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Legal Advisor Types & Roles and Responsibilities

In contrast to lawyers and advocates, who work for employers, legal advisers are in-house lawyers who provide their services to the general public. This blog will explain in detail what legal advising is, how to become a legal adviser, job openings for legal advisors, and legal advisor salaries in India.


Are you aspiring to carve a niche in both the legal and business sectors? The role of a legal advisor offers a unique blend of opportunities to contribute to legal counsel within the corporate landscape. India, known for having the longest-written constitution globally, presents a thriving environment for legal advisors. Businesses and organizations increasingly rely on legal experts to navigate complex legal issues, making legal advising a critical career option. 

This article explores the intricacies of legal advising, the steps to become a legal advisor, job prospects, and the remuneration landscape for legal advisors in India.

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A Brief Overview of the Term Legal Advisor

A legal advisor’s role encompasses a spectrum of responsibilities, combining pressure, responsibility, and excitement. Legal advisors operate in both the public and commercial sectors, with every functioning business requiring their expertise. Often filled by former attorneys or advocates transitioning into the business world, legal advisor positions demand qualifications and training akin to those of their legal counterparts.

What Does a Legal Advisor Do?

Legal advisors typically work in law firms or contribute to legal counsel teams hired by businesses and organizations. Business leaders consult legal advisors for guidance on legal issues before embarking on projects, ensuring compliance and informed decision-making. The role of a legal advisor is multifaceted, involving tasks such as overseeing contracts, providing affordable legal advice, drafting legal documents, managing damage claims, settling disputes, monitoring claims, and conducting client interviews.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Legal Advisor:

  1. Overseeing Contracts:

All client and vendor contracts are overseen as part of the duties of legal advisors. Legal counsel helps businesses by advising them on the law. They assist their clients with contracts, legal documents, drafts, and dispute resolution. Jobs as a legal advisor are necessary for the banking and financial industries.

  1. Affordable Legal Advice:

   Providing cost-effective and commercially sensible legal advice is a primary responsibility, especially in managing construction contracts.

  1. Drafting:

A legal advisor’s duties include drafting new paperwork and examining their customers’ current contracts. They need to be conversant with the conditions of various contracts. Drafting fundamental legal documentation for building projects is part of the duties of legal advisors.

  1. Handling of Damages Claimed:

   Handling damage claims, which may lead to financial loss for a firm, involves drafting contracts and preparing for potential claims. The duties of legal advisors include contract drafting and damage claim preparation.

  1. Settling of  Arguments:

   Resolving disputes between parties, either in or out of court, is a crucial aspect of a legal advisor’s duties. This includes addressing property infringements and buy-sell conflicts.

  1. Monitoring of Claims:

   Legal advisors oversee injury and health claims, providing counsel during court cases and ensuring compliance with legal standards.

  1. Meeting With Clients:

   Conducting meetings and interviews with clients helps legal advisors gather evidence and understand case intricacies, requiring effective communication and interpersonal skills.

Different Types of Legal Advisors

In India, various professional options exist for individuals aspiring to become legal advisors. Some of these include:

  1. Legal Advisors:

   Professionals working in the legal industry, shielding clients from potential legal repercussions, and handling tasks such as contract documentation and legal counsel.

  1. Senior Counsel:

   Senior counsels manage diverse legal issues within a law practice, providing legal counsel with specific duties depending on their employer.

  1. Attorney:

   Attorneys represent clients in court, defending them against legal claims, and often commence their legal careers working for institutions, law firms, or experienced lawyers.

  1. Senior Attorney:

   Senior attorneys oversee the effectiveness of junior attorneys, leading preparations for court representation and negotiation, often holding esteemed positions in law firms.

Qualifications & Necessary to Work as a Legal Advisor

To embark on a career as a legal advisor, specific qualifications and skill sets are essential:

  1. Commercial Awareness:

   Legal advisors must possess business knowledge, stay informed about local, national, and international business events that could impact legal matters. They need to promote legal services, build client relationships, and understand the business aspects of law firms.

  1. People Skills:

   Collaboration with diverse individuals and working as part of a team is integral to a legal advisor’s role. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively with colleagues, partners, and clients are crucial.

  1. Communication Skills:

   Effective verbal and written communication skills are vital for success in the legal advising profession. Building trusting relationships and active listening during client interactions are essential components of a legal advisor’s role.

  1. Attention to Detail:

   Legal advisors must have a keen eye for detail to ensure accuracy in legal documents, contracts, and communications, preventing potential costly consequences.

  1. Research Skills:

   Proficiency in reading, analyzing, and synthesizing vast amounts of legal information is critical for legal advisors, facilitating evidence-based decision-making.

  1. Problem-Solving Ability:

   Creative thinking is crucial in addressing legal challenges, requiring legal advisors to think innovatively and find effective solutions.

The Takeaway

Embarking on a dual career in law and business as a legal advisor offers a challenging yet rewarding journey. 

If you require legal assistance or are seeking a legal advisor for your firm in India, Vakilsearch’s legal advisors are at your service. Contact us today for professional guidance and support in navigating the dynamic landscape of legal advising.

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