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PICME – All About PICME Login, Eligibility, Registration and PICME Number

Know the benefits of the Pregnancy and Infant Cohort Monitoring and Evaluation (PICME Login), an initiative for expecting mothers by the TN government. This article provides you with all details including PICME login about the scheme


To keep track of all pregnant women, the Tamil Nadu government created this system. Pregnant women can register for the Tamil Nadu PICME Login on the official website from the moment a pregnancy is first detected till a birth certificate for the unborn child is obtained. People who register for PICME are given a 12-digit RCH ID number. The Public Health Agency uses the RCH ID that was acquired during TN PICME Registration to keep track of every aspect of the pregnancy.


PICME, which was created in 2008 by the National Informatics Centre for the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, has been modified and is now known as PICME 2.0.  PICME records 11 lakhs of Moms annually. All Government Health institutions have been granted user IDs and passwords, and 8713 VHNs in rural areas and 1846 UHNs in urban areas have been given institutional delivery entry logins so they can enter their delivery data.

Registration Objectives

The Tamil Nadu government created this website in an effort to make things easier for expectant mothers. Women who are engaged in this programme will have their care supervised by neighbourhood nurses throughout their pregnancy. Both the mother and the child will benefit from this, which will also improve their general health. This is such a wonderful initiative by the TN government to take care of maternal health, female empowerment and clean delivery practices

Tamilnadu PICME Login Benefits

  • The online pregnancy registration tool would help the state track pregnant women’s needs and difficulties once a woman had enrolled for the programme.
  • The programme links these women to neighbourhood medical facilities like clinics and hospitals.
  • Under this programme, local nurses will check on pregnant mothers to guarantee the health and safety of both the mother and the child. Hence, the equipment guarantees total care for both mother and kid.
  • The RCH ID is obtained by PICME ladies. An RCH ID is required for TN birth certificates. Birth certificates are therefore made simpler by the registration.
  • The pregnant woman will benefit financially and have easier access to care thanks to PICME registration.
  • Tennessee’s IMR and MMR are recorded on the website.
  • A pregnant woman may join the plan after giving birth. Second-time mothers might go through it again.

PICME Registration Eligibility

PICME Eligibility Criteria
PICME Eligibility Criteria

There are only 2 points to keep in mind:

  • The lady applying should be pregnant
  • They should be residents of Tamil Nadu

Why PICME 2.0?

PICME 2.0 is an upgraded version of PICME and has several features;

  • The programme has been entirely digitised, which means that all information pertaining to pregnancy and child care is kept on an electronic database. This makes it simple to monitor a pregnant woman’s and a newborn’s health.
  • Online registration is now available to expectant mothers via the PICME website or mobile application. This lessens the requirement for in-person visits to healthcare facilities and contributes to maintaining social distancing.
  • The system offers dashboard-based real-time monitoring of expectant mothers and babies. This aids in locating high-risk situations and delivering prompt interventions.
  • Improvements to the PICME mobile app have many features including a chatbot for all questions, e-books on pregnancy and so on.

PICME 2.0 Revamped Workflow

The Prenatal and Infant Cohort Monitoring and Evaluation (PICME) initiative in Tamil Nadu, India, has a new and enhanced workflow that is referred to as the PICME 2.0 Revamped Workflow. 

  • Online registration is now available to expectant mothers via the website or mobile application. This removes the requirement for in-person visits to healthcare facilities, shortens wait times, and simplifies the registration procedure.
  • The system has been entirely digitalised, which means that all information pertaining to pregnancy and child care is kept in an electronic format. This makes it possible to follow and monitor a pregnant woman’s and a newborn’s health in real-time.
  • The programme has a risk assessment module that detects high-risk cases and offers prompt treatments to stop complications.
  • Follow-up care is offered to expectant mothers and new parents through routine check-ups, SMS alerts, and notifications. 

Documents Required for PICME Login Registration in Tamilnadu

Documents Required for PICME
Documents Required for PICME
  • Voter ID
  • Valid Passport
  • Aadhar Card
  • Ration Card
  • Marriage certificate
  • Driving License
  • Bank Passbook
  • Job Card of MGNREGS
  • Chief Minister Comprehensive Scheme’s Health insurance card 

Detailed PICME Login Registration Procedure

  • The mother can self-register online by going to the following website, public, and filling out the necessary information in the required fields.  You will receive an appreciation and your Pre-registration ID once you have finished the above steps.
  • By visiting the e-Seva centre closest to the expectant mother’s home, she can pre-register her pregnancy for free.
  • Using the Call Center you can pre-register over the phone by dialing 102, which is a toll-free number.
  • Through the government’s public health system, the pregnant mother can pre-register at the nearest government hospital. 

Tamilnadu PICME Registration Online

  • Please visit the official PICME website and a homepage will load.
  • On the right side of the screen, locate the tab marked Pre-registration by Public, and click it to select it. On the home page, you can find the solution.
  • Enter your PICME number, which you need to have gotten from the nearby CSC facility.
  • Enter your pin code after selecting your location’s parameters, such as the relevant district.
  • Next, make time for a consultation with your neighborhood Village Health Nurse.
  • After entering your contact details, press the Create OTP button.
  • Click the button after entering the one-time password that was provided to your registered mobile phone. 
PICME Registration
PICME Registration
  • This step concludes the registration process.
  • You will now be given a 12-digit RCH ID.
  • Create a username and password for your account using this.

Online PICME Login Procedure

  • First, click on the webpage of PICME. 
  • Click the Login button to sign in.
  • You will be required to input the CAPTCHA code after entering your username and password.
  • Here, you will be successfully logged in.

PICME Registration Status Check

  • Visit the officially recognised PICME website to start checking your status.
  • Use the relevant link on the webpage to pre-register as a member of the public.
  • Choose Pre Registration by Public from the drop-down menu.
  • An additional page will load.
  • Use this option if you want to check the status of your pre-registration application’s ID.
  • Enter the PICME 12-digit number.
  • Simply select submit Number from the menu.

What is PICME Number?

The PICME number is the number provided by the TN government to track all pregnant women. This can be used till the baby receives the birth certificate. A 12-digit identification number, it makes it easier for expectant mothers to track their numbers. The programme is part of the Public Health Department’s campaign and the National Health Mission. Pregnant women can register for PICME Login at local hospitals, government-run clinics, and healthcare facilities.

To pick up the licence plate, pregnant moms can also get in touch with the nearby Anganwadi centre staff or the neighbourhood nurses. The nurse will help the women upload the necessary paperwork to the website as well. For all this, the PICME number is necessary.

Importance of PICME Number

The site was created by the Tamil Nadu government to help pregnant moms. It aids in keeping track of and keeping an eye on the needs and issues of expectant mothers. Women can contact neighborhood hospitals, health clinics, and public health institutions with the aid of the programme. You can see how efficient the programme is with its even more upgraded version PICME 2.0.

To obtain the number, the women can also go to the Anganwadi or village-level CSC centres closest to them.

To protect the health and safety of both the mother and the newborn, mothers participating in the programme are closely monitored by the nurses who work in the neighborhood. It is simple to obtain a birth certificate with this number.

Procedure to Check PICME Number Status

  • You must first access the PICME Login Tamil Nadu’s official website by typing
  • Click on the Application ID Status option at the top of your screen once the portal has opened.
  • Your registration ID or PICME Number will be required on a new page that will open after you log in. Carefully enter all the information.
  • Once your registration ID is entered, you can provide further information by clicking the submit button. 
  • Your request will then begin processing. 
  • The status of your pre-registration ID will be shown.

What is CRS?

  • The Civil Registration System, or CRS, keeps track of important occasions like births, deaths, marriages, and divorces.
  • Its goal is to gather and preserve vital statistics information for planning public health initiatives, demographic research, and legal documentation.
  • Basic demographic data like name, date of birth, place of birth, and parent’s names are gathered by the system, which is often controlled by governments or other designated authorities.
  • The information gathered is used to plan public health initiatives, assess demographic trends, and create a legal record of the incident.
  • Data from birth registrations can be used to track advancements in lowering maternal and infant death rates.
  • Data from death registrations can be used to determine the main causes of death and to guide public health initiatives to combat them.

PICME and CRS Integration

There are many advantages to integrating PICME and CRS systems for a mother and a child. Whereas CRS (Civil Registration System) is used to record births and deaths, PICME is primarily used to register pregnant women and track their health during pregnancy. These two systems can be integrated to give health officials a more complete picture of maternal and child health, enabling them to track outcomes more effectively, find service delivery gaps, and decide how best to improve services.

Improved data quality is one of the main advantages of merging PICME and CRS systems. Data on maternal and child health must be accurate to make informed decisions, which can be achieved by linking these systems. Health officials can pinpoint important areas for improvement and undertake targeted initiatives to address these problems with more precise and trustworthy data. This can then result in better maternal and foetal health outcomes.

PICME Login and Conditional Cash Transfer Scheme

  • In India, a system called PICME (Pregnancy and Infant Cohort Monitoring and Evaluation) is utilised to track pregnant women’s health and register them.
  • A programme called Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) offers financial incentives to families who satisfy specific health and educational requirements.
  • The outcomes for mother and child health can benefit greatly from the integration of PICME and CCT.
  • By connecting these two systems, health professionals may encourage expectant moms to go for routine checkups and adhere to health recommendations, improving outcomes for both mothers and infants.
  • By connecting these two systems, health professionals may encourage expectant moms to go for routine checkups and adhere to health recommendations, improving outcomes for both mothers and infants.
  • Pregnant women and their families may find it easier to get healthcare services with the integration of PICME and CCT if there are fewer financial obstacles.
  • As a result, there may be a rise in the number of deliveries in hospitals and greater accessibility to critical healthcare services.
  • Overall, PICME and CCT integration can ensure that moms and infants receive the care they require and that health officials have the knowledge necessary to make wise service delivery decisions

Way Forward

Here are a few changes that have been made in PICME Login. Also, PICME upgraded is known to be PICME 2.0. Here are a few features:

  • To make sure that it is successfully contacting pregnant women and monitoring their health during pregnancy, the PICME system is continually developed and assures the availability of critical supplies and tools.
  • To ensure effective decision-making, it is essential to raise the accuracy and quality of data collected via the PICME system. This can entail conducting routine system monitoring and assessment, putting quality control mechanisms in place, and training healthcare professionals in data collecting and management.
  • There can be a mobile application that can be developed for expectant mothers in Tamil Nadu by the government.
  • Further, pregnancy support groups and other awareness programmes can also be setup as a future development as a part of PICME.
  • It is being told that PICME has integrated its services with Integrated Child Development Series, Reproductive and Child Healthcare (RCH) and e-Mamta.

Support and Contact Details

  • Call-Centre number: 102
  • Email:
  • Office address: Directorate of Public health and Preventive Medicine, 359, Anna Salai, DMS Complex, Teynampet, Chennai–600006
PICME Contact Details
PICME Contact Details


How to do Pre-Registration?

It can be done online at, e-Seva centres, Call centres (102) or go to the nearest hospital.

Will I get any Acknowledgement once Pre-Registration is Completed?

Yes! There will be enough information sent on pre-registering to PICME to your registered mobile number and ID.

How to check the Pre-Registration Application Status?

By clicking on // and checking. Later on, RCH ID will be provided.

I have not registered with PICME. Now I have moved to my mother’s place for delivery. Where should I register my Pregnancy?

You should register it in your place of residence. That is the usual place of living.

Is Address Proof necessary for registering my Pregnancy in PICME?

It is not a requirement.

I am doing all my check-ups in Private Hospital and I am going to deliver in Private Hospital only. Is it necessary to register my pregnancy in PICME?

Yes, wherever you go or wherever you deliver, it is necessary to register in PICME.

I am a Srilankan Refugee. Should I register my Pregnancy in PICME & get an RCH ID?

It doesn't matter if you are a refugee. You must register and get an RCH ID.

I am a Member of the Farmers Social Security Scheme. Should I register my Pregnancy in PICME & get an RCH ID?

Yes! You must register.

I have lost the Pre-Registered application. Can I download the acknowledgement through a mobile number?

You can easily re-check the application on the official website. Also, from your registered mobile number.

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