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Difference Between Company Name and Product Name

When you are aiming at finding a company name, then you should check how the brand and company names are different, and although they might sometimes match, they are always not the same thing. Each company should take note of the brand and company name's significance.

The company name is the business name, also referred to as the trade name. There can be various products that can be the best features of any company, and the company needs to decide the difference between the product name and its registered legal name if it wants to get an idea about the smooth progression of the business or the generation of revenue. Brand, a company, product, business etc., are often used very synonymously. The business name should be clear while you file for registration and submit all official documents. 

They all have specific features, and they are not the same. From the legal perspective, the registered name of a company can be different from that of the registered brand name, and similarly, the business name might not be similar to the product name. If you are the owner of any business, then the business name is the name you have submitted to the state government to carry on with your functioning. It is what is given in your tax forms, bank account and many other legal documents. For instance, if you check, you will find that Pepe Jeans is a business name used for a clothing company. 

What is the Difference Between Company Name and Product Name?

A company name is a name by which a company or an organisation is identified. It is not similar to a brand name, and the company name differentiates one company from another, but the brand is more about the products under the company’s aegis. Generally, the company’s name should be something unique and creative so that it can easily attract the customers’ attention. There can be some circumstances where you need to refurbish the brand name in case you need to change it due to legal conflict. In those cases, you also need to check whether the brand or the company name will remain the same or different, and the same will also apply to the logo. 

Identification of a brand with a company name is about prestige and revenue generation. Keep in mind the current market resources enabling the brand to survive and how you think of the stakeholders when you start the company. Customers and employees can be your stakeholders. There is a certain perception of customers, and your brand recognises the large-scale customer association with the brand for a long time. 

It also happens sometimes that there can be an overlapping or some kind of similarity between the brand name and the company name, and it is essential to choose to work with the brand accordingly. Any brand name, for example, W garment brand from Westside Company, talks about the line of products that are a part of the company. Another example can be Nike has always been one of the most popular brand names in the consumer product sector, with shoes, dresses, jerseys etc., as some of its most essential products. Apple is a company with brands like iPad, iPhone, iPods etc. These are the list of products that the Apple company manufactures. Generally, any company should have a suitable well-integrated logo that can attract attention. Along with that, the logo should try to concentrate and emphasise the company’s theme. 

What is its significance?

The company name is a sign of distinction from other entities in the market, and it also influences the competitors who operate as part of the market. For any trademark registration, you should know the difference between the brand name and the company name, the company name and the brand name etc. For example, the general name can be a car, but when you talk about a brand like Baleno, or Alto, you talk about the car brand from Maruti Suzuki. Again, Toyota is a company, but Corolla, Fortuner and Granza are some of the brands under the Toyota Company. The owners and the company managers must know about the valuable company assets, check the trademark registration details, and the clearance in understanding the company name that can facilitate the process of registration. 

You can check out the versions of the company name and brand name in the larger market scenario. There are legal issues that you have to keep in mind when you decide about a brand, a logo, a company and product names. Tax filings, annual maintenance and legal proceedings of the company, company registration etc. are some of the details about which you should be aware:

  • If you have already given birth to a brand and want to register the brand name, then you should be careful that nobody tampers with the brand name, and there is no legal or illegal, official, or commercial misuse of it
  • The authority responsible for registering trademarks is the Controller General of Patents and Designs, all working under the Trademarks Act of 1999. If the registration process is done, and you already receive the trademark, then no one can do anything illegal with your brand or company name, and that person can be sued in court for these discrepancies
  • There can be a single umbrella company, but there can be more than one brand under the single company name: for example, under Hindustan Unilever Limited, there is Sunsilk shampoo, Lux body wash and soaps and Vaseline also. You can also check out how to go on with the professionals’ brand, company, and product names. The company can do the right legal formalities, and you should know all the rules and legal processes that apply to your brand. 


The brand name is essential to create a separate and distinctive mark for the company. Checking the various features and how it can reach out to more customers as and when it keeps on evolving are some things you should keep in mind. There is nothing called the category keyword in Google, Amazon, Canon or Adidas, but they are exclusive brands that reach out to more customers worldwide.  If you have any queries reach out to Vakilsearch.

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