Download GST Certificate from ARN Number

Since July 1, 2017, goods and service providers have been required to register for GST. Following registration, taxpayers are issued the GST Registration Certificate, in Form GST REG-06.

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A GST registration certificate is a legal document that proves you are registered under the GST  regime in India. Any business in India with a turnover that exceeds the threshold limit for GST registration is required to mandatorily register. Certain categories, such as inter-state business operations, non-resident taxable persons, and so on, are also required to register for GST.

Every registered GST taxpayer is expected to publicly display their GST registration certificate at their place of business. In addition, one must display their GSTIN on their name board at their principal and secondary sites, as stipulated in the registration certificate.

Benefits of Having a GST Certificate

  • Taxpayers will be recognised as a lawful supplier of goods or services on displaying their GST certificate, this improves business credibility and integrity.
  • Further, taxpayers will be legally authorised to collect tax from customers and, as a result, to credit recipients for the taxes collected on the goods or services delivered.
  • Taxpayers can claim input tax credit on those taxes paid on profits as well as the taxes paid due to the supply of goods or services.
  • At the national level, ITC is transferred from dealers to receivers without interruption.
  • Taxpayers who are exporters become eligible for a GST refund.


How to Download a GST Certificate

One can only download his GST certificate, by logging into the GST portal. You cannot download the same with your ARN. Moreover, because the government does not give out   physical GST registration certificates, if you are a registered taxpayer, you must download the certificate through the GST portal.

The steps for the same are as follows –

Step 1

You must have access to your GST account in order to download the GST registration certificate. Once you log into your GST account with your GST Portal account information, proceed as follows:

Step 2

Click on ‘Services’, then click on ‘User Services’ followed by the ‘View/Download Certificate’ tab.

Step 3

Then you must click on the ‘Download’ icon.

Step 3

Then you must click on the ‘Download’ icon under the ‘GST REG-06’ option.

The certificate contains the following information about the business.

  • On the first page, essential information such as the business’s name, constitution, address, and date of registration are provided.
  • The second page includes ‘Annexure-A’, which contains information regarding the company’s additional locations.
  • ‘Annexure B’ on the third page gives the contact information for the person in control of the firm.

Penalty for Not Displaying GST Certificate

CGST/SGST Rules, Rule 18(1)  compels all registered taxpayers to display their registration certificate prominently at their principal place of business, as well as each supplementary place of business. The term ‘prominent location’ is a reference to a spot where a customer/visitor can clearly see the registration certificate. Typically, a taxpayer will show his registration certificate by framing it or pasting it on a wall near the entrance.

The GST Act makes no mention of a specific penalty for failing to display a GST registration certificate or GSTIN. However, under Section 125 of the CGST Act, a general penalty is imposed for non-compliances for which no specific penalty is specified. As a result, a maximum penalty of Rs.25,000 can be imposed for this offence.



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