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Start a business in Software Company

Want to start a software company? Great decision indeed! The software and information technology (IT) industry has been a chief contributor to the progressive economic performance of India in the recent past. Top global companies in this field are also looking to invest in India as quality manpower is available to them at relatively lower expenses. Of late, many Indian startups have also made their presence felt in this sector.

However, before starting your own software company, you need to follow certain procedures dictated by the enterprise regulations of the country. We will tell you everything about how to start your own software company from scratch.

But, before going through this, let’s first understand the types of software companies prevailing in India.

Start Your Software Business

Types of software companies in India

Before starting your own software company, it’s important to choose the right type of Software Company. Broadly speaking, Indian software companies can be categorized into 2 types. Namely,

  • Consulting or service-based company
  • Product-based or development-based company
  • Consulting or service-based company

    These types of software companies are known to provide consultancy and other services related to information technology, business consulting, software engineering, and other outsourced services to their clients. Some prominent Indian software companies in this category are – Wipro, TCS, IBM, Accenture, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, etc.

    The types of services provided by these companies include (but not limited to)-

  • Database migration services
  • Custom business solutions
  • Application development
  • Customization services
  • ERP solutions
  • Outsourcing
  • Programming services
  • Collaborative commerce
  • Quality assurance
  • Programming services
  • Multimedia services
  • Product-based or development-based company

    These types of software companies are known to provide products or groups of products that contribute to a major part of the revenues of an organization. Major companies in this category that exist in India include- Tally, Zoho, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, CISCO, and so on.

    Points to consider before starting your own software company

    Before starting your own software business, you would do well to consider the below-mentioned points-

  • Decide on the type of services/products to offer
  • Target a niche market where it is not so fierce
  • Have an assessment of the feasibility and profitability
  • Decide on the most effective distribution channels available
  • Your business should provide new and better solutions at lower prices to the customers, than the competition.
  • Benefits of starting a business in the IT industry:

  • You are the boss.
  • Flexible timings.
  • It’s your office, your income. You will be the decision-maker.
  • You will have the right to decide your work balance.
  • Feel free to choose your employees/authorities.
  • Rewards are yours and risks are yours.
  • It’s your passion. It’s your challenge.
  • You have the liberty to do something with the social community and lend them job offers for the betterment of the economy and our society.
  • How To Start an IT Company

    For those wondering how to start an IT company, it begins by taking a leap into entrepreneurship. With the technical know-how, required to plan on how to start an IT company, and the willingness to work hard. You can follow it up with the steps mentioned below, which will help you with how to start an IT company in India.

  • Create A Website: As an important step of how to start an IT company, it is expected of you to have a website to reach your potential customers and to list the services you provide. Also by installing a chatbot or an instant chat tool, you can easily connect with your website visitors, and help them provide immediate information, and facilitate sales quicker. You can either hire a web designer or web developer, or rely on third-party companies such as Squarespace and Wix to create your website, and complete the first step in your, how to start an IT company in India, journey.
  • The Structure Of Your Business: The next step to consider when learning how to start an IT business is to figure out the legal structure of your business. This refers to One Person Company, Sole Proprietorship, LLC, etc, This will have an impact on your business operations, taxes, and business perpetuity. It is best to consult with legal professionals or business consultants before deciding which structure to adopt. Last but not least, refer to your own business goals and see if the structure you want to adopt compliments it.
  • Registering Your Business: The next part of your how to start an IT company in India journey involves registering your business entity, based on the legal structure that you have chosen. The formalities may differ based on the state you are located in. While registering your business you are required to register it under a name, which can serve as your brand name as well. However, if you wish to keep your brand name and your registered name separate, you can opt to register your business under a DBA (Doing Business As).
  • The Ideal Location: Location should also matter when it comes to deciding how to start an IT business. Establishing yourself in a location where your customers can reach you directly or at least see that you are located conveniently or prominently. Of course, some locations are competitive and expensive. Hence, a cost-profit analysis also helps when it comes to making your final decisions. Location can also help you with forming several IT business ideas, in case you have plans to expand your operations.
  • Bank Account: With respect to opening any business, opening a current bank account is also essential. A current account allows your business earnings and personal earnings separate. Banks offer several services to businesses as part of their new offerings which makes it convenient for them to manage their finances and facilitate payments. Banks also provide their in-house consultants to assist you with selecting the banking services you require.
  • Build a business identity: Your brand defines the identity of your business and will continue to do so in perpetuity of your IT business. Hence, it is important to establish an identity that goes well with the theme and overall style of your business. The brand also helps in differentiating your business from your competitors, and essentially forming an intangible asset of your business.
  • Business Software: How to start an IT business without setting up adequate business software. As a business owner, there are several tasks and responsibilities to be executed. With a fully functional CRM software, that allows you to track your sales, automate marketing activities, execute HR activities, collect accounting and finance information, manage projects, etc. A reliable business software optimizes business processes and operations and makes it easy for you to manage your IT business more efficiently.
  • Marketing: To get the word out there and to attract your target market, advertising should form a critical part of your marketing strategy. This also helps prospective customers find more information about your IT business. Some of the popular mediums through which you can advertise are social media, third-party reviewers, print ads, digital loyalty programs, email marketing and other types of promotion.
  • IT Business Insurance: To protect you and your business, it is important to invest in insurance. Some people may share the opinion that it is an unnecessary expense. However, in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, insurance will provide coverage over potential losses and third-party liabilities. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a home-based business or an office-based business when it comes to how to start an IT company, insurance will help in covering business activities, equipment, and potential lawsuits, in the event someone is injured on your property or premises. Other types of business insurances include commercial property insurance, professional liability insurance also known as technology errors and omissions insurance (specific to IT industry). Each of these insurances cover specific types of coverages, such as losses related to equipment or property, general liability, and others that cover customer lawsuits.
  • Network: When it comes to how to start an IT business in India by finding new clients, networking forms a crucial part of the entire process. In order to ensure the long term success of your business, it is important to expand your business network with influential personalities who can bring in more customers to your business and enhance its visibility and popularity.
  • Different Types Of Information Technology Roles

    There are several different information technology roles that have gained popularity over the years, as the IT industry has grown. Some of these information technology roles are;

  • Cloud Computing Engineers
  • Computer Network Specialists
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Database Administrator
  • Information Technology Analysts
  • Information Technology Leadership
  • Information Security Specialist
  • Software/Application Developer
  • Web Developer
  • FAQs on Start a Software Company

    Where should I incorporate my business?

    You can probably do it anywhere but incorporating in your state will fetch you some benefits and compliances.

    What are the features that my IT business should have?

    You must own strategies, plans and employees according to your development and advancement.

    What are the questions to be asked before starting a business?

    • What problem does your business solve?
    • What methods do you use to generate income for your business?
    • What about your ROI?
    • What is your pricing strategy and why?
    • What is your client or customer retention rate?
    • Explain your social media strategy.

    And so on.

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