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Trademark Registration gives legal protection against any type of misuse, including infringement or copying of a firm’s name or logo, which is typically the most valuable asset of a corporation.

A trademark is a name, phrase, logo, symbol, image, or a combination of these that distinguishes a company’s products and services from those of competitors. It is usually used as a marketing technique to raise customer relations and familiarity with a product or service.

A trademark is a visible symbol that might be a word, name, device, label, or numeral that a company uses to differentiate its goods or services from identical items or services in the market that are held by other companies. A trademark is an asset that can be legally protected in India.

It is the holder’s intellectual property, and trademark ownership is derived from the trademark’s commercial use. Business names, brand names, taglines, captions, logos, symbols, and emblems, as well as a combination of these, can all be protected by trademark registration.

Benefits of Trademark Registration For Business in Chennai

Legal Defence

When a firm registers a trademark, it is given legal protection from any misuse, including copying or infringing on its name or logo, which is frequently its most valuable asset.

It gives the trademark owner sole, worldwide ownership of the mark, which can be defended in legal proceedings before any court in the nation.

The sole Right

When a trademark is registered, the owner is given the freedom to use the mark anyway they see fit, making it exclusive and unchallengeable. This will be very helpful to demonstrate the ownership of the registrant and the legitimacy of the

Before you begin the registration process, you can use Vakilsearch’s free Trademark Search tool to verify whether the trademark you want is available.

Brand Awareness

The emblem used to identify a product or service aids in building brand value over time. A strong brand serves as both an attraction for potential customers and a safety net for current ones.

Early trademark registration and use will build goodwill and increase revenue for the brand owner.

Asset Development

A registered trademark is a tangible asset for a business since it increases revenue and improves client acquisition and retention through brand familiarity.

Additionally, it gives the company the exclusive right to use a logo for a period of ten years with the option to re-register.

Trademark Registration Process in Chennai

  • Firstly it is important to note that goods and services are divided into 45 Trademark Classes for the sake of the process brand registration india. It is necessary for one to determine the class in which their goods/services belong, in order to submit an application under that particular class.
  • Secondly, once the categorization is complete, an application should be sent to the Registry with all required information, including the applicant’s name and permanent address.
  • Thirdly,  application will be verified by the TM register to see if it fits the requirements. Following the completion of the Formality Check, the application will be examined by the TM Registry.
  • The information on the mark will then be advertised in the Trademark Journal once the trademark is granted by the TM Registry. Anyone who has an objection to the registration of a trademark may file a ‘Notice of Opposition’ with the Trade Marks Registry via Form TM-O within four months after the date of publication of the advertisement in the journal, together with the required fee.
  • The TM register will then provide a certificate of TM Registration to the applicant four months after the date of publication of the trademark’s advertisement in the journal provided that no objections are raised or the applicant manages to overturn the objections raised.

How to Check Status of Trademark Registration in Chennai 

To do a trademark search in India, visit the trademark search database using a web browser.

  • Select Wordmark as the Search Type at the top of the page.
  • Enter the wordmark you would like to search the trademark database with. The trademark database can be compared against the search query on three conditions – “start with”, “contains” and “match with”.
    • Start with will display all entries in the trademark search database that start with the value provided for search.
    • Contains will display all entries in the trademark search database that contains the value provided for search.
    • Match with will display all entries in the trademark search database that matches with the value provided for search.
  • Enter the class of trademark that is applicable. Trademarks are divided into 45 classes with each class representing a distinct group of goods or service. A registered trademark or trademark application will only be pertinent to the class under which it was applied for.
  • Click search to begin the trademark search.

Validity of Trademark Registration in Chennai

It will be valid for the following ten years once it is registered. However,  a trademark certificate can be renewed shortly before it expires, and the owner can continue to protect his or her trademark from third parties.

Can a Trademark Registration in Chennai Protect Company Name?

According to the Companies Act of 2013, a company’s name cannot be confusingly similar to or identical to a registered brand. This clause can be used to prevent a business entity from using certain names in the future.

Therefore, a  company name cannot be confusingly similar to or identical to a trademark. As a result, a firm cannot be registered under the same name as a trademark that has already been registered.

Entrepreneurs can utilize this provision of the Companies Act, 2013, to safeguard company names that they want to use in the future for their firm. It is also critical for current business owners to register a trademark in their company name to avoid facing similar issues.

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