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How to Find Land Registration Details by Name?

Are you trying to find land registration details online by name? If it’s getting difficult for you, then read this blog to simplify the process.

Many years ago, it was difficult, daunting, and time-consuming to search for land or property registration details. Records were not yet digitalized; if you wanted to verify or check any document, an official at the local registrar had to manually go through thousands of files, to find what you are searching for. Advancement in technology and increased internet usage has influenced the government of India to adopt new ways of managing records. Today, you don’t have to struggle or wait for several days to Find Land Registration Details by Name.

Whether you are looking to buy a new property or simply want to know who owns a particular property for whatever reason, you’ll find yourself searching the internet or asking friends for help on how to find land registration details by name. This being the 21st century, most things are getting digitalized. The same is true for land and Online Property Registration. It is not difficult, it doesn’t take long, and best of all, you don’t need an IT degree to be able to get details about any land or property online. We have prepared this simple guide to take you through the process step by step. Sit back, relax and let’s help you Find Land Registration Details by Name.

But first, here are a few critical things you must take keen note of:

  • There is no single document that solely proves ownership of land or property in India. There are several documents involved in any land transaction or transfer. You should do Property document verification before making any commitments whether financial or otherwise.
  • Land ownership is and has always been a source of pride. That is why people get emotive in situations relating to land. If you discover that the land or property is owned by two or more people or a community, make sure each party involved is in agreement before making any commitments.
  • Find out if there are any legal contentions about the ownership of the said property before signing anything. You don’t want to end up in the middle of a legal battle whose origin you don’t know. You can hire an affordable lawyer to help you in this regard. It may take time, but it is better to wait than buy thin air.
  • Are you buying public land? Every year there are reports of government officials who try to fraudulently sell public land to private individuals. It doesn’t matter whether the government official is a high-ranking civil servant or has ties with the ruling government, the long arms of the law always catch up with search people. Just make sure you are dealing with the right people and under the law, otherwise, you may end up in jail.

Steps to Help You Find Land Registration Details by Name

Land records can either be accessed online or manually. Different jurisdictions have varying land administration systems. Depending on where the said land or property is located, you must consult the local government administrative unit for guidance specific to your location. When it comes to online search, you may simply need to the government portal of the respective region for guidance. Get all the Property Registration detail online from our Experts.

For Manual Land Information Search

As mentioned earlier, different jurisdictions handle records differently. To access the Find Land Registration Details by Name, first, start with the local property (real estate agents). They are known to have critical information about pieces of real estate in their jurisdiction. After checking with the local land agents, you can confirm the details with the local government administrative unit. Such documents will most likely be with the district or sub-county registrar.

Steps to Find Land Registration Details Manual

Step1: Find out from the local government administrative unit where land records are kept. It can either be with the district registrar, the land survey department, or sometimes the land tax department

Step 2: You’ll then be directed to the local administration directly responsible for the land whose registration you are searching.

Step 3: The land registrar will require that you fill out a form to apply for the said land records. This is a standard procedure in all jurisdiction

Step4: Each application comes with a fee to facilitate the process. Once you pay the required fee, the process begins

Step5: You’ll be furnished with the said records within the time prescribed by the registrar

For Online Find Land Registration Details by Name

Over a decade ago, the government of India started the process of digitalizing land records under the Digital India Lands records modernisation programe. It involved making all land records accessible online, this includes maps and land transfer documents. Now, the different states in India have separate online portals where people can apply to get access to land registration records.

Steps to Find Land Registration Details by Name Online

Step1: Find out the official online land record portal for the state where the said land is located. You can do a simple search on Vakil Search to find out the website

Step2: Once you have access to the website, you’ll be asked to fill in specific details about the said land. They include the current year, district, and land survey reference number.

Step3: After filling in the required details, click on submit, Go, or whatever you’ll be required to do.

Step4: Once the details are submitted, it takes a few seconds for the page to load and process necessary records.

Step5: If you entered the correct details, you should get corresponding registration details for the land you are looking into. If the portal doesn’t have provisions for printing the details, you can take a screenshot of the details.

Find Land Registration Details by Name search results typically give you more than just the name of the owner of the said land. It also includes details like the survey document.


The land is a very important asset today as it was thousands of years ago. That is why the government of India is taking necessary steps to make critical information about land registration accessible. It is now easy to buy land since you can verify the ownership of the said in minutes. Thousands of people are defrauded in land-related transactions. Digitising land records will help in reducing fraud and fraudulent transfer of land ownership by unscrupulous government officials. Find Land Registration Details by Name is not difficult. You just need an internet-enabled device to access the official online land registration portal for the state where the land is located. One of the fastest ways to get details of land from any state is by searching Vakilsearch. It will save you several hours of wandering about online.

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