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Producer Company

What Are the Process Involved in Registering a Producer Company?

The full form of FPO is the Farmer Producer Organization. The farmers who are the primary producers of crops and other agricultural items fall under the guidance of Organisation to get the best benefits and profits.

In order to know about the Producer Company registration process, it is essential to know first what FPO is. It stands for Farmer Producer Organization. One of the major works that fall under the purview of the work of the FPO is to take care of the production, procurement of agricultural products, grading, pooling of multiple products, handling and marketing of agricultural products etc. The primary producers need to take care of the distribution of the materials all over the country, and the FPO also takes care of the overall export of goods. 

What Are the Chief Aims of the Fpo? What Are the Registration Processes for It?

The Farmer Producer Company aims at the overall development of the individual farmer or the small groups for their profit, account stability and if they can get the best price for their products. The producer company can preserve, dry, distil, brew, can and package all the products the members/ groups produce. It is also the task of the Farmer Producer Company to check the manufacturing, selling and significant machinery and equipment supplies for the members. Proper and valid registration needs to be done as this educates the people about the developments in their sector. 

The benefit of proper registration is that it allows the producer company to avail of the technical services, training, and adequate research about products sold in the market. When the company is registered with all the legal papers, it can utilise the land and water resources to benefit the members. Along with that, proper and timely legal registration gives much weightage to the company as an entity. They look for the insurance of the producers, and with an official registration, mutual assistance and cooperation are nurtured as part of the company. 

Steps to Register an Producer Comapany

It can be registered under the Cooperative Society’s Act. It includes all the rules related to Cooperative Societies in India under the terms of the individual state. There can also be a provision of existing autonomously as a cooperative society. 

Apart from that, there can also be a part of registering the FPO as a Nonprofit society. One needs to know the details about this: if there is any producer organisation/organisation, they can register themselves under the society’s Act. This society can constitute an association of persons who have a common goal, who stand united, to determine and jointly take recourse to a common plan of action. As per the provisions of the Society’s Registration Act of 1860, there can be around seven persons minimum needed to form a society. Only minors are not allowed to be a part of society. 

Apart from the registration parts mentioned above, the Company registration process can also be done under the proforma of a charitable trust. In simple terms, it can include a transfer of property from an original owner to another to assure some kind of benefit for a third person. This can be done with or without themselves from the end of the owner to another person, by the owner’s declaration, to ensure property holding not for the owner but the other person. It is also to be noted that if an FPO registration is done in the form of a trust, then the person who initiates the trust is known as the settlor, and that person to whom the property goes is known as the trustee. Also, the person who reaps the benefit of this transfer of ownership is called the beneficiary. 

Documents Required for Producer Organisation Registration

Below is given a list of documents that are required for registration:

  • PAN card and photo identity proof are required for each member who wants to register as part of the FPO. 
  • Aadhar card, voter identity card, driving license, or passport must be submitted as citizen identity proof.
  • Apart from these, for address proof, one must submit a bank statement, mobile bill, electricity bill of the house or the rented apartment, and landline telephone bill, if any.
  • The final part is the producer proof. This includes Khasra/ Khatuni, ITR with a show of IT return, a letter from the Panchayat or the Sarpanch, and any letter that might show the person ‘X’ as the producer. 

On average, there is a time duration of fifteen days to get the Farmer Producer Organisation registration paper. The complete cost for registration can vary, but the cost breakup includes some of the major parameters like Digital Signature Certificate, Director Identification Number, MOA, AOA and some types of Incorporation fee, stamp duty, PAN and TAN application, INC 22, CA certification, professional fee and also GST. 

It is also to be noted that if all the papers are correct and the FPO registration is done, the FPO can also provide necessary emergency loans to the members. The producer can also accept Fixed and Recurring deposits as a company for the benefit of its members.


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