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How Can I Export Vegetables From Bangladesh?

Do you intend to establish an organic vegetable export business in Bangladesh? If so, keep reading to find out how to export vegetables from Bangladesh.

The export potential of organic products has grown exponentially over the years as the world has become more health-conscious. As a result, a number of Indians have started exporting vegetables from Bangladesh to over 40 different countries. This is largely owing to Bangladesh’s high organic export potential. 

Since agriculture is critical in developing and densely populated countries such as Bangladesh, the government has prioritised the improvement of existing agricultural infrastructure. This has also led to numerous interesting discussion points.

Export of Organic Products: Challenges and Opportunities

Now let’s look at the challenges and opportunities associated with organic farming in Bangladesh.

Challenges in Bangaldesh 

The following are the challenges that led the government to invest heavily in organic farming methodologies, which are now bearing fruit.

  1. Rise in the frequency of natural disasters due to climate change
  2. Media campaigns which emphasise the use of chemical fertilisers for better yields
  3. The fact that chemical fertilisers and pesticides are more readily available than natural manure 
  4. Smallholder farmers looking to maximise the short-term benefits of crop farming
  5. Lower production per unit area due to water shortage

Opportunities in Bangladesh

  1. High foreign demand for organic rice
  2. Suitable land and climate for year-round organic farming.
  3. Rampant soil degradation, which has made it easier to convince farmers to shift to organic farming.
  4. High government contribution for creating sustainable socio-economic and ecological infrastructure
  5. Availability of sufficient labour at reasonable wages

Cabbages, cucumbers, tomatoes, coriander leaves, brinjals, and lady’s fingers are among the most popular organic products exported from Bangladesh. Furthermore, concentrated efforts to improve the country’s export potential has resulted in Bangladesh being popular for supplying organic vegetables to over 41 different countries worldwide.


Requirements for Export Vegetables From Bangladesh

  1. First and foremost, the exporter must be an established and legal business entity in Bangladesh.
  2. They must also have valid tax registrations and other licenses, such as Trade License, TIN and VAT Certificates.
  3. The exporter must also have an active bank account from which they are allowed to make transactions.
  4. To export vegetables or any organic products from Bangladesh, the exporter must first obtain an Export Registration Certificate from the Chief Controller of Import and Export.
  5. Additionally, prospective exporters must register under the Export Promotion Bureau and obtain a license from the relevant Sector Association.
  6. Once all these documents are in place, the exporter must reach out to find an interested foreign buyer.
  7. Depending on the specific product and country of import, they might require further certification and registration.
  8. Once the shipping agent is finalised, the exporter must also acquire the necessary custom clearance documents from Clearing and Forwarding Agents.
  9. Lastly, interested exporters must also go through the import nation’s regulations to ensure they meet the labelling and packaging requirements specified.

Exporting Vegetables from Bangladesh

Most of the organic products shipped from Bangladesh go to either the EU or the Middle East. Some of the most commonly exported organic products include the following;

  1. Gourds
  2. Beans
  3. Chilli
  4. Papaya
  5. Leafy vegetables

To export to the Middle East, the exporters must follow the procedures mentioned in HS code 07. However, the exceptions to this rule include the codes 0701 and 0710-0713. 

Other than the basic requirements stated, the exporting of organic vegetables also requires a Phytosanitary Certificate. Such organic products must also have a horticultural product registration from the Department of Agricultural Extension. 

Moreover, the export of vegetables from Bangladesh to the Middle East requires a Certificate of Origin to secure exemption from Import tariffs at Customs. 

And for exporting to the EU, the exporters must engage in contract farming methods to produce fresh vegetables. Moreover, if they want to ensure duty-free access, they must obtain a GSP Certificate from the Bangladeshi Export Promotion Bureau.

What Are the Legal Requirements to Export Vegetables From Bangladesh?

  1. Membership Certificate from the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industries
  2. Export registration certificate
  3. Vegetable and fruit production contract
  4. BFVAPEA membership certificate from the relevant sector’s association
  5. Horticultural products exporter registration
  6. Enrolment certificate from the export promotion bureau
  7. Agreement with clearing and forwarding agent for customs handling
  8. Airway Bill
  9. Gate Pass
  10. Final custom clearance after inspection and verification

Sanitation and Health Certificates Required to Export from Bangladesh

  • Pest-free certificate
  • Phytosanitary certificate
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Certification for organic products
  • Health certificate indicating MRLs
  • Radiation certificate
  • Other specified documents if applicable

Tips to Obtain Export Orders for Vegetables From Bangladesh

  1. To establish a thriving business exporting vegetables from Bangladesh, you need to be able to generate enough buzz and get export orders.
  2. Market your products effectively through online campaigns to capture foreign interest.
  3. Launch a quality website and list all your products and their quality certificates to make it easy for interested buyers to contact you.
  4. Ensure you improve your SEO and maintain a steady blog to reach out to as many people as possible.
  5. Push and market your organic products via social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook as well.
  6. Push to send samples, especially in the beginning to gain the trust of your buyers and assure them of your product quality.
  7. Attend trade fairs, exhibition  and farmer’s markets to exhibit your product and attract foreign buyers.

How VakilSearch Can Assist?

  1. Vakilsearch can assist you in incorporating your business overseas and obtaining all necessary licences and certificates.
  2. Our team can also assist you in filing the necessary annual returns and income tax returns in Bangladesh. 
  3. Furthermore, our team of experts will assist you all the necessary documentation to ensure that your business is always compliant with Indian and Bangladesh laws.

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