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How to Check Authenticity of Caste Certificate?

Looking forward to the answer of how to get an authentic caste certificate? Look no further as you will get all the information here.

If you want to get the authentic caste certificate, you are on the right page, as you can get all the details here. When you hear the term caste certificate, then you might be wondering at the back of your mind what it is all about. A caste certificate is generally proof of belonging to one of a specific caste, especially where an individual belongs to the scheduled caste, which is specified in the constitution of India. Every individual in the country needs to have a certificate.

There is no facility to apply for the certificate online in all states. But in some states, the government and the district administration offer the facility for online certificate procedures. People are often confused between the two terms, that is caste certificate and caste validity. You must know that they are not the same. Ideally, it is proof that you belong to that caste.

In simple terms, you can say that a caste certificate is a documented certificate or proof that shows that a person belongs to that specific caste. It’s proof that shows that you belong to that caste, especially if you are from a scheduled caste. This certificate in India is proof of your original caste, especially for the reserved category, and it proves the candidature if required.

Furthermore, it plays a crucial role, and several benefits are attached, so you should not think twice before applying. It all started by the Indian government under the part of the Indian system of protective discrimination to give special benefits and encouragement to this category. The government feels that the scheduled caste or tribe needs encouragement or opportunities. The government generally grants special privileges for education or certain jobs. But you can avail all of these benefits only if you have a valid certificate.

Documents Needed

Why Do You Need A Caste Certificate In India?

The major objective of the certificate issuance in India is to facilitate the excess of the bona fide applicants belonging to this scheduled caste of the tribe for reserving the services and posts available under the state or the central government. It is also important to secure admission to the educational institutes or other facilities which the center of the state government provides.

How Can You Avail The Certificate?

The caste certificate, especially in India, can be availed Online or offline from the revenue department’s local office. You have to make a local inquiry while applying for your certificate. You need to keep some documents handy, like your residence state proof for some time, the court stamp fee, or the affidavit supporting your caste. It should also be uploaded in a given format whenever you submit it.

Who Will Issue A Caste Certificate In India?

The state or the Central Government of India generally issues the caste certificate. The procedure for the certificate issue is given by the state government or the union territory government.  In India, the certificates are bilingual, which features the language of the state besides English.

The following authorities prescribe the certificate format, which is also valid by the central government.

  • Additional district magistrate collector first class magistrate
  • Revenue officer or divisional officer

What Factors Are Generally Considered While Issuing the Caste Certificate?

The caste certificate is generally issued to the presidential orders as given in articles 341 and 342 of the Indian constitution. The applicant belonging to the given caste will be given the certificate. The applicant should reside in the concerned part of the state mentioned.

Disciplinary action was taken against the certificate holders and the producers of the caste certificate.

The caste certificate is generally verified, issued, or even cancelled by some authorities of the respective state or government. All the states have their own system or procedure for that purpose. In case any government is found to be holding a false certificate to secure the appointment. Any action would be taken against the individual per the instructions given by the department of training and personnel.

How Can You Apply For The Certificate Online?

  • Even though only a few states of India offer online applications for the certificate, if you fall in that state, you can apply online.
  • You can visit the backward-class welfare website in your state. Department names are likely to be different as per the given state.
  • Click on the link and then apply for the certificate online:
  • You can create a new account on the website and fill out the application online.
  • Once you have created the account, you must log on to the portal using the password and username.
  • You must fill in details like address, contact details, local reference details, personal details, etc.
  • You need to verify all the details you have filled in the online form, and if you agree to all the terms and conditions, you can click on the submit option.
  • Once the process is complete, you can get an e-mail or SMS.
  • You can check the status online simultaneously from the given portal. Check the status on that portal by clicking on this link. Additionally, you also need to have an application number.

Tips For Applying For The Certificate Offline

You can visit the nearby office to get it offline. Fill in all the details, including your address, contact information, and personal details. You need to fill in all the details of your father in the cost detail section. You can tick a mark on the option of your caste that you are applying for.

Submit the original form and the required self-attested documents once the application form is filled.


Getting a certificate can be a little taxing, but not impossible of course. Hence, with the help of the right experts such as Vakilsearch, the whole process becomes seamless.

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