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The Indian fashion industry has grabbed the attention of the world for all the right reasons of late. It is destined to be worth $35 billion by end- 2020. Have a penchant for fashion designing? Start your own fashion business & start influencing the society, in your own way!

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The Indian fashion industry

The Indian fashion industry is expected to reach 35 billion USD by the end of 2020. This is because the Indian fashion industry has generated several fashion startups over the years, and people have welcomed them with open arms. Every one of these fashion start-ups has not just contributed to generating comfortable and beautiful designs, but also influence fashion in society and culture.

To give you an idea of the different types of fashion startups now operating within the Indian fashion industry, here is a list of a few fashion startups that will help you with fashion business ideas, to answer how to start an online fashion business.

Fashion Business Ideas from Successful Fashion Startups

The following fashion startups are not just successful fashion startups, but also a list of online shops that will help you figure out how to start an online fashion business.

  • Voonik: This fashion start-up is an e-shop for women that focuses on personalizing customer’s shopping experience. The fashion business idea of Voonik is based on the idea of using stylists to handpick the clothes that are to be sold on this platform and should help you start an online fashion business.
  • Roposo: This fashion startup provides different styles pertaining to apparel, lingerie, and accessories, and should help you start an online fashion business. Their fashion business idea was quite innovative, as their goal was to become women’s ‘Facebook’ for fashion, with online solutions for their fashion requirements.
  • BlueStone: The fashion business idea that has revolutionized jewellery shopping by selling jewellery online, and should help you start an online fashion business. Bluestone is a successful fashion startup that has been in operation for a few years now.
  • LimeRoad: This online fashion business idea is based on users creating their own look by choosing from products available in the online store, as presented as a scrapbook.
  • Craftsvilla: This is an online crafts store that utilizes the power of internet marketing, to attract sellers and buyers.
  • Flyrobe: This is an innovative and successful fashion startup that provides apparel and accessories for rent. The advantage of this fashion business idea is that customers can rent luxury brands at ⅓ of their purchase price.
  • Faballey: It is an e-store for the latest in fashion and trends for women, and should help you start an online fashion business.
  • Wooplr: It is a fashion discovery app and community for shoppers through which they share their interests and latest trends with each other.
  • BigClozet: The most unique fashion discovery app that infuses data science and technology, to predict fashion and changing trends and service the market accordingly.

How To Start A Fashion Business From Home

For those who like to work from home, reading up and researching on how to start a fashion business from home will be useful. To understand the steps involved in how to start a fashion business from home, you can refer to the steps mentioned below:

  • How To Start A Fashion Business With No Money: By using apps or online mediums like ‘Shopify’, you can use your phone to take pictures of different designs and clothes and promote them for sale, using these tools. By resorting to such mediums you can start a fashion business with no money.
  • A Niche Market That You Can Serve: When it comes to how to start a home-based fashion design business, success lies in identifying a niche market that you can serve. This way you can generate demand in the market, and of course create a brand and reputation for yourself as a fashion industry company.
  • Understand Your Customers: This can refer to gender, age-group, ethnicity, or income category. By understanding your customers you can customize fashion to serve your market, and make it more appealing to them.
  • A Fashion Startup Begins With Startup Team: When considering how to start a fashion business from home, don’t be afraid to work with a small team, and grow into a bigger success. The work will be immense, and it will take up most of everyone’s time. But the rewards make it worthwhile, which is why more and more people are ready to launch fashion startups.
  • The Right People For Their Right Jobs: Success of an Indian fashion industry company depends on the people who form part of the company. Hence, hiring the right people form an important part of every successful fashion business. This not just includes permanent employees, but interns and part-timers as well.
  • Dependable Suppliers: With respect to every fashion business, a network of suppliers are required to produce a regular supply of clothes to stay in business. Hence it is important to partner up with dependable suppliers, to meet the demand of your customers.
  • Promote Your Product: A major contributor to the success of your business in the Indian fashion industry company depends on how well you promote your business and your product. From getting in touch with fashion influencers to using social media platforms and other digital mediums, there are several ways to promote your product and spread its awareness among your target audience.
  • Analyzing and Understanding: From time to time, it is important for every entrepreneur to analyze the status of his/her business, to understand, to adapt and to grow. This includes analyzing costs, and profits, looking for ways to enhance customer experience, and last but not least be a major contributing Indian fashion industry company.

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