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Can Computer Software Be Copyrighted?

Although copyright is created when the source code is written, it is the object code, which contains the actual instructions that control the computer when the programme is run, that is normally protected by copyright.

Can Computer Software Be Copyrighted: In India, The Copyright Act of 1957 was effective from January 1958. Copyright is legal protection allowed to the works (artistic works, dramatic, literary, musical, and producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings) of originators. Let’s see how to artistic Work Copyright a computer program.

It is a set of rights for the reproduction, translation, adaptation, and broadcast of the original work. The Copyright Office, Department for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade of India, issues copyright software in India.

Know more about Copyright laws in India

Can Computer Software Be Copyrighted?

  • A computer programme, also known as software or software source code, is simply a collection of instructions given to the computer to bring out the desired output
  • The process of instructing the computer involves the usage of language, therefore the work of computer software, program falls under the category of literary work and can be protected under the copyright software act, 1957
  • Additionally, the Act also includes work of graphics, sounds used in software, and algorithms in programming. Moreover, they do not have source code, anyone can copy the work. Hence graphics, sounds, and algorithms also need copyright protection.
  • Computer software can be copyrighted just like any other creative work.

Copyright Registration in India

Copyright Application Computer Program

You can fill out an application on the VakilSearch website. We make copyright software simple for you. We also offer the most affordable prices in the market.

  • We do a thorough check of the files/documents you send to us
  • We then prepare the application and file the forms
  • We’ll keep you up-to-date with all information passed on by the government Cinematograph Films Copyright office and help you at every stage.

Process of Offline Application – Copyright Protection Computer Program

  • The applicant is required to submit the copyright application form along with copies of a few documents
  • Additionally, the application form is available on the official website – to download
  • After furnishing the form, you need to send it along with the documents and DD/IPO of the processing fees to the below-mentioned address:

Copyright Division

Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade

Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Boudhik Sampada Bhawan

Plot No 32, Sector 14,

Dwaraka, New Delhi- 110078

Documents Required

  • Two copies of the computer program/software developed
  • DD/ IPO of processing fees per program 
  • Additionally, a NOC from programmer/developer if the applicant is other than the programmer
  • Further, duly signed (by applicant) and accepted (by an attorney) Power of Attorney, if the applicant is processing with the help of an attorney.

Our team of legal experts at Vakilsearch provides guidance and support at every level until you receive the Copyright License. As a result, we offer online services so you can finish the process from the convenience of your own home.

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