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Seva Sindhu Portal – Domicile Certificate in Karnataka

Obtain your Karnataka Domicile Certificate hassle-free! Learn eligibility criteria and application process for residency proof in Karnataka.


A domicile certificate is an official document issued by the government to prove that an individual is a permanent resident of a particular state. In India, domicile certificates are often required for various purposes, such as applying for educational institutions, government jobs, and certain benefits.

The Karnataka domicile certificate is specifically issued to residents of the state of Karnataka. It is an important document for anyone who needs to establish their residency in Karnataka for official purposes.

Karnataka Domicile Certificate Eligibility

To be eligible for a Karnataka domicile certificate, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be an Indian citizen.
  • You must have been residing in Karnataka for at least six years.
  • Your stay in Karnataka must have been continuous, meaning you cannot have left the state for more than six months at a time during the six years.
  • There are some exceptions to the six-year rule, such as for children of permanent residents of Karnataka who have studied in the state for at least seven years, and for government employees who are posted to Karnataka for duty.

Application Procedure for Domicile Certificate in Karnataka

Here’s a step-by-step guide on the application procedure for a Domicile Certificate in Karnataka:

  1. Gather the Required Documents:
    • Proof of Identity: Aadhaar card, voter ID card, passport, PAN card, or driving license.
    • Proof of Address: Ration card, electricity bill, property tax receipt, water bill (not older than 3 months), or rental agreement.
    • Proof of Residence in Karnataka for at least 6 years: School certificates, employment records, rental agreements, or any other document that proves continuous residence in Karnataka for the required period.
  1. Choose Your Application Method:
    • Online Application:
      1. Visit the Seva Sindhu portal:
      2. Register or log in using your mobile number and OTP.
      3. Search for Domicile Certificate and click on the service.
      4. Click on Apply Online.
      5. Fill in the required details and upload the scanned copies of the documents.
      6. Pay the application fee (Rs. 25) and service charge (Rs. 30).
      7. Submit the application and note the acknowledgment number.
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    • Offline Application:
      1. Visit the Tahsildar’s office in your taluk.
      2. Obtain the application form from the office.
      3. Fill in the form completely and accurately.
      4. Attach the required documents.
      5. Submit the form and documents to the Tahsildar’s office.
      6. Pay the application fee (Rs. 25) and service charge (Rs. 30).
      7. Collect the acknowledgment slip.
  1. Track Your Application Status (Online):
    1. Visit the Seva Sindhu portal.
    2. Click on Track Application Status.
    3. Enter your application number or acknowledgment number.
    4. View the status of your application.
  1. Collect Your Certificate:
    • If you applied online, you can download the certificate from the Seva Sindhu portal.
    • If you applied offline, you can collect the certificate from the Tahsildar’s office after it’s issued (usually within 15 days).

Documents Required for Domicile Certificate in Karnataka:

  1. Application Form:
    • Obtain the prescribed application form from the local authorities or download it from the official website.
  2. Proof of Residence:
    • Ration card
    • Voter ID
    • Passport
    • Utility bills (electricity, water, gas, etc.)
    • Rental agreement
  3. Identity Proof:
    • Aadhar card
    • Voter ID
    • Passport
    • PAN card
  4. Birth Certificate:
    • Proof of date of birth may be required.
  5. Education Certificates:
    • Copies of educational certificates may be needed to establish the period of residence in the state.
  6. Affidavit:
    • An affidavit stating the period of residence and other necessary details.
  7. Caste Certificate:
    • In case you belong to a specific caste, a caste certificate may be required.
  8. Photographs:
    • Passport-sized photographs.

Process for Domicile Certificate in Karnataka:

  1. Visit the Local Authority:
    • Go to the local Tahsildar’s office or the revenue department in your area.
  2. Obtain the Application Form:
    • Collect the application form for the domicile certificate.
  3. Fill in the Form:
    • Complete the application form with accurate details.
  4. Submit Supporting Documents:
    • Attach all the required documents mentioned above with the application form.
  5. Verification:
    • The concerned authorities may conduct verification of your residence details.
  6. Affidavit Submission:
    • Submit the affidavit along with the application form.
  7. Pay the Fees:
    • Pay any required fees as specified by the authorities.
  8. Follow-up:
    • Keep track of your application status by following up with the authorities.

Domicile Certificate Status Check in Karnataka:

To check the status of your domicile certificate application in Karnataka, you can follow these steps:

  1. Online Portal:
    • Check the official website of the Karnataka government or the concerned department.
  2. Application Reference Number:
    • Use the application reference number provided at the time of application submission.
  3. Contact Local Authorities:
    • You can also visit the local Tahsildar’s office or contact the revenue department to inquire about the status.

Processing Time of Karnataka Domicile Certificate

The official processing time for a Karnataka Domicile Certificate is 7 working days. This means that after you submit your application, you can expect to receive your certificate within a week, assuming all your documents are in order and there are no delays.

However, it’s important to note that the actual processing time may vary depending on several factors, such as:

  • Workload at the Tahsildar’s office: If the office is experiencing a high volume of applications, it may take longer to process your request.
  • Completeness of your application: If your application is incomplete or has any errors, it may be delayed while the office requests additional information.
  • Verification of documents: The office may need to verify the authenticity of your documents, which could add a few days to the processing time.
  • Public holidays: If there are any public holidays during the processing period, it may extend the overall time.
  • Submit your application online: Online applications are often processed faster than offline applications.
  • Ensure all documents are correct and complete: Double-check all the information you provide and attach all required documents in the correct format.
  • Follow up with the Tahsildar’s office: If you haven’t received your certificate within the estimated time frame, you can politely inquire about the status of your application.


How can I get a domicile certificate in Karnataka?

You can apply for a domicile certificate in Karnataka either online through the Seva Sindhu portal or offline at your local Tahsildar's office.

Is a ration card mandatory for a domicile certificate in Karnataka?

No, a ration card is not mandatory for a domicile certificate in Karnataka. You can provide any other document as proof of address, such as an electricity bill, property tax receipt, or rental agreement.

Can I get a domicile certificate online in Karnataka?

Yes, you can apply for a domicile certificate online through the Seva Sindhu portal. This is often faster and more convenient than applying offline.

How to fill the domicile form online?

Once you visit the Seva Sindhu portal, search for Domicile Certificate and click on Apply Online. The portal will guide you through the application process and provide instructions on filling the form.

Who is eligible for a local status certificate?

Local status certificate and domicile certificate are often used interchangeably in Karnataka. To be eligible, you must be an Indian citizen and have resided in Karnataka for at least six years continuously.

Is a domicile certificate required for KCET?

Yes, if you are not a permanent resident of Karnataka, you will need a domicile certificate to apply for KCET (Karnataka Common Entrance Test).

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