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Employment Agreement

How to Write Letter of Appointment Format

The first document given to a candidate who has passed the interview and been chosen for the position is the appointment letter.

Providing a formal letter in composing to a candidate for employment is known as an appointment or employment letter. On the first day a candidate begins work, appointment letters are typically given following an offer letter. The appointment letter goes into great detail about the job being offered, the pay and benefits, the confidentiality and work rules, the start date, and other crucial details. Normally, the appointment letter is given to the candidate on the first day of employment. The candidate then gives a signed copy of the letter to the employer as proof of acceptance. Learn how to write appointment letter format detailly.

When is An Appointment Letter Provided?

The HR Manager of the company or the Manager of a company providing a job to a potential hire can use this appointment letter format. This appointment letter formalises and documents everything that was unspoken just at employment period, fills in the gaps and ties together any unresolved questions or specifics the employee may have had, and gives him a sense of the daily tasks and obligations that are expected of him.

On the day the employee starts their new job, they are given appointment letters that are printed on the company letterhead. The Employer retains one duplicate of the mutually executed appointment letter, and the Employee retains a second copy.

How Do You Write a Letter of Appointment?

Appointment letters are written on stationery bearing the employer’s logo and are signed by the HR or Management Manager with hiring authority. In the event that the applicant acknowledges the role, the applicant should first sign a version of the letter and bring it back to the employer to show acceptance of employment, at which point a binding contractual obligation between the parties is created.

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Format of The Appointment Letter

[Date, Month, Year]

[Applicant Name]

[First Line of Address] 

[Second Line of Address] 

[City], [State], [Pin code]

Subject: Appointment to Designation Post

Dear [Mr.] [Name of Applicant],

We are pleased to offer the following terms and conditions for the role of [Designation] with [Company name] (it’s “Company”).

  • The Beginning of the Job- At [Starting Date, Month, Year], your employment will begin.
  • Position- You will be working under [Mr.] [Name], the [Supervisor Designation] and have the title of [Designation] as your employer.  
  • Payment- Schedule 1 of this agreement outlines your compensation and other benefits.
  • Posting Location- Your new location is [City, State]. You might, however, be required to perform duties at any location that the Company currently owns or later acquires.
  • Working Hours- 
  1. The typical workweek lasts from [Start Day] until [End Day]. You will be expected to put in whatever time is required for the proper performance of your obligations to the company.
  2.  The regular working hours are [Start Time] through [End Time], and you are expected to put in at least [Number of Hours] of work per week, plus any additional hours that may be required based on your responsibilities.
  • Leave/Holidays- You may take a total of [Casual Leave] days of unpaid leave. Your right to paid sick leave is [Sick Leave] working days. Beginning each year, the Company is required to provide a list of all declared holidays.
  • Types of Obligations– You will do everything required of you by your position to the greatest extent possible as well as any extra tasks that the business may occasionally ask you to complete. In this document’s Schedule II, your specific responsibilities are outlined.
  • Company Assets- All Company property that may be given to you for formal use throughout the period of your employment will be kept in good condition at all times, and you are obligated to return all these property to the Corporation before relinquishing your charge. If you fail to do so, the Company will seek payment from you for the cost of the property.
  • Obtaining and Utilising Gifts- You won’t put yourself in a financial bind by taking out a loan from someone you may be doing business with or accepting a gift, reward, or payment for your own benefit from them.
  • Dismissal- 
  1. The Company may end your employment at any time and without cause by giving you at least [Notice] months’ written notice or payment in lieu of notice. Salary shall mean the basic salary for the purposes of this clause.    
  2. You may resign from your position with the company at any time, with or without cause, by providing [Employee Notice] months’ advance notification, or your salary for any unutilised time that remains after taking into account any pending leaves as of the date of termination.   
  3. If the Company has a good faith belief that you have engaged in misconduct, negligence, a fundamental breach of contract, or have otherwise caused harm to the Company, the Company has the right to immediately terminate your employment without providing you with any notice or termination pay.          
  4. Any property, papers, and confidential information in your custody or under your direct authority that are connected to your employment or the business affairs of clients must be returned to the company upon the end of your employment, regardless of the reason. This includes any sample data, literature, agreements, documents, records, illustrations, blueprints, letters, notations, data, and the like.

Discreet Information- 

  1. You will give the Company’s business during the course of your employment by giving it all of your time, focus, and skill. Without the prior approval of the Company, you are not permitted to engage directly or indirectly, relate yourself with, be involved with, be utilised or involved in any additional business or activities, hold any other office, work part-time, or continue pursuing any course of study at all.      
  2. You must always uphold the strictest level of secrecy and keep all records, documents, as well as other confidential information pertaining to the business of the organisation that you may come into contact with or that may be confided in you as confidential. You also agree to use such records, documents, and information only in ways that are properly authorised and in the best interests of the company. Confidential Information is defined in this clause as data about the Company’s and its customers’ businesses that are not generally known to the public and that you may learn while working for the Company. This includes—but is not limited to—information about the company, its customer lists, employment policies, staff, and details about the company’s products and processes, which include concepts, ideas, projections, technology, manuals, drawings, designs, and specifications, as well as all papers, resumes, records, as well as other files containing such Confidential Information.     
  3. You must always obtain permission before leaving the office with any confidential information.        
  4. After this Agreement expires or is terminated, as well as while you are still employed by the Company, it is your responsibility to keep confidential information secure and not to disclose it.      
  5.  In addition to any additional legal recourse the Company may well have against you, breaking the terms of such a clause will subject you to immediate dismissal under the previous clause.  
  • Notices- At the Company’s registered office address, you may give notice to the company. The Company has the right to send you notices at the address you have provided in the company’s official records. 
  • Application of Corporate Policy- The Company shall have the right to create legislation statements from time to time regarding things like personal leave, maternity leave, employee compensation, working time, transfer policies, etc. The Company may change these policy declarations at any time in its sole discretion. This Agreement shall not apply to any such policy decisions made by the Company, which must therefore be binding on you.
  • Law and Jurisdiction that Apply– The Company’s employment of you is governed by Indian law. Only the High Court of the State shall have jurisdiction over all disputes.
  • Acceptances of our Invitation- 
  1. Please sign the duplicate copy of this employment contract to indicate your acceptance of it.      
  2. We extend our warmest welcome to you and eagerly await your acceptance so that we can collaborate.

Yours Sincerely,

[Supervisor Name]

[Designation of Supervisor]



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