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Master Service Agreement

Master Service Agreement Template: A Comprehensive Guide to the Legal Details

Want to know A-Z information about a master service agreement? Here we have provided all the information as a comprehensive guide on master service agreements.

A master service agreement, also known as the MSA, is generally a type of agreement signed between the service provider and the customer. Depending on the nature of your service, the master service agreements are likely to vary. Besides other factors, it also depends on the customer type and the industry involved. If you’re running a business, you need to constantly design and improve your master service agreement template as a part of your risk management procedure.

Certain terms and conditions could be reflected in most of the master service agreements. Generally speaking, a master service agreement is intended to have a platform for the continuous provision of services by a given service provider to the customer for a long time.

Some master service agreements would be drafted as all-in-one documents that encompass a huge range of services in a self-contained agreement, while the majority of the master service agreement expressly contends that they will be used in conjunction with a short-term document known as the statement of work.

You Need To Understand The Basics To Get the Master Service Agreement template.

Who Needs To Use The Master Service Agreement?

Suppose you are a business entering into different master service agreements per year. In that case, it is beneficial to work with a business lawyer to prepare your master service agreement template and relative statements of work for risk mitigation work for consistency and control purposes. 

An established master service agreement can help the quickly scan through the entire. It will decrease the chance that the service provider has to negotiate any new agreement from the customer zone template, which is most likely far from the service provider agreement.

What Is Generally Covered in The Master Service Agreement?

A master service agreement is for the service to be provided by a service provider to the customer. It will typically include the general type and nature of the services to be provided and where the companies might have multiple contractual relationships that clarify what the agreement relates to and covers.

For instance, in some transactions of technology, the parties would enter into some of the technical agreements a separa
te license agreement for technology which addresses the master service agreement and would have to address any related services. You need to ensure that the entire structure is together if there is any related agreement to the master service agreement. It is often a major area of negotiation if multiple agreements are used.

Considering the same, you are dealing with a master service agreement with statements of work. The four corners of the master surface agreement include the bulk of more legal terms and conditions, which will serve as the foundation of the party’s relationship. Statement of work addresses more of the business terms and conditions related to the specific project. Using the master service agreement as a base, the statement of work can also be short, depending on the services involved.

Some of the common terms found in the master service agreements are as follows:

Even though master service agreements are likely to vary widely, some common subject metals are addressed in the master service agreements. Some are negotiated heavily by the customers and the service providers, while others have normal contact variations. They can vary by industry type and also the centre of the negotiations.


Most master service agreements mainly have warranties that have at least the address of the performance of the service provider and the conformance of all these services’ applicable specifications and all the requirements documented.

There are times when the providers are supposed to properly maintain the MSA template, which comes with an optional language. The language allows the providers to read properly and suggest the appropriate changes if required. 


Warranty provides customers with some remedies under the law, like the right to sue for damages or the breach of warranty. But master service agreements generally provide specific remedies that are following these remedies.

For instance, a master service agreement might provide that if certain services fail to conform to the warranty majorly, applicable service providers should rectify these non-conformances within a stipulated time frame. 

Indemnification In The Master Service Agreement

The master service agreements are known to contain the provisions of indemnification provisions which helps to allocate the risk both between the customer and the service provider. In most cases, indemnification is mutual, like personal injury or property damage. The customers look for indemnification abroad covering all the possible breaches under the master service agreement and the organisations under the statement of work.

The additional indemnities are often blended with sole and exclusive remedy provisions, which are intended to offer a rectifying path for the 3rd party intellectual property that will be issued while managing the monitoring risk overall.


All the master service agreements contain a confidentiality clause generally mutual between the parties. Those that lack one might incorporate prior confidentiality agreement terms in the master service agreement. The agreement is provided in tandem with data protection and security provisions.

Intellectual Property

Most of the relationships under the master service agreement will include the disclosure of use or even the creation of intellectual property rights by the parties.

Above all, a master service agreement plays a crucial role. This agreement helps the parties to identify the risks, establish some liability and repay all the organisations. This way, it becomes easy to address the risks associated with any project and determine the extent of liability in the event of non-performance of obligations. 


Having established a master service agreement for every organisation is the need of the hour. There are a few established templates out there, and the company has to work on the template based on the industry they belong to. If you are looking for an expert who can establish a master service agreement for your organisation, then you are at the right place. VakilSearch is the one-stop destination for the same, as the professionals here have years of experience. 

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