How to download the national food security card?

Last Updated at: Dec 16, 2019
How to download the National Food Security Card_

India stands first in exporting the highest quantity of rice. It seems that rice has almost 40% production in the country to contribute from the food grain industry. How can rice cost so much when India leads in the production of rice? That is why the government has come up with a scheme ‘One nation One ration’. And so, you can avail the National Food Security Card to avail this option.

What is National Food Security card?

The Food Security Card, otherwise known as Food Security Ration Card, is a legal document that allows the cardholders to get the commodities like rice, sugar, fertilizers, kerosene, LPG at very subsidized costs. You should link your Aadhaar card with your ration card before availing this scheme. With the launch of ‘One nation one ration card’ scheme, consumers in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra will also stand to benefit from the facility. Families who own the food security cards can buy wheat, rice or any other food grains at a subsidiary price. The family can buy from any ration shops which had availed the ‘One nation one ration’ scheme. Ration card can be used in various ways.

One nation One ration:

From June 1, 2020, ‘One Nation One Ration Card’ scheme will allow portability of food security benefits. Therefore, poor migrant workers will be able to buy subsidized rice and wheat from any ration shop in the country. Make sure that your ration cards are linked to your Aadhaar. Officials declared that By January 2020, 11 states in India would be formed as one web where ration card will be made portable. People can buy ration from any of the 11 states. You can use the ration card as your identity card or government proof as well. This scheme would be highly beneficial to ordinary people as well as the national food security government. By August 2020, the Union Government proposes to extend the ‘One nation one ration card’ scheme to all the states. This enables the portability of the food security card all over the country.

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Telangana – One nation one ration card project

Andhra Pradesh is called as the ‘Rice bowl of India’.
Telangana people who hold the white ration card have been receiving the portability facility, as it helps them to buy their subsidized food grains from any fair price shop in the entire state. Under the ‘One nation, one ration card’ scheme, the same facility can now be utilized in Andhra Pradesh through POS machines. As per the official data, around 2.82 crore consumers are benefited from the ration convenience in Telangana. The government launched the facility in the state last year. An approximate amount of Rs.35 will be charged for the service which they provide. It usually takes 30 days to process your food security card.

Documents Required

  • Application form
  • Aadhaar proof (Government identification)
  • Residential address proof (Rental agreement, electricity bill, etc.)

Download Food Security Ration Card

Step 1:

Visit the EPDS Telangana website.

Step 2:

On the right-hand side of the page, you will be able to see the menu. You will be able to see ‘FSC Search’ if you click on the list.


Step 3:

Now Click on FSC search.

Step 4:

Pick your district.

Step 5:

After selecting, you have to enter the FSR ref number / Ration card number / old ration card number to search your card.

Step 6:

If your name exists in the Telangana Ration Card list, then you are eligible to download food security ration card. Therefore, now you can download your Food security card.



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