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How to Start Blogging as a Career

Do you wish to be a professional blogger? If yes, are you not aware of the aspects of it? Don’t worry; read this blog to get an idea about a career in blogging and things to be kept in mind while writing a professional blog.

Are you really clueless and burdened with the questions of how to start your new blogging page? There are many things like choosing platforms, attractive themes, and content subjects you must choose for your blogs. The thing is that creating a blog is actually much simpler than you would have thought. You can skip much of the tedium required in setting up a blog by taking note of certain lessons.

How to Make a Blog (for beginners)

  • Select a  suitable name for your site and order blog hosting and other essential things.
  • Install a good app to launch your blog.
  • Select a simple and straightforward theme to add a personal and vivid touch to your blog.
  • Include two key blogging plugins for tracking stats and finding readers.
  • By publishing fascinating content, you may create a blog that your readers will like.
  1. Select a domain name for your blog

Since it serves as the name of your blog, your domain name is a crucial component of your website. Your domain, sometimes referred to as your URL, serves as your online address. 

2. Use a simple theme to personalise your blog.

You can choose a design for your blog using a theme if you don’t have any coding or design knowledge. In other words, a good theme allows you to construct a blog that is totally consistent with your vision. A theme makes the design process a million times easier if you’re not a coder.

3. Add two essential blogging plugins to introduce new features in your blog without any strenuous work

Plugins are third-party add-ons that enhance the functionality of your blog..

4. Create a blog that your viewers will enjoy by writing interesting content

You can even try something new which is on trend and would be loved by your viewer. Mostly, good content will surely fetch you more viewers.

You can now customise and transform your blog into whatever you want because you have your own.

Things to remember while being a blogger.

 Interesting and knowledgeful Contents: – Make sure your new blog’s header includes an About Page, Contact Page, Begin Here Page, and any other pages you decide to include before you start writing and publishing content.

  • Personal Picture: Add a picture of yourself with good background and lighting. Remember, the photo must help the viewer to relate your blogs with you.
  • Logotype and Motto: Try to create a logo for your blog with anybody’s help. Again, the logo must be thoughtfully made to influence the viewers. The motto is also an important part, but it is up to you whether to keep it or not.
  • Pictures and Images: You must create an attractive blog with related pictures of the topic to help you define your thought process.
  • Having a Comment section: Decide whether or not you want comments on your blog. Comments are frequently a great way to get feedback and engage with your readers directly. Even though it might also have some unfavourable effects, it’s important to consider some of the comments that provided you with useful feedback.
  • Have some Presence on Social Media: Create a presence on Social media like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram (or all three). This is because when netizens become curious about your blogs and want to know more about you, they will surely try to visit your social media account for more information.
  • Regular Publish:  Start producing fresh blog entries. When starting a blog, publish at least once a week to help you attract readers. 

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Some Blogging Tips to enhance Your Blog Writing if you are a Beginner

  1. Choose different and unique content-  yes, it is not so important to write something new and fresh every time, but yes, you need to make your readers involved in your blogs. Talking about your hobbies and talents may help you. In the start, avoid using the serious topic which may attract negative comments. What we mean to say is that you shouldn’t start a blog about something unless you have a distinctive viewpoint. If you’ve adopted a simple lifestyle and have a distinctive viewpoint, go for it.
  2. Obtain the Readers You Desire- Knowing who will read your blog after establishing your niche is critical. For example, if you create a blog on street foods or the most excellent restaurants in a specific region, you must know who is interested in reading your posts and what extra topics they desire. Our ideal readers are people that are interested in minimalism to pave the road to more fulfilled lives. If you want to write about your newborn child’s progress, your friends and family are usually the best audiences. It’s also OK if you want to write about restoring old cars. 
  3. Increase and Boost your Value- Your blog should add value to your readers’ lives. You want to help people discover solutions to their problems. You may only do this to attract high-quality readers to your website (and keep them coming back). Adding value is the only way to acquire someone’s long-term support. We both realised this after ten years of managing and leading people in the corporate sector. It is critical to assess whether anything you publish adds value.
  4. Be distinctive and unique- There are blogs about the subject you wish to write about. Therefore, why is your blog unique? Reply: As a result of you. Your uniqueness is what distinguishes your blog. Your viewpoint, your inventiveness, and the value you contribute is important.  Make engaging blog posts. Particularly if you want people to spread the word.
  5. Be authentic- Being fascinating involves telling your narrative, in part. Each person is different, and your story is significant. However, the crucial component of storytelling is cutting out the extraneous elements that detract from the narrative. A superb storyteller strips away 99% of what occurs—the absorbent details—and only leaves the reader with the intriguing 1%.
  6. Be sincere- It must be genuine if you want people to visit your blog. Your blog may be you, or you may be your blog. Do you, in other words, actually live what you write about? People will go for it if not. 
  7. Negative criticism and stupidity must be ignored- Yes, it is for sure that there might be some anti-fans visiting your blogs and trying to depreciate the value of your writing content. But you don’t need to do anything to them. Just ignore them while continuing your blogs. We didn’t establish our site for them, we don’t give them a second thought. Take away their statement and carry on.


In today’s era, most people have accepted the changes in reading styles. People have become more and more open-minded to new topics and like to discuss the changes around the world. Therefore, blogging is a way to connect people from different regions with similar tastes which they share. According to me, a career in blogging might be a good allure, but one must know how to present their views and tackle different situations because facing critics is not for everyone to bear. If the planning and construction of content are smooth, then it may lead you towards the way of success. For further details, contact Vakilsearch legal staff for any queries.

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