Documents Required for Divorce With Mutual Consent

Last Updated at: October 22, 2019
divorce documents

A divorce by mutual consent is one that is filed amicably by both the husband and wife, without opposition from either. Therefore, such a petition is filed by both parties. It is a demanding procedure, both mentally and physically, but much less complicated than the long-drawn litigation that follows when there is no consent from one of the parties. To file such a petition, however, the two should have been separated for at least one year.

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Therefore, a couple cannot simply decide on one day while living together to file a petition for divorce. To file the petition, the following documents are necessary:

1. Address proof of husband and wife;
2. Marriage certificate;
3. 4 Passport-sized photographs;
4. Evidence proving separation for over a year;
5. Evidence proving failed reconciliation attempts;
6. Income tax returns;
7. Details of assets owned by husband and wife, both jointly and individually.