a facilitator in the industry by promoting exports and developing employment chances in apparel export. It also attempts to enhance and sustain productivity and name value.

What Are the Objectives of APEC

For the development of the garment export, Apparel Promotion Export Council is involved  in various activities and initiatives. Let’s look at some of them.

  • APEC is involved in the promotion and propagation of export of all types of ready-made garments. It undertakes various export promotion measures, and market research, and participates in the government’s foreign trade policy matters, including budgets and agreements
  • It also monitors tariffs and restrictions imposed by importing countries, keeps abreast of the export efforts of competing countries, works on garment design and technology, and explores export potential in overseas markets through trade delegations, missions 
  • One of AEPC’s roles is to popularise the Indian garment markets to the foreign importers and the general public in other countries and make a positive image of the Indian apparel industry
  • The exports of apparel councils also help its partners in knowledge and suitably utilising difficulties, regulations, protocols, licensing facilities, guidelines etc. Special importance is given to guiding members coming from the small scale industry
  • APEC helps in clothing layout by setting up design centres, enhancing designs, patterns, quality of fabric etc. and attempts to modify the technology, techniques, and know-how relating to apparel production. It also conducts training and skill development programmes for workers engaged in the apparel export industry in India
  • The organisation prepares action plans in collaboration with members to initiate effective export promotion, develop the market, scale-up production, set overall and country-wise export targets, and other medium- and long-term goals.

Eligibility for APEC Registration

Our team of experienced business advisors at Vakilsearch handle more than 1000 companies’ legal documentation. Based on their experience these are some of the eligibility criteria for Apparel Promotion Export Council registration

  • You must have a corporation /society /organisation in the export of garments, whether as a manufactory or as a merchant exporter
  • In case you have a proprietary company, you must be at the limit of 18 years of age
  • You must not be declared insolvent and should not have been condemned for misdeeds or ethical turpitude.
  • Once you are a partner, you will expect to revive your membership with the APEC every year; non-renewal can direct to mechanical cancellation
  • The applicant or any member of the firm has not been sentenced for an offence implicating misdeed or ethical turpitude
  • The aggregate export achievement of garments of the firm is exceptional than ₹1 crore during prior three financial years.

Accordingly, applicants who fulfil the above standards may apply to the Council for modification from Registering with APEC to member exporter along with the following papers.

  • Exporter’s turnover of readymade garments during the prior three financial years duly authorised by a Chartered Accountant (CA) or from a banker
  • Perform of a petition from duly restored in all respect is downloaded from the council’s official website or type
  • DD/Pay Order/Cheque of ₹.8000 + 18% GST (Total ₹ 9440/-)as a yearly subscription as a registered exporter. 
  • A different Dd/Pay Order/Cheque – (₹1000/-+ ₹500/- +GST at the rate of 18% as entrance fees as Member Exporter (Total ₹1770/-).
  • Recent Registration cum Membership Certificate of Registered Exporter (RCMC) 

Documents Required for APEC Registration

Download a petition form free online at the Apparel Promotion Export Council website and enter all the required details. Applicants need to provide information like the name of the business, the time from which it is achieved, enrollment number, export turnover of foregoing years. The applicant also wants to provide the following papers at the duration of submission of this application form:

  • Self-certified copy of the importer-exporter code (IEC) published by the licensing authority (DGFT)
  • Duly notarised, an effort on non-judicial stamp article
  • A self-certified document of Memorandum &  Articles (MOA)  of Association or partnership agreement or certificate of registrar for a company, as per the regulations
  • In the case of a manufacturer exporter, a self-attested document of SSI Certificate or Industrial License is necessary.

APEC Registration Process

  • To get yourself enrolled you have to go to the trade login page
  • Press the Reserve Applicant Name option
  • On the next page, create your user ID and password, and also fill in your contact details
  • Enter your offline expenditure elements for your company message reservation charges
  • Thereafter, you will see the testimony of your name reservation request. After viewing/saving this data, you can hit the ‘Home’ button
  • You can survey the importance of your request using the username and password you just established.

How Vakilsearch Can Help in APEC Registration

Registering with APEC will promote your garments export business. Our experts at Vakilsearch can help you in the APEC registration process. You need not go through the whole registration process and commit any errors. Leave it to the experts who can get you a spice board RCMC  in just 30 working days. With more than 1000 companies choosing Vakilsearch for the legal advice it’s time for you to get in touch with our experienced business advisors and register your export business under the Apparel Promotion Export Council.

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