Home-made Food Sellers to Face Penalty without FSSAI License

Last Updated at: Dec 22, 2020
Food License
The Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) has asked food regulator FSSAI to take appropriate action against adulteration reported in certain honey brands. In the first week of December 2020, environment watchdog CSE claimed that honey sold by several major brands in India is adulterated with sugar syrup.


Are you involved in selling home-made food items? You must have generated a good amount of income during the lockdown, right? Your lucky run might just come to a halt if you have not yet got a license/registration from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI License). 

Yes, you’ve read it right! Following the FSSAI rules, the State Food Safety Department has recently issued a notification for businesses like you. According to this, unregistered home kitchens selling home-cooked foods without a licence/registration will have to pay a fine of up to Rs 5 lakh plus imprisonment for up to 6 months. The fine/imprisonment term may vary, depending on the nature and type of the offence. 

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Catering and delivery of homemade food became a popular business during the pandemic period. In particular, during the lockdown period, many restaurants is shut down and a lot of people is being stuck indoors for long periods. This made online food delivery the preferred alternative for many. People mostly opted for cheap and local home-made food delivered to their doorsteps. As a result, many makeshift home kitchens almost sprang up overnight from nowhere!

This was a concern for the FSSAI. No one is sure about the precautions and safety guidelines that is following these ‘home-cooks’. FSSAI has been contemplating for quite some time to regulate such businesses. FSSAI rules say that any food business earning more than Rs 12 lakh needs a license to operate. Eateries earning less than that require FSSAI registration. However, if reports is to believe, the authorities have received only 2300 registration applications since March, in spite of thousands of Food Business Operators (FBOs) doing business during the pandemic period. This means many such units are still operating without registration or license. Many are, perhaps, not aware of the law as well. 

To ensure the safety of the consumers, FSSAI has come up with the latest notification. To avoid any unfortunate consequence, we would recommend you to complete your registration as soon as possible. The FSSAI registration process is a fairly simple one. Vakilsearch helps you in FSSAI registration in a simple way.