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How to Download GST Certificate Without Login? – 3 Steps

Explore a hassle-free method to download GST certificate without login on our blog. Clear instructions provided for a simplified certificate download process.

A GST certificate is a legal document issued to those taxpayers who are registered under India’s GST system. Each and every taxpayer who possesses a GST registration certificate is required to mandatorily showcase their registration certificate at a  prominently visible spot on all premises of their business. The process of GST certificate download is the easy part, however obtaining one can be quite a challenging task, this is why we recommend that you engage the services of Vakilsearch’s GST specialists to undergo GST enrollment without any hassle. In this article, we present to you a step-by-step guide to download GST certificate from the GST portal. We will also discuss the possibility of GST certificate download without logging into the portal with just a GSTIN code.

The Process in GST Certificate Download 

The GST certificate can only be downloaded by logging into the GST portal. You cannot download the GST certificate with just a GSTIN. Moreover, the government does not provide hard copies of GST registration certificates, hence if you are a registered taxpayer, you must download the certificate through the GST portal.

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3 Simple Steps to Download GST Certificate

  • Step 1: You must have access to your GST account: in order to download the GST registration certificate. Once you log into your GST account with your GST Portal account information, proceed as follows:
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Services’, then click on ‘User Services’ followed by the ‘ ‘View/Download Certificate’ tab.
  • Step 3: Then you must click on the ‘Download’ icon under the ‘GST REG-06’ option.

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1. When does a GST certificate expire?

A GST registration certificate when awarded to a ‘casual taxable person’ or an ‘NRI taxable person’ is good for ninety days from the date of registration or for the term specified in the registration application, whichever arrives sooner. This validity term can be renewed further by the competent authority, as indicated in Section 27(1) CGST Act. A GST registration certificate granted to anybody else is valid until or unless the taxpayer cancels or surrenders his GST registration.

2. Who is classified as a casual taxable person under the GST regime?

As per Section 2(20) of the CGST Act, a casual taxable person is any individual who sparingly and occasionally facilitates transactions involving the supply of goods or services or both. This can be undertaken either in the capacity of a principal, agent or in any other capacity whatsoever it may be, either in a State or a Union territory where they have no fixed premise business for the purpose of operation.

3. Who is classified as a non-resident taxable person under the GST regime?

A non-resident taxable person implies any individual who assumes transactions involving supply of goods or services or both occasionally. This can be undertaken either in the capacity of a principal, agent or in any other capacity whatsoever it may be, but by one who has no fixed place of business or residence in India.

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