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Understanding How to Make Rental Agreement in Karnataka

Discover the step-by-step process of crafting effective rental agreements in Karnataka, ensuring clarity and compliance with legal requirements.


A registered lease agreement serves as an official document delineating the landlord-tenant relationship. It encompasses agreed-upon terms, responsibilities, and obligations of both parties. You Can Know more about Rental Agreement in Karnataka from this blog!

In Karnataka, specific details must be included, such as monthly rent, payment dates, security deposit, tenancy duration, agreement commencement date, penalties for late payments, damage and repair responsibilities, rules on structural changes and subletting, full names and permanent addresses of both parties, details on utility payments, pet regulations, lock-in period, clauses for termination and extension, and terms for rent increase upon renewal.

Prior to signing and registration, careful review by both parties is essential, and seeking legal advice is advisable for those unfamiliar with Karnataka’s rent agreement registration process. Complete comprehension and clause verification are crucial before finalizing the agreement.

Rental Agreement: The Procedure

Here is what you need to do if you wish to find a place for rent in Karnataka – 

  • Write the contract and print it on Stamp paper of sufficient value, as specified below
  • Have the proprietor and landlord sign the agreement in the existence of 2 eyewitnesses
  • The paper should be signed and attested by two witnesses
  • After paying the required registration fees, have the documents registered at a nearby Sub-Registrar office.

Enrollment And Property Tax

A tariff is a tax imposed on legal notices and documents for their legal validity. The highest Property Tax that can be assessed on any lease contract in the Karnataka is ₹ 500/-, although it is usually computed as follows:

  • Up to ten years – 1% of yearly rent plus a security
  • After ten years, 2% of annual premium + security

In Karnataka, the fee structure for tenancy contracts is 1% of the rent plus the security. Many people neglect the importance of paying the correct income tax and filing the document, but these considerations cannot be overlooked. If sufficient sales Tax is not paid, litigants may be forced to pay ten times their actual worth if a conflict occurs.

Similarly, failing to register a document carries profound implications. Unauthorised documents are not regarded as primary evidence in legal proceedings; they are only supplementary.

E-Stamping: Rental Agreement

Karnataka was among the first states to embrace e-Stamping. It is one of the jurisdictions where e-Stamp materials have almost entirely replaced traditional stamp papers. They are widely available, usually from the banking industry, and come in various denominations. So, is a notary stamp necessary

Notarisation is not required for leases with eleven months or less. However, certification (rather than notarisation) is suggested for at least a year or more leases. It is a fraud-prevention measure that verifies that the parties named in the rental contract are the ones who signed the same and that the document is not fake or false.

Necessary Provision: Rental Agreement

The following provisions to keep in mind for rental agreement in Karnataka.

  1. Deadbolt – This period is the minimum amount of time before the landlord or the renter can cancel the lease agreement
  2. Animals – Discusses whether or not pets are allowed within the rented premises
  3. Outstay – If the renter continues to rent an apartment after the agreed term has elapsed, the Owner has the right to assess a daily penalty
  4. Late fees penalty — If the landlord fails to cover the rent on or before the due date, the owner may apply a modest sentence or fine
  5. Cleaning, management, and repairs – Provisions can be included in the contract to clarify the Owner’s and renter’s responsibilities
  6. Eating habits — The landlord should be upfront about whether or not the tenant is allowed to cook non-vegetarian food on the property. You Can make Online Rental Agreement from our professional team.
“You Can get all the Information on Rental Agreement Online Process With help of our Experts”

Commonly Used Rental Agreement Types

  • 11-month lease: In Bangalore, the average rental period is 11 months, with the option to renew at the end of the 11th month. Monthly rent is due from the tenant. In addition, power and water charges must be paid according to usage. Verify with the proprietor to see the rate per unit for the meter.
  • Long-Term Rental: The long lease is another standard rental option. Gratuity payment is made as another deposit for a specific duration or term of the lease, such as two or three years. The renter or client does not make any payments every month. The Owner must return the whole deposits without accumulated interest of the leasing period. The advantage of a rolling contract is that there is no need to worry about paying rent, and you can save a lot of money. Repair, energy, and water rates may be due on a routine basis.

Requirements: Rental Agreement

The prerequisites for leasing in Karnataka are as follows:

  • The rental must be for a private residential reason
  • The proprietor and the renter should have a formal agreement
  • The contract must be printed in the prescribed format with a threshold level of ₹100 or ₹200
  • Business rates are 1% of the yearly rent plus security paid, or ₹500/-, whichever is less. So, if one would like to be safe, one can make the contract on Stamp paper with the correct value as determined by the government
  • Now, at the time of renting, the apartment or room should be freshly painted and given to the renter Depending on the lease terms, many proprietors subtract painting costs from the security at departure
  • Some property owners want only vegetarians, which should be stated before signing the contract
  • If the lease contract is for more than 11 months, it must be registered with a Sub-Registrar office. It is better to enrol if the period is less than 11 months, although it is not required. A registered and correctly stamped lease contract is always admissible in court in a legal disagreement
  • Registration fees are 1% of the total yearly rent plus a refundable deposit, which must be paid upon enrollment.

Things to Consider When Renting

Searching for rental accommodation in Karnataka can be time-consuming. Governed by the Karnataka Rent Control Act of 2001, the leasing process involves a Leaseholder (tenant) and a Shareholder (landlord). Before renting, consider:

  • Verify the landlord’s identity and property ownership through proof of identification, Power Bill, or Tax Liability.
  • Clarify payment details – check for intermediaries and preferred payment methods.
  • Discuss terms upfront, including security deposit and credential advance.
  • In Karnataka, the security deposit is typically 10 months’ rent, but negotiable.
  • Credential advance, paid before the deposit, secures the property temporarily.
  • Document all payments made using checks, DDs, or online transfers.
  • Ensure receipt for cash payments and request confirmation messages or certificates.
  • Note that a nominal advance often stops property showings to other renters.
  • Refund policies vary; legally enforceable termination warrants full refund, otherwise, the owner may deduct a portion for financial losses.
  • Non-payment of rent may lead to a Tenant rental notice for eviction. Understanding these details ensures a smooth renting process in Karnataka.


To refresh your memory on what this article is about, let us now allow you to create your Lease Agreement, and if you already have one prepared, you can have it printed in Prescribed Format and delivered. Now you may start building your rental agreement.

At VakilSearch, our services are available if you need to register your rental agreement in Karnataka. We can assist you with the enrollment process at the Sub Registrar’s Office in addition to preparing tenancy contracts.

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