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Disclaimers of Copyright and It’s Elements

Read this blog to understand a copyright disclaimer and learn more about its types, features, and key elements.

A copyright disclaimer is nothing but a legal statement to safeguard an original work or content against fraud or theft. This disclaimer acts as a warning to lower the risks of publishing original content in front of the audience on a public forum. Such a disclaimer protects the works of an individual from fraudulence. 

If you have any creative work to share on the web, you may need to learn about the copyright disclaimer and its types. This will help you to make use of it in a much better manner. Such a disclaimer should be posted and the content online to lessen theft risks. 

As per the Copyright Act’s Section107, such a Disclaimer positions that curiosity is usually generated amongst people for fair usage of ideas like remark, coaching, study, assessment, news journalism, etc. Proper usage is a procedure authorised by the Copyright Representation. And when the appropriate use of a property isn’t done, it may lead to a violation.  

When the creator or author produces their work, it’s prudent to authorise the right to sell and make other copies. An individual who has invested a lot of their money and priceless time to achieve such creative results is unmatched. And when someone else tries to take away that result, it can affect the primary objective of the creator, their genuine ownership of the content, and probably making a living out of the same. 

Types of Copyright Disclaimers

Here is a list of the different types of disclaimers placed against copyrights:

Disclaimers of Copyright – Its Features

Here are the features of copyright:

  • Mostly, the work or content that’s been safeguarded under the Copyright Disclaimer, including downloadable online files, is protected by the Act of Copyright;
  • The Indian Copyright Agency licenses its copyright license as well as members to interconnect & reproduce content against which the Agency possesses the right of usage;
  • The Copyright Agency accomplishes content protected under the Copyright Disclaimer. The files or content in which a Patent or a Copyright is structured or managed by other patentees have imageries shown under downloadable representations, licenses, & certificates;
  • Excluding what is allowed by the Copyright Law of India related to your creation, you will not be able to transmit or copy any other content that is shielded under the Copyright Disclaimer.

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Crucial Elements of Copyright Disclaimer

Here are some of the most vital elements of the Copyright Disclaimer that you need to know – 

  • The disclaimer assists in protecting an asset from fraudulence;
  • Copyright Disclaimer also aids in stipulating the possibility of human rights & responsibilities that are enforced in a lawfully recognized association;
  • The disclaimer also benefits in taking active actions to guarantee the legally permissible constitutional rights to the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR);
  • The disclaimer protects the limited right & advances the constitutional declaration of a creator’s work;
  • Finally, the disclaimer defenses how a creator or an author expresses themselves.

Benefits of Copyright Disclaimers

Authorized Proof of Possession:

If you have created something original and if someone else steals your content, the Copyright Disclaimer will evade an expensive disagreement over the ownership of the content and will help in releasing you of any lengthy legal issues.

Public Announcement of your Unique Creation and Ownership:

With the Copyright Rules and Disclaimer, you being the creator, will be safe from frauds! Your work will be acknowledged in their internal and hence, will not be permissible for usage by others. Also, suppose anybody wishes to learn more about your work. In that case, they can easily do so by learning more about you in their database. This offers an announcement to the public that the author or creator of the work is you, and hence, your work will stay away from infringers. 

The Capability of Being a Violation Suit:

This is one of the crucial benefits of Copyright Disclaimers. According to this, even though you will have all the rights over your creation, you will not be able to make a lawsuit against the infringers if your invention is not registered as per the copyright act literary work


The Copyright Registration of your content or work will show the validity of your patenting if it is registered within the first five years of its publication. This can also have challenges posed for you towards your exclusive rights over your creative work in the future. 

Preventive Measures:

The Copyright Disclaimers help prevent others from producing unjustified recreation of your work. If you know someone is copying your work, you can notify them to stop doing it. It will save you a lot of time and money. 


The disclaimers will also give you the right to claim your reputation for certain original pieces of work that you have created.  

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The Real Need for Copyright Disclaimers


The look or the expression of any work or content may be allowed for copyrighting or patenting. However, ideas cannot be patented or copyrighted. 

Fixed Approach:

There has to be an original or creative approach specified or locked in for any creative piece of work or content for a non-stop state. For example, to protect a piece of music, the song should be kept on a tape or composed or registered on a CD. So, a live presentation of a song cannot be copyrighted. 


To get your content copyrighted, you must follow specific artistic rules and regulations. For example, small facts, titles, phrases, etc., cannot be copyrighted. Also, names and addresses in an ordinary book of contact cannot be patented; however, the picture on the front cover of a magazine can be copyrighted.

Process of Forming a Disclaimer of Copyright Statement

  • Step 1: The Copyright owner should place an actual notice on every publicly circulated “visually noticeable” reproduction. 
  • Step 2: All these visually noticeable pieces of work should have the Copyright symbol – © symbol or the symbol of (p) for phone reports. 
  • Step 3: Identifying the year of publication is prudent. While filing a complaint, you need to show the distributed copies of any phone records of your original piece of creative work. So, you need to mention the publication year of your work to be considered by the law. 
  • Step 4: You will have to announce your name as the name of the copyright owner. Also, you need to ensure that your company has been appropriately registered and authenticated. 
  • Step 5: You must attach the Copyright Notice to your original work.  
  • Step 6: Finally, the copyright statement validates to the public that the fundamental right of holding your work is only for yourself. For example, you may write “All Rights Reserved” if you want to sue anybody who will replicate your ideas.  


So, now that you know the Disclaimer of Copyrights and everything related to the same, we do not think you will have any trouble filling one for your work

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