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What is the Agro-Based Industry

To answer what is agro-based industry, one must include different types of agro-based industry such as cotton, woollen silk, synthetic, and Jute. Furthermore, to establish what agro-based industry is, we must talk about how easy it is to invest and provide income in rural areas. These industries support the optimization of several agricultural materials to support various agro-practices. When it comes to the agro-based industries, they provide a stronger potential for export with respect to manufactured food materials. It also further enhances technological enhancement by encouraging cooperation and participation among people from other industries.

The growth of agro-based industries along with agricultural products brings forth greater integration with different sectors. Another aspect of defining what the agro-based industry is its classification into two categories - food processing and non-food processing industries. Food processing deals with producing perishable food with preservable properties (or packaging). Another determining factor of what is agro-based industry is the use of agricultural raw materials from fruits and crops generated from the land and on trees.

Types of Agro-based Industry

  • Cotton Textiles: An important inclusion in the types of agro-based industry is cotton or a list of agro-based products. It is in fact the largest organised modem industry of India. In fact, 16% of industrial capital and 20% of industrial labour (15 million) is involved in the cotton industry.
  • Woollen Textiles: India is the contributor of almost 1.8% of the world’s wool production. When defining the different types of agro-based industry or preparing a list of agro-based products, it is important to understand that the woollen textile industry is also divided into ten major categories - woollen yarn, wool tops, fabric (woollen/worsted), worsted yarn, shoddy yarn, shoddy fabrics, blankets, knitwear, hand-made carpets, and machine-made carpets.
  • Silk Textiles: India contributes to about 18% of the world’s raw silk production, which can be included with different types of agro-based industry. The production for last year was over 33,000 tonnes. India is the second-largest producer of silk in the world, behind China. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka are the top producers of silk within India.
  • Synthetic Fibers: Nearly 44% of man-made fibre in the world is produced from India, which accounts for more than 2 billion kg. India’s export of synthetic fibre has doubled in the last five years, along with its demand.
  • Jute Textiles: The jute industry is a very important contributor to the Indian economy, by supporting over 4 million farm families, and employs over 2.5 lakh industrial workers, and 1.5 lakh tertiary workers. When it comes to producing Jute based products or the list of agro-based products include farming of raw jute, and weaving, spinning, bleaching, dyeing of jute fibres.

Best Agriculture Business In India

The best agriculture business in India also forms the best small farm business ideas that are highly profitable with meticulous planning and smart execution. Since agriculture remains an important contributor to the economy's wealth, it is important to know how to start an agriculture business in India. Listed below are some of the important points that will help you in figuring out the best agriculture business in India.

  • Agricultural farm: Conventional farming is still the best agriculture business in India but the ways and means of executing them have shifted from traditional to contemporary methods. The distribution channel and selling to the target customers should be carried as per local demands.
  • Vermicompost production: Vermicompost, the best agricultural business is highly in demand in India. it requires low venture and thus can be viewed as productive for the startup horticultural business which provides for best small farm business ideas. You can basically begin this business with the correct skill of the creation procedure.
  • Dried flower: The dried flower forms for best small farm business ideas that serve as the fastest-growing best agriculture business in India. General rare unique flowers and hard to grow are dried for longevity.
  • Organic farming: This is the best agriculture business in India to yield high returns. The increase in consumer awareness for organically grown foods has led to the growth of this industry. Non-organic foods have many risks to health and the environment.
  • Poultry and livestock: The conventional farming of nurturing animals in the backyard has been followed for many decades. This industry made a revolution in introducing commercial techno agriculture to India to a larger extent. Its growth cannot be stopped as the demand never ceases, for best small farm business ideas.
  • Mushroom farming: The best agriculture business in India is that which can yield profits in a short span of time. Well, here it is mushroom farming. The capital required is low hence attracts young entrepreneurs. It doesn't require a high knowledge of mushroom farming.
  • Fish farming: Fish farming can be done all around the year anywhere. Fish farming involves modern techniques and capital investments that yield higher returns than most businesses. Hence, fish farming is one of the best small farm business ideas in practice today.
  • Beekeeping: Beekeeping is in an upswing as the demand for honey has grown globally. It requires monotonous human supervision of honey Bees. The demand for honey never fades. With a small amount of investment, hard work is rewarded accordingly.
  • Sunflower cultivation: The cash commercial crop is sunflower cultivation. The land is required primarily to begin sunflower cultivation. The oilseeds of sunflowers are generally sold for a high price. With the appropriate land, it can be cultivated with a small investment.

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