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What is HUID Number in Gold? How to Check Purity?

Explore the transformative benefits of HUID-based hallmarking in India's Gold jewellery market, enhancing authenticity and trust for consumers.

In the vibrant landscape of India’s gold jewelry market, authenticity and consumer confidence play pivotal roles. To address these vital aspects and propel the country towards its goal of becoming the world’s third-largest economy, the Hallmark Unique Identification ( HUID number ) system was introduced on 1st July 2021. With this revolutionary system, each piece of jewellery receives a six-digit alphanumeric code, ensuring traceability and veracity. Let’s explore the benefits of HUID number -based hallmarking, enhancing transparency, and safeguarding the reputation of India’s treasured gold jewellery industry.

Hallmark Registration in India

Hallmark Unique Identification (HUID Number) 

A revolutionary system ensuring the authenticity and traceability of every piece of jewellery. The HUID number is a six-digit alphanumeric code, unique for each article, assigned at the time of hallmarking.

  1. Implemented on 01 July 2021: Post this date, all hallmarked articles must bear the exclusive HUID. The hallmark now consists of three essential marks:
  2. BIS Logo: The hallmark’s first symbol, represented by a triangular BIS logo, assures that the gold jewellery’s purity has been verified at a BIS-certified centre.
  3. Purity of the Article: The second mark indicates the purity of gold in the jewellery piece, determining its price and value.
  4. 6 Categories of Purity: Hallmarking of gold jewellery is permitted in six categories – 14K, 18K, 20K, 22K, 23K, and 24K, denoted by ‘k’ for Karat.
  5. Six-Digit Alphanumeric HUID Number: The hallmark’s third and most significant sign is the six-digit alphanumeric code etched on the product. This code is unique to each article, enabling easy traceability and authenticity verification.
  6. Ensuring Authenticity and Traceability: With the HUID Number system, every hallmarked article can be accurately traced back to its origin, assuring customers of the jewellery’s genuineness and quality.
  7. Massive Implementation: Over 3 lakh gold articles are now being hallmarked with HUID daily, highlighting the widespread adoption of this innovative system.
  8. Wide Coverage: Currently, 339 districts have at least one Assaying and Hallmarking Centre (AHC), making the process easily accessible to customers across various regions.

Hallmark Unique Identification (HUID Number) represents a significant step towards consumer confidence, protecting their interests, and safeguarding the reputation of the jewelry industry. Embracing HUID ensures a transparent and trustworthy marketplace for gold jewelry, benefiting consumers, manufacturers, and retailers alike.

Who Provides the HUID Number?

The HUID number is imprinted at the BIS-certified Assaying and Hallmarking Centre, with hallmarking centers dispersed throughout the country.

What is Hallmarking?

Hallmarking is a meticulous process that lies at the heart of the gold jewellery industry, ensuring the authenticity and purity of this precious metal that has captivated humanity for millennia. Gold, in its pure form, is exceptionally soft and malleable, making it unsuitable for crafting durable and long-lasting jewellery pieces. To enhance its strength and wearability, artisans blend gold with other metals, such as copper, to create an alloy that strikes the perfect balance between allure and resilience.

What are the Hallmarks of Gold Allowed in India?

In the enchanting realm of gold jewelry, the hallmark stands as an emblem of authenticity and purity, offering consumers a window into the composition of this precious metal. In India, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) governs and authorises the various gold hallmarks, ensuring that consumers can make informed choices while indulging in the timeless beauty of gold jewellery. There are six different gold hallmarks allowed in India by the BIS and their unique characteristics are,

Hallmark Registration in India

  • 24 Carats – The Epitome of Purity:

At the pinnacle of the gold hierarchy stands 24-carat gold, revered for its unparalleled purity. In its unadulterated form, this hallmark signifies gold in its truest essence, with no other metals blended into it. Expressed as 99.9%, 24-carat gold epitomizes the pinnacle of craftsmanship and allure, a treasure in its purest form.

  • 22 Carats – The Classic 916 Gold:

Commonly known as 916 gold, 22-carat gold is a cherished favourite among jewellery enthusiasts. The hallmark 916 signifies that the jewellery is composed of 91.6% pure gold, with the remaining 8.4% consisting of other metals, such as copper and zinc. This delicate blend bestows the jewellery with strength and durability while preserving the captivating charm of gold.

  • 18 Carats – The Perfect Balance:

A hallmark of 18 carats translates to an elegant harmony between gold and other metals. With 75% of pure gold and 25% of alloying metals, 18-carat gold strikes a perfect equilibrium, resulting in exquisite jewellery that radiates both brilliance and resilience.

  • 20 Carats and 23 Carats – A Rare Delight:

While not as commonly found, 20-carat and 23-carat gold hallmarks are a rare delight for those seeking unique jewellery pieces. These hallmarks represent gold alloys with 83.3% and 95.8% pure gold, respectively, showcasing the creativity and craftsmanship of skilled artisans.

  • 14 Carats – A Touch of Tradition:

Embodying tradition and legacy, 14-carat gold is a hallmark that adorns jewellery with 41.7% pure gold. Although it contains a higher proportion of alloying metals, 14-carat gold retains its inherent beauty, making it an enduring choice cherished by many.

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6 Digit Alphanumeric HUID Number

The 6-digit alphanumeric HUID stands for Hallmark Unique Identification number. It is a unique identification code consisting of six characters, which is assigned to each hallmarked piece of jewelry. The HUID serves as a means to track, authenticate, and provide essential information about the product, ensuring transparency and consumer confidence in the industry.

Benefits of HUID Number

India’s passion for gold jewellery is renowned worldwide, making it the second-largest consumer of these cherished adornments. With aspirations to become the third-largest economy globally, India recognises the significance of ensuring quality standards and consumer satisfaction. The introduction of the Hallmarking Unique Identification (HUID Number) system emerges as a transformative step towards achieving these goals while safeguarding consumers’ interests. Let us explore the myriad benefits that the HUID-based hallmarking brings to the realm of gold jewellery in India.

Assuring Purity and Fineness:

Hallmarking has always provided consumers with third-party assurance regarding the purity and fineness of gold jewellery. The HUID Number takes this assurance to a new level, offering a distinct identity to each piece of jewellery. By enabling traceability, consumers can be confident that the gold in their jewellery is of the stated purity, ensuring transparency in transactions.

Strengthening Credibility and Addressing Complaints:

The HUID Number system plays a pivotal role in enhancing the credibility of hallmarking. With its unique identification for each jewellery piece, it becomes easier to address any complaints or doubts regarding the purity of hallmarked jewellery. This instils trust and confidence in consumers, knowing that they have an avenue to resolve any issues with their precious possessions.

Streamlined and Automated Registration:

HUID-based hallmarking brings forth an efficient and automated process for jeweller registration, eliminating human interference and reducing potential errors. This seamless registration process ensures that only reputable and compliant jewellers participate in the hallmarking system, assuring consumers of the jewellery’s authenticity and quality.

Curbing Malpractices:

By providing a distinct identity to each jewellery item, the HUID number system acts as a potent tool in identifying and curbing malpractices within the gold jewellery industry. It serves as a deterrent to unscrupulous elements who may attempt to pass off substandard or impure jewellery as hallmarked gold. This proactive approach safeguards consumers’ rights and interests.

Enhancing Consumer Confidence:

Above all, the HUID-based hallmarking endeavors to boost consumer confidence in purchasing hallmarked gold jewellery. Consumers can be certain that the gold they invest in is authentic, pure, and complies with the designated standards. The traceability factor instils a sense of assurance, enabling consumers to make informed choices and cherish their prized possessions with pride.

Hallmark Registration in India


The Hallmark Unique Identification (HUID) system represents a game-changing advancement for India’s gold jewelry industry. By ensuring authenticity, traceability, and credibility, HUID-based hallmarking enhances consumer confidence and safeguards their interests. With automated registration, the curbing of malpractices, and easy accessibility in numerous districts, HUID number sets a new standard of transparency and trust in the marketplace. As India strives to become a global economic powerhouse, embracing HUID paves the way for a thriving gold jewellery sector that benefits consumers, manufacturers, and retailers alike, making it a significant step towards a brighter and more secure future. 


What are the benefits of hallmark jewellery?

The benefits of hallmark jewellery include assurance of purity and authenticity, providing consumers with confidence in their purchases. Hallmarking also enables easy traceability and enhances the jewellery’s resale value in the market.

Which gold hallmark is best?

The 24-carat gold hallmark is considered the best as it represents the purest form of gold with no other metals added. However, the choice ultimately depends on individual preferences and the desired balance between purity and durability.

What is the meaning of HUID code?

The HUID code stands for ‘Hallmark Unique Identification’ code. It is a six-digit alphanumeric identifier assigned to each piece of jewellery during hallmarking, ensuring traceability and authenticity.

How do I find my hallmark HUID number online?

To find your hallmark HUID number online, you can visit the official website of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) or the designated hallmarking authority in your country. Enter the unique identification details of your jewellery to access the HUID code associated with your piece.

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