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Import Export Code

Address Change On IEC

The Import Export Code is one of the most integral documents that import and export businesses in India can obtain. Without an IEC, no business in India can engage in international trade. Issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, better known as the DGFT, the IEC helps businesses enter new markets.

If you need to change the address of an IEC or make any other modification, how do you do it? When certain situations arise in your business, you will have to perform an address change on the IEC certificate. This article will look at how you can change the address within the IEC. We will also examine why this is the right way to modify the IEC.

  1. Changes to the IEC Certificate via the Modification Application
  2. IEC Address Change through Master-Details Edit
  3. How to Change the Address in IEC Registration Online
  4. Modify the IEC Branch Details Online
  5. How Can Users Pay the IEC Modification Fee Online?
  6. Documents Required for Address Change in IEC Code

Changes to the IEC Certificate via the Modification Application

The Import Export Code acts as a gateway to international trade for Indian businesses, providing them with new opportunities for growth and expansion. The government has, in recent years, expedited export promotion with many initiatives and schemes. The IEC code enables businesses to leverage these benefits offered by trade and commerce authorities. 

Hence, ensuring that the IEC certificate remains up-to-date must be a top priority for business owners. That is why the process of changing your IEC certificate address online is a vital step in maintaining a compliant business. Any change made to the IEC is known as an IEC modification and requires filing an IEC modification application. If a business undergoes an address change, it must ensure the change is reflected on its IEC certificate through an IEC address change application. 

IEC Address Change through Master-Details Edit

All import and export businesses recently gifted their business premises must file an IEC modification application. They must then perform an address change in the IEC code by editing the certificate’s master details. Individuals can make the following edits and changes to their Master Data through the DGFT’s official website.

  • Update branch details
  • Address change on IEC certificate
  • View, add and delete branch details
  • Modify IEC director details
  • Change in the company name
  • Additionally, change in business activities
  • Change in registered email ID and mobile number 
  • Modification of company bank details

How to Change the Address in IEC Registration Online

Let us now take a quick look at how to perform an address change in the IEC certificate online.

  1. First and foremost, applicants must visit the DGFT’s official website.
  2. The applicant must then log in to the platform using their credentials.
  3. Next, they must enter their PAN number, DoB, company name, and file number, along with an OTP received on their registered mobile number. 
  4. Once they click Submit, they will see an option labelled IEC Modification.
  5. Once they click on this option and enter the OTP received, they can update their master details.
  6. They need to choose the IEC Master-Details option from the main page, which will bring up all their business details.
  7. They can then modify their business address from this page and fill out the IEC modification form.
  8. Once they are done, they need to click on Save and then click on Update after double-checking all the details.
  9. The system will generate the following message on successful submission: Task Completed Successfully.

Applicants must mandatorily choose and update the branch and director details even if there is no change to complete the process of an address change in the IEC code.

How Can You Modify the IEC Branch Details Online

  1. After logging in to the portal, users must choose the Branch option from the main menu.
  2. A new screen will appear, listing all possible branches with the following classifications. V stands for View details, E stands for Edit or Update branch details and D for deleting branch details. 
  3. Users can press the respective button to perform the tasks mentioned above.
  4. Applicants must click on E to bring up a screen that allows them to edit and update branch details. 
  5. They can then go ahead and make all the edits needed carefully. 
  6. Once they are done, applicants must click on the Edi/Update button at the bottom of the page.
  7. Once the request has been accepted, the system will display the following message – Task Completed successfully.

How Can Users Pay the IEC Modification Fee Online

  1. Applicants must click on the Pay Online menu and choose the Application Fee option from the Modifications tab.
  2. A new screen will pop up displaying details including the applicant’s IEC number, fee amount, amount already paid, and the number of transactions made in the past.
  3. Click on Submit to move from the Payment Initiation screen to the Payment Confirmation screen, and then click on Proceed if all the details match.
  4. You will now be redirected to the payment portal, from where you can choose to pay the IEC modification fee through any one of the following methods;
  • Using credit or debit Card
  • Further, using the debit card and ATM PIN.
  • Using internet banking
  1. After making the payment, applicants must click on the Verify Fee option to ensure the payment has been successful. 

Documents Required for Address Change in IEC Registration

  1. Original IEC certificate
  2. Documents to prove the change of address
  3. An affidavit describing the modification


We have aimed to provide you with a clear picture of how to make changes to the address on an IEC certificate so that you can understand the procedure clearly. Should you need assistance, our team is always available to provide you with end-to-end changes as needed. 

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