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HRMS Odisha Portal – Log in and Benefits

Want to avail the most benefits from the HRMS Odisha portal? Know how to avail yourself of the benefits of HRMS services.


To help the state’s employees, the government of Odisha launched the HRMS Odisha Portal. The HRMS portal gives the employees of the Odisha government a detailed view of their salary structure, deductions, benefits and other such norms associated with salary. The state government will also assist the beneficiaries in maintaining personnel data, responding to customer complaints, and distributing employee payments to the appropriate bank accounts by using the portal.

All eligible state employees have immediate access to view and download the changes made to this portal by the Government of Odisha. The pay stub can be used as support documentation when applying for a loan while looking for new employment. The administrative offices are now less crowded as a result of the online system. Additionally, the portal offers a quicker approach to receiving salary payments on schedule. Using this facility set up by the state’s administration, all public workers in Odisha can view their pay stubs at any time.

HRMS Odisha Portal

The Human Resource Management System, or HRMS for short, is a collection of procedures and systems housed together in the software. It was designed to make managing employee, customer, and business data simple. Numerous companies and organisations use this software to handle HR administration and function efficiently. Employee data management, pay stub management, benefits management, performance management, and administrative record keeping are all handled by HRMS.

The HRMS makes the data readily available and accessible to companies and employees while also saving a great deal of manual labour and time. Due to the software’s design, managing the data is done with little effort.

HRMS Odisha 2023 Highlights The HRMS Odisha 2023, introduced by the Odisha Human Resource Management System, offers a convenient way to access payment slips on the official website. Its primary aim is to facilitate this access and enable the government to maintain comprehensive records of employee wages. To be eligible, one must be an employee of the Odisha government.

Objective and Benefits HRMS Odisha Portal

To serve the needs of those working for the government or organisations, the HRMS Odisha Portal web application has been introduced. Directly examining payment slips is made easier by a payroll administration system. The system also shows the employee’s name, days worked, paid and unpaid leaves, PF, and EPI. The system also displays each employee’s gross and net salary as soon as it obtains the necessary information. 

The Advantages of Using This Portal Are Listed Below

  • The state government can keep accurate payroll records for its employees and monitor past trends as it performs its tasks in the event of modifications
  • The portal must be accessed by both the government and the employee because it is used to examine pay stubs and do a variety of other tasks
  • Additionally, all state employees can use this website set up by the government of Odisha to apply for loans from banks
  • The employees might use the slip they obtained to apply for new jobs
  • The slip provides further information about each state employee’s official deductions and gross pay.

 HRMS Odisha Portal Login Process

  • First, visit the HRMS Odisha official site at
  • The website’s home page will appear on the screen.
  • Select the tab titled “Personal Login/HRMS Login.”
  • The screen will go to a new page.
  • Enter the user name, password, and Captcha.
  • Click the login button to get into your registered account.

Process for HRMS Odisha Payslip Download

The actions listed below must be followed by applicants in order to download the HRMS odisha payslip:

  • Visit the HRMS Odisha official website 
  • Select the Personal Login / HRMS Login option, You’ll see a new page on your screen
  • Enter all necessary information, including your username, password, and captcha code, Click the Login button
  • Your account dashboard will be visible on your screen once you have successfully logged in
  • You have to select the HRMS Salary slip
  • You can now see a list of the months and years
  • The month and year you want to download must be chosen. The slip will then appear on your screen.

How Do You Register Your Mobile Number on the HRMS Odisha Portal

It’s crucial to register your mobile number with the HRMS database in order to access and utilise the services. You will be sent links to update any information you’ve given in your account.

  • Visit the HRMS Odisha official website 
  • From the menu, select the e-service for employees option.
  • After making your choice, press the “Register” button.
  • You’ll be taken to a page where you must enter the information. Your mobile number can be entered there.
  • Your registered mobile number will receive an OTP. On the corresponding tab, enter the OTP.
  • In order to create your account, click “SAVE.”

HRMS Odisha has been developed into an All-in-One platform, covering everything from pension distribution to recruitment. The majority of the population, however, still has a very limited understanding of the virtualisation process. It might be rather intimidating for people who are used to manual labour or paperwork to use online HRMS services.


Don’t let the numerous legal tasks discourage you; they might seem difficult. If you need assistance with any of these tasks or with signing up, you can always get in touch with Vakilsearch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my name in HRMS Odisha Portal?

Go to the official website . Choose the Personal Data radio button under the Basic Personal Data tab. Click Overview. Choose the incorrect record. Select Change from the menu.

What is HRMS salary?

An integrated system called a human resource management system (HRMS) is used to record an employee's service information from the beginning to the end of their employment. The relevant Drawing and Disbursing Officer should produce the monthly salary bill for the employees based on the service information.

What are the types of HRMS?

HR Software. Employer Of Record (EOR) Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) Online Recruiting Software. Payroll Software.

Is HRMS a database?

A database and application software called HRMS is used to conduct online personnel transactions for government employees. This is intended to serve as the main means of communication for government workers.

Who is eligible for HRMS service?

Any regular government employee of Odisha may use the services provided by HRMS. However, employees of rural local bodies like gram panchayats or urban local bodies like the municipality or NAC are not covered by the HRMS function. Additionally, HRMS Odisha does not include the workers of PSUs, cooperatives, and trusts that are owned by the state.

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