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How To Incorporate A Company In Chennai?

Incorporating a Company ideally step into the shoes of the business owner and handle the tasks related to the registration of the company under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.  

Setting up a business in India has its own ups and downs. It starts with a ton of market research to decide on what the business would deal with. Then comes the huge challenge of finding the investors to fund the business venture. (buy ambien india) On having decided these, next comes the biggest challenge of deciding whether to run the business as a private limited company or partnership or any other form of business entity. Learn the step-by-step process to incorporate a company in Chennai.

The business structure has the biggest impact on the business, its employees, on the tax schedules and assets of the company. Hence, a lot of thought has to be given to picking the appropriate corporate structure for the business.

Although the business owners have to single-handedly operate on every minute task pertaining to their dream business, registering the company doesn’t have to be on their plate. The key to running a successful business is to master the art of delegation. In a business, deciding what one doesn’t have to do is as important as deciding what one has to do. The key, therefore, is finding the best registration services to work through the situation and outsource the task.

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We at Vakilsearch are pioneers in guiding businesses

We only wish that the process of company registration was simple paperwork that could be done in a day. Unfortunately, it isn’t! But that shouldn’t make one worry as we will proceed through the process in a step-by-step fashion and get it done perfectly. Vakilsearch will be that reliable legal guide a business needs without costing a fortune. All the legal compliances will be taken care of and the compliances would be effectuated as directed by the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs).

Also, seldom does the legal formalities get over after completing the registration, for instance, the GST registration, tax filing, opening of bank accounts, audit formalities etc are ongoing process. At Vakilsearch, we handhold our clients and get the processes automated thereby enabling them to concentrate on the other prime areas of their business.

Yet another thing to be happy about is that with the registrations that have gone online, the entire process can be facilitated without the business owners having to get out of their chairs. At Vakilsearch, the entire process of registration will be done within 14 days. 

The Registration of a Company will Include the Following Services.

  •   Obtaining the DIN (Director Identification Number) and DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for the directors
  •   Registering the company’s name through the MCA
  •   Drafting the MoA (Memorandum of Association) and AoA (Articles of Association) of the company
  •   Following up with the payment of the stipulated registration fee and the corresponding stamp duty
  •   Obtaining the Certificate of Incorporation
  •   Opening a zero-balance account – powered by the DBS bank.

Our Services don’t stop with that. We are willing to take the businesses beyond borders. The experts here at Vakilsearch help the business to be set in the US, UK, Singapore and other foreign countries.

Therefore, business owners who intend to deal with every small thing perfectly, do it themselves. But those who want to do great things know how to delegate tasks. Thus all an entrepreneur needs to do to register that winning business is to pick up the phone and call us.. and Voila!!.. The job is done!

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