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What is Copyright?

Copyright is nothing but an exclusive right given to the creator for his/her work which symbolizes that the work is considered to be a unique one and strictly not to copy someone’s work. The creative work for which you want to get copyright may be in a literary, digital performance, cine field, artistic, educational, music or in any creative form. The copyright is usually meant to score for a limited time i.e. the term of copyright in India is 60 years. If you protect your work by copyright, then no one can copy, imitate or reproduce the original work of yours in any other possible way. Copyright is used by one to protect the original expression of an idea in the form of some creative work, but not the idea itself. Copyright does not protect ideas, facts, systems, or methods of operation, although it may protect the way how these things or emotions are expressed. An original and new product is derivative literary work already copyrighted work.

Copyrights can also be given by the public law and are in that case, they are called "territorial rights". This means that you cannot extend your copyright license which is granted by the law of a certain state, cannot go beyond the territory of that specific jurisdiction. Copyrights of this type vary by country. It should be noted that many countries around the globe and sometimes a large group of countries have made agreements with other countries on the copyright license being applicable when works "cross" national borders. Indeed, the public law states that the duration of a copyright expires 50 to 100 years after the creator dies, depending on the jurisdiction of the state. Copyright can be considered for the following works:

  • Music
  • Drama
  • Manuscripts
  • Digital forms
  • Books
  • Films
  • Paintings
  • Performances
  • Fashion Designs
  • Sound recording
  • Software
  • Literary Work
  • Mechanical
  • Training Manuals, etc.
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    Copyright for Literary Work

    For literary works, Copyright protection acts as legal protection to the author’s works. Here, the copyright for literary work is more importantly used for book publishing, newsletters because in this era, everything is transformed, forwarded and copied very fast. Since we are living in a digitized world, we have to be careful in protecting our hard work. legally protects an author's works and is therefore vitally important in book publishing, especially in today's world of easy digital reproduction and distribution. The authorship provided after registering for copyright would be in a physical medium so that the license speaks your efforts put on it. However, some things can’t be copyrighted, for instance, skywriting. Common derivative works include translations, musical works, motion picture versions of literary material or plays, art reproductions, and condensations of preexisting works. Here, we are going to look upon the derivative literary work.

    Refer to the processing fee on the official Government website of Copyright..

    Why is copyright considered to be an essential document to Authors?

    When authors have ownership of their work, it stops others from copying the idea of work and enjoy the fame they get out of it. It is an author’s responsibility to protect his/her intellectual property and have the whole right to do anything with it. Eventually, the author will be the deciding authority and thus, experiences the joy of getting appreciated. This is a compelling reason for authors to always write down their plots and write-ups, instead of just talking about them orally.

    The six sections of the Registrar of Copyright

    The register of the Registrar of Copyrights is divided into 6 categories. The Registrar of Copyrights is the head of the Copyright Office under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. It is in charge of the implementation of the Copyright Act. You should contact the central government to get the appointment of the Registrar. Let us now have a look at the 6 categories.

  • SECTION 1: Literary works other than computer Programs
  • SECTION 2: Musical Works
  • SECTION 3: Artistic Works
  • SECTION 4: Cinematography Films
  • SECTION 5: Sound Recording
  • SECTION 6: Computer Programs, tables & Compilations
  • Copyrights are protected by “THE COPYRIGHT ACT, 1957”, however, there have been several amendments to the act by now.

    Why should one get their work registered under copyright law?

    It is not mandatory to get copyright protection but it is always safe to get one. If you deny getting one, then your work might be easily copied or forged by someone else. And remember that the one to get the copyright protection first will be valued and accepted. By getting a copyright license, you will be able to celebrate your ownership of your work for a minimum period. This tends to be a motivation factor for the owner to present more works of his/her ideas and themes. Hence, person should protect his hard work by registering for a copyright license.

    Benefits of Copyright for Literary Work

  • Prevention of monetary loss
  • Legal protection and legal evidence
  • Protecting reputations
  • Prestige
  • Revenue generation
  • It makes you stand out in the crowd
  • Public notice of your work
  • Pre-emptive measure
  • Required Documents for Copyright for Literary Work

  • Get your paperwork done right for your proposal.
  • 2 copies of your work.
  • DD/IPO of Rs. (as applicable) per work.
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the publisher if the applicant is other than publisher and work is published.
  • NOC from the author if the applicant is other than the author.
  • If the application is being filed through an attorney, a specific Power of Attorney is duly signed by the applicant and accepted by the attorney.
  • required to be submitted by Hand/ By Post along with the application form.

    Procedure to Register Copyright Form Online

  • Enter your valid User ID and Password to log in into the online portal -
  • If you haven’t registered yet, then click onto New User Registration. Make a note of your User ID and Password for future use.
  • After logging into it, click on to link “Click for online Copyright Registration”.
  • You should fill the online “Copyright Registration Form” in four steps as follows.
      Complete the Form XIV, then press the SAVE button to Save your entered details, and press Step 2 to move to the Next Step.
  • Upload a scanned document of your signature which has to be 512 KB.
  • Fillup the Statement of Particulars, and then press the SAVE button to Save entered details.
  • Fill the further particulars which are required. This form is applicable for “LITERARY/ DRAMATIC, MUSICAL AND ARTISTIC” works, and then press the SAVE button to Save entered details. Move on to the next step.
  • Make the payment through the Internet Payment gateway of your wish.
  • After the successful submission of the form, a Diary Number will be generated.
  • Literary/Dramatic Work to be uploaded in pdf format which is less than 5 MB.
  • Please take 1 hard copy of the “Acknowledgement Slip” and 1 hard copy of the “Copyright Registration Form”.
  • Send it to the below-mentioned address.
  • Copyright Division
    Department For Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade
    Ministry of Commerce and Industry
    Boudhik Sampada Bhawan,
    Plot No. 32, Sector 14, Dwarka, New Delhi-110078
    E-mail Address:
    Contact: 011-28032496

    What are the rights you own if you Copyright a literary work?

    In the case of a literary work (except computer program), copyright means the exclusive right that you can do the following since it’s your work:

  • You can reproduce your work
  • Make any translation of your work
  • Issue copies of your work to the public
  • Do a film or a sound recording for your work
  • Perform your work in public or public performance
  • Communicate your work to the public
  • Make any adaptation of your work
  • FAQs on Copyright for Literary Work

    Why is Copyright for literary work important to authors?

    Copyright is very essential to authors because it authorizes and projects that the author is the owner of the work. It is advisable to get copyright if your work is original and if you want none to copy or fake it.

    How to make sure if my book is protected?

    If your book is under copyright protection, and if you have the copyright license, then you can showcase the license anywhere and can file a case against ones who justifies to copy or have released anything which you find similar to your work. Also, remember that copyright covers both published and unpublished works.

    Can titles be copyrighted?

    No. You cannot copyright a title. Instead, you may trademark the title.

    What is a “Poor Man’s Copyright”?

    The practice of sending a copy of your work to yourself is perhaps called a “poor man’s copyright.” Mailing your work to yourself does not act as a proxy for the added legal proofs that the registration provides.

    Is a computer programme protected under the Copyright Act?

    Yes. A computer programme is protected under the Copyright Act. They are also treated as literary works.

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