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5 Reasons To Register A Company Online

This era of digitisation brings with it ample benefits for the world. The corporate world is not away from the receiving end. Today, not only can you buy your groceries online, but can even register a company. This article will help you understand why you should register your company online.

In recent times, we have witnessed a lot of growth in the digital world. As we get busier with the fast-moving world, there is no time to run through offices with a pile of documents to register a company. But the online world is fast-moving too. Why not move with it?

No longer do you stress about coming up with a company name. A list of available companies can be created using the Vakilsearch Company name generator.

Let us walk you through 5 reasons why you should opt for online registration of your company:

  1. Gone are the times when you had to stand in queues or run to government offices to get your entity registered
  2. You don’t have to carry a pile of papers, every now and then for submissions
  3. Cost-effective prices, even if you register yourself, or get it done through online services like Vakilsearch
  4. Transparency in the process. Now you can track your application yourself!
  5. You will receive the Certificate of Incorporation quicker.

Why Should You Register a Company in the First Place?

  • On successful registration, your entity will obtain a legal status
  • Transfer of ownership is possible only after you register your company
  • The directors of the company will obtain tax benefits
  • Your company will be able to attract more customers
  • Ensures stability and greater capital contribution
  • As a separate legal entity, your company can sue or be sued in its name. The name of the entrepreneur won’t be used here
  • You can expand your reach globally
  • As a legal entity, your company can procure bank credits and investments from reliable investors easily.

How to Register a Company Online in India

To gain a legal existence for your company, you need to get it registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Following are 3 simple steps to get your company registered:

  1. Create a user account in the MCA portal
  2. Acquire DIN (Director Identification Number)
  3. Fill out the SPICe+ form and submit all the documents.

You will require the following documents to register a company online:

  1. PAN card copy of each of the proposed directors
  2. Following are the acceptable documents for address proof
    1. Driving license
    2. Passport
    3. Voter identity card
    4. Electricity bill
    5. Telephone bill
    6. Aadhar card
  3. Following are the acceptable documents for proof of current address, which must not be older than 2months
    1. Bank statement
    2. Electricity bill
    3. Telephone bill
    4. Mobile bill
  4. To register a company you must have a registered place of operations. For the proof of that office, the following documents are required
    1. Registered document of the premises
    2. NOC from the landlord
    3. Proof of evidence of utility (electricity bill/ gas bill/ telephone bill etc)
    4. Copy of lease/ rent agreement along with a copy of rent paid (receipt not older than one month).

How Vakilsearch Can Help You?

Vakilsearch helps you gain legitimacy for register a company at the most affordable prices. You don’t even have to physically visit us. Just scan and send us the above documents, and leave the legal formalities, and compliances to us. Our expert team will not only make sure you receive your Certificate of Incorporation (CoI), along with PAN and TAN but also provide you with legal advice. You can then open a current bank account and begin your company operations.

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