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YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023 Online Application, Status Check

Information regarding apartment distribution in Noida and New Delhi has been made public by the YEIDA Plot Scheme.

Table of Contents

Latest Update on YEIDA Plot Scheme

YEIDA Sets New Installments Rules for Plots in YEIDA Plot Scheme

June 6, 2023:

The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority decided to settle the YEIDA land planning dispute by introducing a relocation policy. The order would force the authorities to move disputed lands to other undisputed locations, leaving title to their respective beneficiaries. The implementation of the Real Estate Transfer Directive will resolve ongoing disputes over delayed real estate titles.
A detailed report on YEIDA’s relocation policy will be presented at the upcoming Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority board meeting. This meeting is scheduled for June 16, 2023. YEIDA CEO Arun Viru Singh said in a statement that the policy would benefit property owners who have long awaited ownership. “Under this new policy, we will be able to move property to a conflict-free location, allowing people with rights to freely own and use it,” he said. rice field.

April 2023:

YEIDA wants to relaunch its land allotment programmes for group housing, hotels, institutional developments, gasoline pumps and other uses this week. The recipients of these schemes will have three to five years to pay the complete amount in instalments. Previously, allottees were required to pay 30 to 40% of the total price within two months.

Furthermore, the eligibility criteria for applicants will be more flexible. After receiving a poor response to its schemes in recent months, YEIDA made the decision to change the terms/conditions and payment plan. According to officials, investors were not interested in their programmes because the payment plan included onerous criteria. However, with the new option of paying in installments, investors’ financial burden would be reduced.

YEIDA also intends to ease the regulations governing key activities in mixed-use plot developments. It is also making the petrol pump plan available to everyone.

YEIDA Allows Part Payment For Middle-Class Homebuyers

April 2023:

The Yamuna Motorway Industrial Development Authority, or YEIDA, has introduced a new payment method to assist new middle-class property buyers. To relieve homebuyers of the strain of paying the property cost all at once, YEIDA has established a mechanism for paying the cost in easy instalments. Previously, the YEIDA required all property buyers, whether industrialists, residential buyers, or commercial property buyers, to pay the amount within 90 days. The YEIDA, on the other hand, has now begun the facility to pay the cost of property in five years. The government will begin accepting payments in installments from all types of buyers.

Plans from YEIDA have been released for 2023

The Yamuna Expressway Authority plots (YEIDA) began introducing new plot schemes not long after the YEIDA Plot Scheme 2022 came to an end. On January 10, 2023, the authority organized an online auction for YEIDA mixed-use land plots. The Yamuna Expressway Authority plots has since Last Date Extended the deadline for applications for ongoing projects, nevertheless. To learn more about these YEIDA plots, scroll down.

YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023: Lottery Draw Result

On December 16, 2022, starting at 10 AM, Facebook and YouTube streamed live the lottery draw results of the plot allotment of the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) Plot Scheme 2022 (Scheme no: RPS-06/2022). Due to the large number of applicants, the Yamuna Expressway Authority plots randomly selected only 2% of those to be invited, and on December 14, 2022, the list of those selected was posted on the website. On the official website, the whole results list is available. The candidates can do a search for the outcomes using their form number.

Yamuna Expressway Authority (YEIDA) Plot Scheme 2023: Lottery Draw Results

The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) conducted a lottery draw for plot allotment under Scheme no: RPS-06/2022 on December 16, 2022. The lottery draw results were broadcasted live on Facebook and YouTube starting from 10 AM. Due to the high number of applicants, only two percent of them were randomly invited by the authority, and the list of the same was published on the official website on December 14, 2022. The final results list is now available on the official website, and applicants can search for their results using their form number.

As Yamuna Expressway is a well-known investment destination in the National Capital Region, the YEIDA plot scheme 2022 is expected to have surpassed all previous records set by the authority. The application process, which ended on October 14, 2022, received an overwhelming response with over 85,000 applications received for just 477 residential plots.

According to officials, the highest number of applications, over 44,000, were received for the 226 plots of 120 sq m each, making it the most in-demand category. The second most popular category was the 300 sq m plots with over 11,500 applications, followed by the 90 sq m plots with over 7,700 applications, the 160 sq m plots with over 4,000 applications, the 60 sq m plots with over 3,100 applications, the 200 sq m plots with over 1,100 applications, the 1,000 sq m plots with around 800 applications, the 500 sq m plots with almost 750 applicants, and lastly, the 2,000 sq m land parcels with over 180 applications.

It is worth noting that the latest plot scheme launched by YEIDA came after a gap of approximately eight months from a similar scheme floated between December 2021 to January 2022. This time, the scheme offers residential plots ranging from 60 sq m to 2,000 sq m, with the majority of plots (262) measuring 120 sq m. Other available plot sizes include 67 plots of 200 sq m, 56 plots of 300 sq m, 40 plots of 162 sq m, 19 plots of 90 sq m, and 16 plots of 60 sq m. The plots are located in Sectors 16, 17A, 18, 20, and 22D.

Although the Yamuna Expressway Authority regularly launches residential plot schemes, the registration process for the allotted plots has been slow. To speed up plot registration and increase occupancy in the YEIDA area, the authority has advanced the deadline for registration from March 31, 2023, to January 31, 2023. Failure to register plots within the given timeframe may result in cancellation of allotment, affecting around 8,000 residential plot owners. However, many plot allottees are disappointed with this decision since YEIDA guidelines require residences to be built within four years from the registration date, and they have been delaying the process due to the lack of basic amenities such as roads, water supply, and sewerage, among others, which are still incomplete in the area.


The YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023 provides plots for industrial and institutional purposes. YEIDA is preparing to develop a residential property project in Greater Noida, selling plots in sectors 16, 17A, 18, 20, and 22D. This Scheme has 477 plots ranging in size from 60, 90, 120, 162, 200, 300, 500, 1000, 2000 square meters.

 Some plots in the present project are the same ones left over from earlier plans, while others are completely new. Before submitting an application under the plan on the Authority’s website, an applicant must pay a deposit equivalent to 10% of the total cost of the plot. There will be several payment options available.

  • Those who choose to make one payment will be given priority in the distribution of plots; (once) Those who pay a part of the total amount all at once and the remainder in instalments will be considered after them. (50:50)
  • Those who opt to pay 30% of the whole cost in one lump sum and the rest 70% in instalments will receive the least amount of favor. (30:70)

The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority has introduced a new plot scheme that offers plots for industrial and institutional purposes. The article provides a comprehensive guide for online application to the YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023. Many individuals are interested in investing in this scheme and the article aims to address their curiosity by providing information on the plot offerings.

YEIDA Plot Scheme is launching a residential property project that offers 477 plots ranging from 60 to 2000 square meters in various sectors of Greater Noida. The article provides details about YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023 and encourages readers to read the complete article for information about pricing, plot details, and the online application process.

YEIDA Plot Scheme Important Dates:

 The authority announces the important dates for the YEIDA Plot Scheme on its official website. These dates include the start and end date of the online application process, the date of the lottery draw, and the date of allotment.

Important Dates of Plot Scheme (Yamuna Expressway)

Start date of registration in the scheme September 07, 2022
Last date of registration October 07, 2022
lucky draw date December 16, 2022
refund date Its date will be released soon

The objective of Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority -YEIDA

YEIDA aims to promote planned development and stimulate investment and economic growth in the industrial development area. The organization’s responsibilities include acquiring plots for expressway construction and area development, executing projects, and designing a master plan for the industrial development area.

YEIDA Plot 2023 Price

Square Meter Cost Per Square Meter
up to 4,000 6,670
4,000 to 8,000 5,680
8000 to 20,000 4,810
20,000 to 40,000 square meters 4,370
40,000 to 80,000 4,210
above 80,000 square meters 4,050

YEIDA’s Added Option to Change Your Payment Method

On 3rd October, the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority said that it has revised the YEIDA Plot Scheme programme parameters to help bidders who had previously registered for the 400 available plots. Yeida announced the programme on 7th September, and the allocation lottery is scheduled for November 8. 54,195 applicants have ordered programme brochures, with 31,150 already paying the requisite fee.

Applicants who previously applied for the plot plan may now change their mode of payment if they obtain the plots in the lottery. Customers may now visit our website to customize their choices based on their preferences. Customers that pay a one-time charge will have their applications prioritized for the first draw. The CEO may change payment installments beginning of 3rd October. Sectors 16, 17, 18, 20, and 22D each includes 326 residential plots.

Plot Details for the YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023

There are 262 accessible plots of 120 square metres, followed by 67 plots of 200 square metres, 56 plots of 300 square metres, 40 plots of 162 square metres, 19 plots of 90 square metres, and 16 plots of 60 square metres. There are just four 2,000 square metre plots available, eight 1,000 square metre plots, and five 500 square metre plots.

Plots in sectors 29, 32, and 33 were previously offered for sale, and they have now been included under this YEIDA Plot Scheme programme. Previously, the government began executing retail and kiosk plans in the region near Noida International Airport. The Authority received approximately 13,889 applications, but only 416 plots were available in YEIDA sections 16, 18, and 20. Candidates may go to the website –

Yamuna Expressway Authority (YEIDA) Plot Scheme 2022-23: Payment Initiatives

The Yamuna Expressway Authority (YEIDA) has introduced a number of payment initiatives for its Plot Scheme 2022-23. These initiatives are aimed at making it easier for allottees to pay for their plots and reduce their financial burden.

Option 1: Lump Sum Payment

Allottees can make a lump sum payment of the entire plot price within 60 days of the date of allotment. This is the most cost-effective option, as there is no interest charged on lump sum payments.

Option 2: Installment Plan

Allottees can also choose to pay for their plots in instalments. The instalment plan is spread over a period of 5 years, with the first instalment being due within 60 days of the date of allotment. The remaining instalments are payable half-yearly, with interest charged on the outstanding balance.

Option 3: Part Payment

Allottees can also choose to make a partial payment of the plot price at the time of allotment. The part payment must be at least 10% of the total plot price. The remaining balance can be paid in instalments or in a lump sum at the discretion of the allottee.

Interest Rates

The interest rate charged on instalment payments and outstanding balances is 10% per annum.

Payment Modes

Allottees can make payments by cheque, demand draft, or online transfer.

Benefits of this YEIDA Plot Scheme

  • Plots can be purchased using one of three payment methods. Individuals registering for the plan can pay in full or in instalments, so three payments are convenient.
  • The beneficiaries will be offered a lease for a duration of ninety years as part of this scheme.
  • Over the period of ninety years, there are several prospects for a company’s development; hence, the plot will be of substantial benefit to those who apply for it.
  • There are only four 2,000 square metre plots available, eight 1,000 square metre plots, and five 500 square metre plots.

Yamuna Expressway Plot Scheme Payment Schedule:

The payment schedule for the Yamuna Expressway Plot Scheme is announced by the authority at the time of allotment. The payment can be made in instalments.

Eligibility for the YEIDA Residential Plot Scheme

The YEIDA plot scheme is only open to candidates who meet the following criteria:

Eligibility for the YEIDA Plot Scheme

  • It is necessary for the applicant to be an Indian citizen.
  • The applicant should not have already been assigned any other plots or units.
  • To be evaluated, the applicant must be contract eligible, have a sound mind, and not be prevented from doing business under any relevant laws.
  • The candidate must be at least 18 years old.
  • The candidate, his or her spouse, and any dependent children are the only one who can apply for a plot or flat.

The following entities are also eligible to apply for YEIDA Plot Scheme:

  • A registered partnership firm is required.
  • A registered trust may be used.
  • Applications are accepted from sole proprietorships.
  • Applicants must be a registered society.
  • The limited liability partnership structure might be used.
  • Private limited corporations are eligible to apply.
  • Public sector organizations may apply.
  • Public limited enterprises are eligible to apply.
  • Semi-government vs. government initiative

Documents for the YEIDA Plot Scheme

Registration Forms-

  • Aadhar card, mobile phone number
  • The Society’s Memorandum of Association 
  • Registration Certificate 

For Partnership Firm –

  • Partnership agreement
  • Forms A and B were provided by the Firm Registrar.

Company –

  • Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association
  • The Incorporation Certificate was granted by the Companies Registrar.
  • LLP Agreement (Limited Liability Partnership Firm)
  • An Incorporation Certificate was granted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Trust –

  • Registered Trust Deed

How to Apply for Yamuna Expressway Authority (YEIDA) Plot Scheme 2022-23?

  • The application form for the plot scheme is available for purchase from any ICICI branch upon payment of an application-cum-processing fee of Rs 500.
  • An online form (RPS-06/2022) can also be downloaded by clicking on the provided link.
  • The online application form link can be found on the left-hand side of the official site.
  • To download the application form, an account must first be created on the site.

YEIDA Plot Scheme 2022-23: Allotment Process

  • The allotment of residential plots through YEIDA will be determined by a draw of lots.
  • The draw will be conducted separately for each category.
  • The first draw will be for applicants who choose Option 1 as their payment plan.
  • The second draw will be for those who select Option 2 as their payment plan.
  • The third draw will be conducted for applicants who opt for Option 3 as their payment plan.

Yamuna Expressway Plot Scheme Payment Schedule

Type of Payment Break-up of funds Payment schedule
Registration Money 10% Deposited with the application form as registration money
Allotment Money 20% Payable within 45 days from the date of allotment as allotment money
Remaining Money 70% Payable in Twelve equal half-yearly instalments*
  • Interest at a rate of 12% per annum on the reducing principal amount will be charged starting from the 46th day after the date of plot allotment. The interest will be calculated at the end of each half-yearly period.
  • Before submitting their application for the YEIDA scheme on the Authority website, each applicant must deposit 10% of the total plot cost.
  • Applicants who make a single one-time payment will be given preference during plot allocation.
  • Applicants who make a 50:50 payment (half the total cost once and the rest in instalments) will be given the second preference.
  • Applicants who make a one-time payment of 30% of the total cost and the rest in instalments will receive the least preference (30:70 ratio).

What is the Current Status of the YEIDA Plot Scheme 2022? (YEIDA Plot Scheme)

Although the development of Sectors 17A, 26A, and 26B has been completed by the authority, there are ongoing projects in various sectors of the city. These projects include residential development in Sectors 18, 20, and 22D, mixed land use development in Sectors 13 (primarily residential) and 24, industrial development in Sector 32 and 33, and institutional development in Sector 22E. In addition, there are plans for the construction of affordable houses in Sector-22D, as well as two 33 KV Sub Stations and LIG/MIG Houses in the same sector.

Furthermore, the Jaypee Group (JPSI) is involved in the development of Sectors 19 and 22 as residential and commercial sectors. They are also developing a sports complex in Sector 25 and 26.

To develop the proposed infrastructure, the government is acquiring land from farmers through direct purchase or under the recently introduced land pooling policy in the state. As per the new policy, farmers are required to surrender 25% of their land area after development, which they can use for industrial, commercial, or residential purposes or sell. This policy applies to the YEIDA Plot Scheme.

According to recent information from YEIDA, as of mid-October 2022, more than 85,000 individuals have applied for the 477 plots offered in the YEIDA plot scheme. The scheme comprises plots in nine different sizes ranging from 60 sq m to 200 sq m. The highest number of applications, 44,349, is for the 226 plots measuring 120 sq m each, whereas only 1,000 applications have been received for the 12 plots that measure between 1,000 to 2,000 sq m.

YEIDA (Yamuna Expressway Authority): Mixed Plot Scheme

The Yamuna Expressway Authority has launched a mixed plot scheme in Sector 24 of Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, which offers land plots exceeding 40,000 square feet. The authority aims to emphasize the development of non-polluting industrial units through this initiative.

YEIDA is offering a Mixed Plot Scheme, which will lease up to five plots measuring between 40,000 and 52,000 sq. ft. to commercial projects with a Floor Area Ratio of up to two. If you’re interested, keep reading to learn about the key dates for the YEIDA Mixed Plot Scheme.

Key Facts

  • The processing fee for the YEIDA Mixed Plot Scheme application is Rs. 25,000 (excluding GST).
  • Applicants must attach their GST registration and GST return details for the Financial Year 2021-22 along with the application form.
  • The application for the scheme must be submitted through the YEIDA official website.
  • Applicants should double-check all details provided before submitting the application form and making any payment.

Important Dates of YEIDA Plot Scheme

Stages Date/Time
Opening Date 18 November 2022
Closing Date 19 December 2022
Qualified Bidder Announcement Date 03 January 2023
Qualified Bidder Announcement Time 05:00 PM
E-Auction Date 10 January 2023
E-Auction Time 11:00 AM to 02:00 PM

Yamuna Expressway Authority (YEIDA) Plot Scheme 2022-23: Payment Plans

  • To apply for the scheme, a 10% registration amount must be deposited while submitting the application form to any of the listed ICICI Bank branches before the closing date.
  • There are three payment plans available to choose from: Option 1, Option 2, and Option 3.
  • In Option 1, the applicant must pay 100% of the total premium of the plot (including registration fee) within 60 days from the date of issue of the allotment letter.
  • In Option 2, the applicant must pay 50% of the total premium of the plot (including registration fee) within 60 days from the date of issue of the allotment letter. The remaining amount of the total premium shall be payable in two equal half-yearly instalments from the 61st day of the allotment.
  • In Option 3, the applicant must pay 30% of the total premium of the plot (including registration fee) within 60 days from the date of issue of the allotment letter. The remaining 70% of the amount shall be payable in 10 half-yearly instalments from the 61st day of the allotment.
  • The authority has updated the rules of the payment options, allowing applicants who have applied for Options 2 and 3 to change their payment plans. They can also choose Option 1 after application to be eligible for the priority list.
  • However, this condition does not apply to those who have already opted for Option 1.

Preference Location Charges (PLC)

  • The charges for park-facing/green belt locations and corner locations will both be five percent of the premium.
  • For roads that are 18m wide or wider, the location charges will be five percent of the premium.
  • The maximum location charges for any single plot cannot exceed 15 percent of the premium.

Fraud Alert Issued by YEIDA

YEIDA, which stands for Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority, has released a notice warning potential property buyers about a fake website called This website is selling residential plots that are similar to the ones offered by YEIDA’s plot scheme launched in September 2022. The website is designed to look almost identical to the official website of YEIDA, which is It includes details of YEIDA’s projects in locations such as Noida Airport, Film City, and Logistics Hub, among others. However, the public notice from YEIDA clearly states that no individual except the official website is authorized to sell land in the areas of Gautam Buddha Nagar, Bulandshahar, Hathras, Aligarh, Mathura, and Agra that fall along the Yamuna Expressway.

To avoid falling victim to fraudulent activities in the real estate industry, it is recommended that buyers exercise caution and verify the details of the seller, builder, or any other entity before making any down payment.

YEIDA will Shortly Launch a YEIDA Plot Scheme for Mixed-Use Land

 A mixed-use land YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023 project for institutional, residential, commercial, and recreational uses is being introduced by the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA). According to information given by government representatives, the master plan 2041 designates 1045 hectares of land for mixed-use. Within a defined area, land designated for mixed-use has plots for a variety of uses, including residential, commercial, recreational, and institutional.

Notice Has Been Increased Regarding Fraud Related to YEIDA Plot Scheme

The Scheme has alerted the public to a bogus website selling residential plots that is identical to the YEIDA’s plot programme announced in September 2022. The website is located at The website has information about YEIDA’s projects near locations like Noida Airport, Film City, and Logistics Hub, among others, and has an interface that is quite similar to that of the official website, According to a public notice from YEIDA, nobody else save the owner of the official website is permitted to sell land in the Yamuna Expressway-adjacent communities of Gautam Buddha Nagar, Hathras, Bulandshahar, Mathura, Aligarh, and Agra.

Buyers are recommended to exercise caution and double-check the credentials of the seller, builder, or any other entity before making any down payment in light of the rising instances of fraud in the real estate market. The most recent of these scams are those involving QR codes.

Contact Details of YEIDA

  • Whatsapp no-8700296403
  • Email Id –
  • Customer care phone number – 0120-2395192 | 0120-2395197


This YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023 is specifically brought up for industrial and educational purposes. Overall, it is a well-planned area set up with a lot of advantages for the investors as well as the government. To get to know further details regarding the topic Contact Vakilsearch, our legal staff will solve all your questions and will provide the best legal advice. 

FAQs on YEIDA Plot Scheme

What is the full name of YEIDA?

Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority is the full form of YEIDA.

How to apply online in Yamuna Expressway Plot Scheme?

To apply for the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority plot scheme 2023, you can visit, log in, and fill out the application form online.

What is the official website of yamuna express authority?

The official website of YEIDA is

How can I check my YEIDA allotment status?

To know the allotment status, you can visit the official website at

How can I apply for Yamuna Expressway Residential Plot Scheme?

The application form can be downloaded from the official website of YEIDA.

Has the results of YEIDA plot housing scheme 2022 been announced?

The allotment of plots for the YEIDA plot housing scheme 2022 was announced through a live-streaming event. The manual lottery draw took place on December 16, 2022.

What is the upcoming Yeida plot scheme for 2023?

The upcoming YEIDA plot scheme 2023 is expected to be launched in the month of March 2023. The scheme is expected to offer a variety of plots for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.

What is the plot of Jewar Yeida?

The Jewar Yeida plot is a 1,334-hectare plot of land located in the Jewar area of Uttar Pradesh. The plot is being developed as a new international airport and a major industrial hub.

What is the cost of the Yeida plot scheme 2023?

The cost of the Yeida plot scheme 2023 will vary depending on the type of plot, the size of the plot, and the location of the plot. However, the prices are expected to be competitive.

How can I apply for the Yamuna Expressway Residential Plot Scheme 2022?

The applications for the Yamuna Expressway Residential Plot Scheme 2022 are closed. The new scheme for 2023 is expected to be launched soon.

How can I check my YEIDA allotment status?

You can check your YEIDA allotment status by visiting the official website of YEIDA and logging into your account.

What is the size of the plot in Yeida?

The size of plots in Yeida varies depending on the type of plot and the location of the plot. However, the typical size of a residential plot in Yeida is 100 square meters.
Extra Information
The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) is a government agency responsible for the development of the Yamuna Expressway region in Uttar Pradesh. YEIDA has developed a number of residential, commercial, and industrial projects in the region.
YEIDA is also developing the Jewar International Airport, which is expected to be one of the largest airports in the world. The airport is expected to be operational by 2024.
YEIDA is offering a number of incentives to investors who are interested in setting up businesses in the region. These incentives include tax breaks, land subsidies, and other financial assistance.

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