How To Find Someone’s GST Details in India?

Search for a GSTIN or UIN Number online and instantly verify a taxpayer using a search tool or GSTIN Validator. Get more information here.

Using the GST number search tool, you can find someone’s GST details in India. This is a free tool that can help you track down and find someone’s GST details in India.

The goods and services tax Number, often known as the GSTIN, is a 15-digit tax identification number assigned by the government to registered taxpayers. Every person who registers for GST in India, whether an individual, a company or a partnership organisation, is given an identifying number. This is known as the GST Number.

GSTIN is the abbreviation for the GST number. A single individual who is an assessee under the Income Tax Act might have several GSTINs for each State or Union Territory from which they operate. When a person crosses the threshold limit for registration under GST, obtaining a GSTIN becomes mandatory. Unlike the old indirect tax regime, which had various registration numbers for different laws such as Excise, Service Tax, and VAT, GST has a single registration number- GSTIN.

What Is The Significance Of GSTIN?

The following pointers highlight the significance of GSTIN.

  • Knowing the GST number is necessary for every firm that has completed GST Registration Process.
  • Suppliers must correctly mention the GSTIN as the GST invoice serial number in all invoices, resulting in the correct distribution of input tax credit. Similarly, businesses should obtain their customer’s GST numbers and include them in their invoices, as the consumer’s input tax credit would rely on this. In summary, all businesses should apply for a GST number in India because a GSTIN is necessary for any registered firm
  • This will assist firms in not only obtaining the appropriate input tax credit but also in maintaining their market credibility. Businesses should be well-versed in obtaining a GST number and, more crucially, how to apply for a goods and services tax number in India.

GST Number Search Tool

The GST Search Application is a completely online tool that assists with GST number verification. Enter the taxpayer’s name or PAN along with the state to GST search the number.

GST check can be done by name or PAN. We are constantly looking for new methods to give you the most excellent option for making GST compliance uncomplicated and straightforward. You can also search using the person’s PAN number. In different states, the same person may have other GST numbers. Enter first letters the name and state name to GST search any number.

Searching GST Number By Name

You are aware that you may GST search any number of any business or organisation by just typing the company’s name or the initial letters of the firm.

Steps to remember for GST number search by name

  • Enter the correct business name
  • Type at least ten characters to find suitable GST Number information
  • Make sure to enter the state’s initials and the business’s characters to find the most relevant answer.

Although we have made it very simple to get GSTIN by name, a corporation, a person, or a firm may have registration in more than one state. To discover the exact goods and tax services number, enter the name as well as the state name.

Using a GST Calculator in India, you can find out how much GST you need to pay before registering for GST.

PAN For GST Number Search

It is difficult to search for a GST number or GSTIN of a firm using a PAN number because the country’s tax administration does not yet provide such capabilities. However, we continue to use heat and trial for GST check by PAN.

For example, in a GST number, the first two codes are for the state, the following ten numbers are the PAN number, and the 13th character is usually the first, while the 14th character is usually Z, and the last character can range from 0 to 9 or from A to Z.

Understanding the taxpayer’s needs, this trial and error method will assist you in locating the GST number utilising PAN with the most precise business information. GST online Verification can be done, if GSTIN is correct

  • The legal name of the firm
  • State
  • Date of registration
  • Business constitution – company, sole proprietorship, or partnership
  • Taxpayer type – regular taxpayer or composition dealer
  • GSTIN status / UIN status.

How Can I Receive A GSTIN?

To obtain a GSTIN, one must be registered under goods and tax services. When you are a taxpayer who is registered under GST in India, you can get a GSTIN. The procedure for obtaining a GSTIN is as follows:

  1. First, bring your PAN
  2. Submit an application for GST registration
  3. Include any pertinent documentation required for GST online verification.

What Is The Layout Of A GST Number?

GSTIN is made up of 15 digits. Each of the 15 alphanumeric characters serves a specific purpose. Let’s go through them one by one in the points below.

  • The first two digits: State code
  • 3-12 alphanumeric characters make up the state code
  • PAN (Personal Identification Number)
  • 13 digits: Number of registrations in a state
  • 14 alphabet: Z, universal
  • 15 alphabet or number: As of now, checksum and unused.

The first two digits represent the registration state. The next ten characters represent the GSTIN holder’s PAN number. Following that is a numeral indicating the number of registrations against a single PAN number in a state. The following letter is Z, which everybody shares.

How Do I Check The GST Number?

GST number allows you to verify your GSTIN online. To do the GST check use the GST online verification tool. Alternatively, the GST number can be checked on the GST portal.

Benefits of an online GST number search and verification tool or GSTIN Validator

  • To check the legitimacy of any GSTIN
  • A GSTIN on a hand-written invoice can be quickly validated if uncertain
  • You can avoid dealing with merchants who use false GSTINs
  • Prevent GSTIN fraud
  • Assist merchants in correcting any potential GSTIN reporting errors.

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