How to get FSSAI Registration Certificate For Your Business

Last Updated at: Jul 13, 2020
How to get FSSAI Registration Certificate For Your Business
Agents and distributors of direct selling companies like Herbalife and Amway will no longer need to have storage facility or premises for registering with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).


Agents and distributors of direct selling companies like Herbalife and Amway will no longer need to have storage facility or premises for registering with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).


The honourable finance minister rolled out an Rs.10,000 crore scheme supporting the food processing sector in attaining global reach. This scheme is to be implemented supporting the prime minister’s vision “vocal for local”.


Ensuring that the food supplied to the consumer is absolutely safe for consumption is vital. It is why the Indian government set up FSSAI as an authority on the subject. This article explains what FSSAI is and what is the procedure to get its license for a food business.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India [commonly known as FSSAI] is the nodal authority coordinating enterprises in the food business. It ensures quality, hygiene and safety standards for all food products available in the country. In layman’s language, any food joint or any food product that has an FSSAI license can be said to be of optimum quality for consumption and use. Obtaining an FSSAI license for your food brand or a food outlet is important in order to display compliance with the basic standards. Today’s world is one of an informed and aware consumer. In the past decade, the consumer has come to a better position, as it can choose from the many available options. The era of monopoly is over, in today’s competition- the survival is of the fittest. The FSSAI license is only given to brands and outlets that meet with the carefully designed standards set out by the FSSAI. In order to get a hassle-free FSSAI license for your business, simply follow the steps given below. The most commonly opted mechanism for obtaining the FSSAI license nowadays is to do it online. It is quick, simpler and hassle-free.

Register Your Food Business

Below you’ll find the list of services that will walk you through the need for the service, the eligibility, documentation procedure and benefits. Our experienced team members are there to guide you and complete the process at ease.


Step 1: Fulfilling the Eligibility Criteria-

In order to begin your application for the FSSAI License online, simply log-in to their website. The official website of FSSAI is Once you go to the website, one of the slides will appear with the title ‘Are your Eligible For’ with three options:

  1. Central License
  2. State License
  3. Registration

Click on the slide and it will require you to fill up the address, state, district and action. As soon as you save and add, there will appear a hyperlink saying ‘Check Eligibility Criteria’. Click on the link, it will lead you to a series of yes-no and descriptive questions relating to your enterprise. As soon as you answer all the questions, there will be an option to Proceed. If you are satisfied with the answers you filled above, click on proceed! After you have finished the pre-check, you will know which license you can apply for based upon their individual eligibility criterion. There are two types of FSSAI License- Central and State License. The eligibility for each of these is different. Just check which of the two you are eligible for. For each of these licenses, you need to first fill in the address for each location and then check on the given eligibility. The general line of distinction between these two types of FSSAI License is based upon the turnover. If the product or restaurant, you wish to register with FSSAI has an annual turnover up to Rs. 20 crores, then it is suggested that you for the State FSSAI License. However, if the said turnover is greater than 20 Crores, a Central FSSAI License is suitable for you.

Step 2: Apply Online

On the extreme right bar of the webpage, you will see a tab that says ‘Apply Online’. Clicking on the tab will lead you to a declaration or undertaking. If you agree to the undertaking mentioned above, click on ‘I Agree’. As soon as you click on I Agree, you will be lead to the same series of yes-no questions that you faced in the pre-check. Answer them accurately and click on Proceed. Once you do so, three options will come in front of you- Central, State and Registration. Click on the one that you desire to procure a license of.

Step 3: Register as a Member

When you choose the type of license you require to apply for, a login menu will pop-up. You will need to register as a new member if you do not have the login credentials. While registering, they require some basic details like name, company, address, contact details etc. Agree to the terms of the FLRS, enter the captcha in the space given below and you are good to go!


  1. After having successfully signed-in, you must receive a confirmation via email and SMS
  2. Also see, that this registration is only valid for up to 30 days. Therefore, within 30 days you are required to finish the entire process of registration. Else, you might have to re-do the entire process over again.

 Step 4: Sign in and Fill out the Application

After getting your login credentials, sign in to the portal and fill out the application form with all the relevant details. Double-check the details before clicking on ‘Submit’. Also, take out a print of the application form for future reference. Please see that every application form has a reference number, you might want to keep that saved as well.

Step 5: Final Submission and Documents Required

Take the print out of the form to the regional authority of FSSAI within 15 days of the online registration. It will be considered and processed thereafter. It requires you to submit some fee, different for state and central licensing. Along with the application form, the authority requires you to submit the following documents as proof:

  1. Government-issued Identity Proof and Address Proof.
  2. List of Board of Directors and other stakeholders in the business with their individual identity proof.
  3. Valid Email ID and Contact Number
  4. Notarized Food Safety Management Plan
  5. Sale Deed, Rent Agreement or Electricity Bill to proof the possession over the premise in question.
  6. NOCs from Municipal Corporations or local bodies.
  7. Kitchen Layout Plan, Water Testing Report (ISI approved)
  8. List of Food Category, types of equipment to be used, etc.

Please see that the authority might require you to submit some other documents as well, it is well up to the discretion of the authority seated.

To conclude, the process of FSSAI registration happens in five easy steps. First, an account is made. Then the type of registration chosen based on the business. Thirdly all documents are submitted, followed by the required payment. Finally, the fourteen-digit license number is allotted to the company as their FSSAI registration!

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