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FCRA Quarterly Return

Learn all about the FCRA Quarterly Return, a mandatory financial report for NGOs and other entities receiving foreign contributions in India. Understand who needs to submit it, its mandatory nature, due dates, required information, and the detailed process of filing the return to ensure compliance and transparency.

What is FCRA Quarterly Return?

The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) Quarterly Return is a mandatory financial report required from organizations that receive foreign contributions in India. These returns are part of the compliance measures set by the Indian government to ensure transparency and accountability in the utilization of foreign funds by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other entities. The FCRA Quarterly Return provides detailed information about the foreign contributions received, the purposes for which they were used, and the overall financial activities related to these contributions.

Who Needs to Submit FCRA Quarterly Return?

Any organization that is registered under the FCRA and receives foreign contributions is required to submit a quarterly return. This includes NGOs, charitable trusts, societies, and other entities that engage in activities funded by foreign donations. The requirement to file FCRA Quarterly Returns applies to both newly registered entities and those that have been in operation for some time. Essentially, if an organization receives foreign funds, it must comply with this reporting requirement to maintain its FCRA registration.

Is FCRA Quarterly Return Mandatory?

Yes, filing the FCRA Quarterly Return is mandatory for all organizations registered under the FCRA. Non-compliance can lead to severe consequences, including penalties, suspension of FCRA registration, and even legal action. The Indian government takes compliance very seriously to prevent misuse of foreign contributions and to ensure that funds are used for their intended purposes. Therefore, it is crucial for organizations to adhere to this requirement diligently.

FCRA Quarterly Return Due Date

The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) Quarterly Return must be filed within 15 days of the end of each quarter. The quarters are typically defined as follows:

  • Q1: April 1 – June 30 (Return due by July 15)
  • Q2: July 1 – September 30 (Return due by October 15)
  • Q3: October 1 – December 31 (Return due by January 15)
  • Q4: January 1 – March 31 (Return due by April 15)

Timely submission is crucial to avoid any penalties or legal issues.

Required Information in FCRA Quarterly Return

The FCRA Quarterly Return requires detailed information about the foreign contributions received and their utilization. The key information includes:

  • Details of Donors: Names, addresses, and countries of origin of the foreign donors.
  • Amount Received: Total amount of foreign contribution received during the quarter.
  • Purpose of Contribution: Specific purposes for which the foreign contributions were intended.
  • Utilization of Funds: Detailed breakdown of how the received funds were utilized.
  • Bank Account Details: Information about the bank accounts where the foreign contributions were deposited.
  • Supporting Documents: Copies of receipts, utilization certificates, and other relevant documents.

Providing accurate and complete information is essential to maintain FCRA compliance and ensure transparency.

How to File FCRA Quarterly Return?

Filing the FCRA Quarterly Return involves several steps:

  1. Prepare the Required Information: Gather all necessary details about the foreign contributions received, their utilization, and supporting documents.
  2. Login to the FCRA Portal: Access the FCRA online portal using the organization’s credentials.
  3. Fill Out the Return Form: Complete the online form with accurate and detailed information about the contributions and their utilization.
  4. Upload Supporting Documents: Attach the required documents, such as receipts and utilization certificates, in the prescribed format.
  5. Review and Submit: Carefully review the entered information and ensure its accuracy before submitting the return.
  6. Acknowledge Receipt: Once submitted, obtain an acknowledgment receipt from the portal for record-keeping purposes.


How do you calculate quarterly returns?

Quarterly returns are calculated by summing up all foreign contributions received during the specific quarter and detailing their utilization. The calculation involves keeping accurate records of all donations, expenditures, and the specific purposes for which the funds were used. Organizations must ensure that their financial documentation is thorough and accurate to facilitate precise reporting.

Who can file quarterly return?

Any organization that is registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) and receives foreign contributions is required to file a quarterly return. This includes non-governmental organizations (NGOs), charitable trusts, societies, and other entities that accept foreign donations for their activities.

Which form is used to file quarterly return?

The FCRA Quarterly Return is typically filed using Form FC-4 on the FCRA online portal. This form is designed to capture all necessary details about the foreign contributions received, their sources, purposes, and utilization during the reporting quarter.

Who is not required to file quarterly income tax return?

Organizations or entities that do not receive any foreign contributions and are not registered under the FCRA are not required to file the FCRA Quarterly Return. Additionally, individuals or businesses that do not fall under the FCRA regulations are exempt from this specific filing requirement.

What are the penalties for FCRA Quarterly Return?

Failure to file the FCRA Quarterly Return on time can result in several penalties, including: Monetary fines imposed by the regulatory authorities. Suspension of the organization’s FCRA registration. Legal action against the organization, which may include further sanctions or restrictions on receiving foreign contributions in the future. Potential blacklisting, which can severely impact the organization's ability to operate and receive funding.

Can an organization file an FCRA Quarterly Return if they have not received any foreign contributions during the quarter?

Yes, an organization must file an FCRA Quarterly Return even if they have not received any foreign contributions during the quarter. In such cases, the organization should submit a nil return, indicating that no foreign contributions were received during the reporting period. This ensures compliance with FCRA regulations and maintains transparency in financial reporting.

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