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Master Service Agreement

Master Service Agreement and Work Orders

The purpose of your master service agreement is to considerably illustrate all the terms agreed upon between the parties. This enables your company to avoid wasting time and money in negotiations.

A master service agreement is important to document, and companies use it to monitor and control the quality of its product. This agreement aims to define the responsibilities of service providers and customers in case there are any issues with the purchased product or service. Also, it serves as reference material that helps companies track their products over time to identify possible problems before they even start affecting the quality of work currently being done by their employees.

The following parties enter basic information into this master service agreement (the “Agreement”): customer name, a business registered and located at … (customer). And company name, Inc. (“Company”), a service provider incorporated under the laws of the state of …, with an address at… 

Master Service Agreement can be used in the following simple ways

  1. Work Order –This is the most common form of Master Service Agreement, and it allows you to enter a specific task or task steps that need to be completed by your employee. 
  2. Service Agreement –This form allows you to outline the terms of a service contract between your company and your employee. It also allows you to define any responsibilities or obligations that both parties may require to complete the service contract. 
  3. Project Plan –This form allows you to outline a project plan for an individual project or a series of projects within your company’s workflow, which can be used in conjunction with Service Agreements and Work Orders as they come up throughout an individual project cycle (e.g., weekly, bi-weekly).

Work Orders

This agreement also provides for work orders to be submitted by either party at any time during the performance of this contract. No work order is required before work begins under this agreement. However, suppose a work order is received, and it should include a description of services needed, an estimate of costs, and a statement that is accurate as of date.

The agreement establishes the terms & conditions under which the company will be held to provide services to the customer.

This Service agreement is entered into by the customer and Company Name, Inc. by signing the agreement. 

The company agrees to perform the following services by industry-recognized standards.

The company agrees to provide services for the customer’s business location(s) specified in the attached work order.

The company agrees to provide prompt and highly professional services in line with the standards, such as:

  • Customers will try to provide direct connections to the business location(s) during regular business hours
  • Company personnel shall not be required to enter into or perform any activity that would violate any applicable laws or regulations
  • The parties may mutually agree on alternative arrangements for accessing your property or equipment
  • The company warrants that the services performed shall be by industry-recognized standards and will perform a timely and professional service
  • Standards for performing work orders, including but not limited to our Service Level Agreement, Business Processes, and Organizational Structure.

The customer warrants that the company will be provided access to the business locations promptly so as not to cause unnecessary delays in service. Furthermore, the customer represents and necessitates that all information provided to the company is accurate and true. (

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide the company with all necessary information including, but not limited to: 

  • contact information for employees who will be present during installation/service; 
  • location(s) of alarm system(s); 
  • drawings or schematics of building layout; 
  • floor plans showing locations for smoke detectors and security cameras (if applicable); 
  • door chimes (if applicable).

Either party may terminate this agreement at any time by providing notice in writing thirty days in advance of the preferred termination date.

The Client’s Termination

The Client may terminate for any cause and without advance notification by providing a master service agreement with thirty (30) days of written notice. Terminated projects must be delivered within thirty (30) days of termination. No refunds will be given for completed work or services rendered after the termination of an agreement.

The master service agreement cannot be terminated if:

  • You have not paid your invoices in full
  • You are in default under this agreement or any related agreements

These are clauses from a recent master service agreement between two companies.

Clause 1: Master Service Agreement

This clause outlines the agreement’s purpose and how disputes will be resolved. Both parties agree to this agreement’s terms and take responsibility for their actions. The company agrees to provide services as requested by the customer and keep all information confidential. The customer agrees not to disclose any information without explicit consent from [company name].

Clause 2: Customer Service Standard Requirements

This clause specifies what levels of service are expected from all customers to ensure greater satisfaction rates and better business practices for both companies. The company agrees that all customers should expect a minimum level of service during their interactions, including phone support, on-site visits, email responses within 24 hours, and live chat interactions. This is key because it ensures that every customer expects quality service throughout their interactions with us—whether using live chat, email, or phone support! 

It’s important not to worry about what other people’s goals are; 

Each person has their idea of success and failure, so do not let their preconceived notions influence yours! 

Finally, be ambitious but realistic:

if someone tells me that they want something unrealistic within three months time frame without giving any thought to their current situation, then I would decline to work together with them due solely on principle alone because if all else fails, this person could potentially waste both my time & money trying again later down the line.”


This agreement and work order represent the parties’ final deal on this subject and surpass any prior written or oral agreements. Every change to this agreement must be duly signed before becoming beneficial. This agreement is binding and benefits the parties and their heirs. Without the company’s consent, the customer may not designate his privileges under this agreement.

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