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Myths About Re-Designing Company Logos – Know everything

Redesigning a logo may be easy with performing the legal formalities with it can be difficult. The article conveys the important steps and information about the redesigning and registration of the new logo in India.


Companies use different elements and symbols to showcase and promote their brand among buyers. Sometimes these elements work as representatives for their brand and make their name in the market. Additionally, these elements sometimes also reflect the firm’s aims or vision. They are crucial; hence, there are many myths about re-designing company logos – know everything.

Such elements can contain a tagline, brand ambassador, title of the company and especially the logo. The logo is a minimal pictorial representation of the company. Generally, it shows what the company sells or offers to their customer. There is a lot of confusion and myth about re-designing the firm’s logo. Here is the complete process for registering or updating their logo. 

Register or Update your Company Logo: Step by Step 

Step 1: Create or Modify the current logo

Create a logo that reflects the values of the company. Make sure to make it unique even a bit of the logo should not match any other logo. Otherwise, it might lead to a legal court case due to the violation of formal terms.  

It is always advisable to hire a professional service to make the process more smooth. Their guidance will be valuable and can save a lot of time throughout the procedure. They recommend you have a better idea about the logo to make it unique and legally successful. 

Step 2: Apply for registration

If you have created a new logo, then it is really important to register it. The main motive behind the registration of the logo is to make it uncopiable thus, no other brand can use it legally. It should be done as soon as possible to protect its rights of it. 

After your fill out of the registration got successful, now you are eligible for the application of (™ ) affix. One can easily apply for the same by process of application filing followed by an investigation performed by authorities. If everything seems fine, you would be provided with the TM certification.


Step 3:The trade mark application 

One can skip this step if they already hold a trade mark for their old logo. In this step, the new logo application would be carefully examined by the officials. It would be tested on various bases and laws. If the logo qualifies for all the tests and examinations, then the trade mark certificate would be rewarded to the firm. 

However, if a company fails to meet the rules, their application for a new logo may be declined. This law is governed by the Trademarks Act. 1999. After the rejection of the application, the examiner will share an examination report and will ask for corrections. Meanwhile, the primary duty of the company will be to respond to the letter and provide the demand while adhering to the time limit specified. 

Step 4: The hearing 

If the examiner is unsatisfied with the new or modified logo, they can call the applicant for a hearing. This is mostly done in case of violation of regulation or for suggesting some edits. If the matter is solved thereby, the application will proceed to the succeeding step. One must not focus on the Myths About Re-Designing Company Logos – Know everything and should only respond to legal notices.  

Step 5: Examination by Registrar 

Once the logo clears all the previous tests, now it’s time to publish it in the Trademark journal. From the date of publication, it may take up to 4 months to get it reviewed by the Trademark’s registrar, in case of no objection. Otherwise, the objection or any sort of violation will lead to more delay and the authorities have to conduct an in-depth investigation. 

Step 6: Getting the certificate

After all the tests and examinations, the logo is all ready for the last stage. If there is no problem with the logo so far, the registration and the certificate would be granted along with the Trademark’s seal. Whereas the name of the brand as well as its company logo would be mentioned in the Central Register of Trademarks. 

Key Points to Keep in Mind 

  • The brand who have registered the logo for the first time can affix the [®] symbol at the top of their logo while the brand with modification of the logo can continue with the same.
  • The registration of a new or a modified logo is a long process and it can take up to 6 – 8 months for the complete verification. 
  • After the authentication of the logo, it would be valid only for 10 years. The tie period will start counting from the date of receiving the registration. 
  • Make sure to remember the renewal date of the logo every 10 years. Otherwise, the logo will expire and cannot be used further, legally. 

How to Modify Your Logo for the Best Results

The logo is the main identity of the company that is presented to the world. With changing needs and requirements, it is not uncommon to modify the logo. Various business giants modify their logos to convey their vision and motto. 

Here are some tips that you should keep in your mind while updating a logo. 

  • Try to understand what exactly you want from that logo. Is the logo for a mere formality or does it hold any significance to the company? Evaluate the meaning of the same and add the required elements. 
  • Keeping simple and sober is probably the most important. For instance, one of the tech giant Apple Inc. just uses a ‘white bitten apple’ as their logo. Once the company used to have rainbow colours in their ‘Apple” but it was turned into white. Thus, simplicity is the new creativity. 
  • Besides, choosing the right font or calligraphy is as important as the colour and other icons. If your brand caters to teenagers or children then some funky design would be acceptable. But suppose you are serving high-value luxury products for adults. In that case, keeping the logo as simple as possible is recommended. 
  • One such example is Louis Vuitton. The brand has probably the most simple and clean logo, which reflects the luxury and quality that the brand provides. 


So, this was the important information associated with the logo re-designing and registration of the new one. The logo is one of the most important parts of branding and marketing. Therefore, it should not be ignored. You may hire a team of graphic designers to develop or update the logo. 

Just updating or modifying is not the only task in this process, the registration is equally important. Vakilsearch, India’s No. 1 law service provider, can help you by offering the right services. Our in-house lawyers are highly qualified and experts in their field and can help by clearing all the myths about re-designing company logos. Our law services can be availed from our website and a mobile application. 

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