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7/12 Extract Online: What is 7/12 Utara in Maharashtra?

The 7/12 extract, also called 7/12 Utara in Maharashtra, is an important document that gives important information about land, ownership, and rights. This article provides a full guide to the 7/12 Extract, including how to read the 7/12 document, apply for, and obtain 7/12 Utara in Maharashtra online.


A 7/12 extract is a file that contains crucial details about a piece of property, including the owner’s name, location, and other details, as well as taxes, legal issues, obligations, and other information. 

Form No. 7 (VII) and Form No. 12 are the two forms that make up the 7/12 extract file. The owner’s details and rights are shown on Form 7. On the other side, Form 12 provides information on agricultural land, including the type of land, crop area specifics, irrigation kind, and so forth. 

The 7/12 extract documents are kept by the Revenue Department of the Government of Maharashtra by the Maharashtra Land Revenue Record of Rights and Registers (Preparation and Maintenance) Rules, 1971.

The 7/12 papers are created and maintained by Talathi and verified and approved by the Tahasildar. You must apply towards the Talathi of an appropriate land jurisdiction to get the 7/12 extract. 

On the website for Maharashtra’s land records, MahaBhulekh, you may also get the 7/12 extract document.

Importance of 7/12 Utara

The document 7/12 Utara holds significant importance, particularly for buyers interested in acquiring land in the rural districts of Maharashtra. Given the diverse range of information it contains, it is essential for all parties involved in a transaction to have a comprehensive understanding of this document.

  • The extract gives crucial information about land ownership and can also be utilised to uncover ancestral information about the land. Furthermore, it assures the buyer of a land’s legal standing regarding any pending claims, past disputes, or pending litigations.
  • It provides a detailed description of the land’s agricultural features, physical identification, crop information, operations carried out on the Property Registration, and so on.
  • When a sale transaction occurs, it must be produced at the sub-office. Registrar’s
  • It is also required to be presented to acquire bank loans.
  • In civil litigation, the court will request land record proofs. As a result, submitting a 7/12 extract is required to meet such requirements.

Pieces of Information Included 7/12 extract

7/12 extract, or 7/12 Utara contains the following crucial information:

  • Villages Name
  • Survey no.
  • Sub-division of survey number
  • Name of tenant
  • Khata No
  • Local Name of the land
  • Uncultivable Land
  • Cultivable Land
  • Details of Agricultural Aspects of Land
  • Type of occupancy
  • Name of the holder/occupant
  • Judicial TAX OR Special Assessment
  • Other Rights

7/12 Utara- How to Get it Online?

You can get a copy of the 7/12 extract by following the instructions in Section 7 of the Maharashtra (Inspection, Search, and Supply of Copies of Land Records) Rules, 1970. 

Online access to the necessary 7/12 extract is available through the MahaBhulekh portal, a state of Maharashtra land registry website.

Here is a step-by-step guide to ordering the 7/12 Utara from MahaBhulekh online.

  • Go to
  • Starting from the web page, Choose an appropriate section from Amravati, Aurangabad, Konkan, Nagpur, Nashik, or Pune. Then press the Go option.
  • It will take one to the relevant section Page.
  • Choose the 7/12 button and select the district, taluka, and village.
  • Then, you may use the survey number, first name, middle name, last name, and full name as search parameters to get the 7/12 extract. Input the information for any of the choices mentioned above. After that, click the Search button.
  • The necessary 7/12 information will be shown.

Downloading Digitally Signed 7/12 Utara Online

In the event of legal procedures, the Digitally Signed file is required. The Maharashtra government has made it possible to obtain the digitally signed 7/12 file online.

Following is a step-by-step guide to getting a digitally signed 7/12 file online in Maharashtra.

  • Go to
  • Select New Registration.
  • Click the Check Availability button after completing the three sections of the New Registration form (Personal Information, Address Information, and Login Information). Password entered, click the submit button.
  • Log in using your freshly obtained mail ID and Password.
  • After signing in, choose the details such as District, Taluka, Village, Survey Number, etc.
  • Then select Recharge Account.
  • Enter a money amount between ₹15 and ₹1,000, choose a payment gateway, and click the Pay Now button.
  • The Success window for Payment will appear. Keep the PRN number for Future Reference.
  • By selecting the Home, you may now select the District, Taluka, and Village details, as well as the survey no. , to download the 7/12 Utara.

How to Change a Name?

After the land property sales deed is completed, one could add the name in 7/12 Utara.

The procedure for changing the owner’s name on 7/12 Utara is outlined below.

  • Send a formal request to the Talathi in charge of the area where the land is located.
  • Provide the relevant property ownership documentation and records.
  • Talathi will handle the form and check the paperwork and government data.
  • Talathi will update the registration and make the appropriate modifications in the 7/12 extract.
  • This modification will be directed in the e-chawdi.
  • People who these alterations will suffer will be notified through ROR.
  • The Pencil will be used to write the mutation.
  • By any chance there is an objection within 15 days, the survey office may stop and cancel the entries after thoroughly investigating the situation. If no objections are received within 15 days, the survey officer will validate and record the mutation.
  • Talathi will then record this in ROR (Record-of-Rights).

Remove a Name

It is possible to remove the name 7/12 Extract Maharashtra. You must go to your local tahsildar and present the paperwork required to remove your name from Mahabhulekh’s records. You must present the death certificate of a deceased person to have their name removed. If a person has legal heirs, you will also need a no objection certificate (NOC) (who wants to get their name removed).

7/12 Extract – Track Your Application

Once you have applied for the 7 12 Utara online, you can watch your application status on the Bhulekh Maharashtra website by following the procedures below:

  • Log in to the Bhulekh Maharashtra portal at
  • On the right side, click the ‘Track Your Application’ button.
  • When you click the ‘Track Your Application’ button, the following window will appear.
  • Select the details such as Revenue Department Revenue Services, 7 12 Extract and Application Id and click on ‘Go’. The information will be shown on the screen.

Check Payment Status Online

After completing an online transaction in Bhulekh Maharashtra, you may also examine the status of the 7/12 online payment. To examine the payment on Bhulekh Maharashtra online, use the following techniques.

  • Access the digital sat bara online site at
  • Select the Check transaction status option.
  • One will be redirected to the panel.
  • Insert the PRN number that was generated once the payment was successful.
  • Press the submit button. The transaction status will be made available online.

How to Find CTS number?

The following is how to locate the CTS or survey number on the 7 12 Utara online portal:

  • To begin, go to the Mahabhumi website at
  • Click on the Find CTS/Survey Number link in the Free Services area of the homepage.
  • Enter the necessary information, such as the district, taluka, and village, and then click the Submit button.

Application For Mutation Online

Follow the steps below to apply for mutation online through the 7 12 Utara site.

  • Go to to access the Mahabhumi website.
  • Click on the Mutation Application Status option from the homepage’s Free Services section.
  • Enter the necessary information, such as the district, taluka, village, mutation number, and so on, and then click the Submit button.


If you need any other information on the 7/12 Extract Utara or related queries, feel free to contact us at Vakilsearch

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