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Why Company Registration is Mandatory?

With country borders disappearing and the world turning into a single market, it has become necessary for each business entity to secure its name and fame for the future. How do you do that? By registering your company!

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The era of 5G is here. The era of startups is here. Everything today is changing rapidly. From the way we shop, to the way we conduct our business. And yet, every day there is a new change and a new challenge. In such a dynamic world,  wouldn’t you want to establish your business as an everlasting entity and make up its own space and build its own name in the market?

What Is a Registered Company?

Registration means bringing a firm into legal existence. It is the process of incorporation of any organization with appropriate authority, in compliance with the corporate laws of the country. An unregistered company is any firm that operates without registration.

How Does Registering Concern the Future of Your Company?

It Secures Your Entity

You might have an unregistered company running successfully. As the competitiveness increases, there will come a time when the innovativeness crashes, frauds may increase and someone might take over the name of your business, or your customers. Since your company isn’t registered, anyone can run an entity in the same name as yours. Benefiting from your entity’s well-earned name, they might sell their products/services, and snatch away all your great customers, and markets. Not registering your company would pave way for such frauds. Would you risk losing your long-earned business?


It Saves Your Identity

Tata, Reliance, Adani, and Airtel, do these names ring a bell? These are Indian companies that are so popular that they are recognised by their company names rather than brand names. Now, how did that happen? Customers showed faith in these lawfully registered companies. They believed in the credibility of these companies. It gets easy for registered companies to grab opportunities and markets as people believe in these entities because the law acknowledges their presence. So if you want to expand your business to every corner of the country, or the world, make sure you register it.

It Generates Capital

Let’s say someday, you would want to expand your business, especially when the growth in competition squeezes the markets.

Or as a sense of uncertainty looms over the world, as digitisation kicks in with full force. Now that everything is going online, most of the businesses have to move online too. No matter if you own a manufacturing business, or you are a seller, sooner or later you might want to enter the digital world to beat the competition.

You would want funds to digitize, or expand your business. You would reach out to banks or investors. But most investors and banks prioritize legitimate companies. They want to invest in companies that are legally guarded.

To acquire that new technology or spread the reach of your company, you might want to get your entity registered.

Have You Not Decided on Registering Your Company Yet?

Registering your company not only reserves your company name but also your place in the market. With more and more competition growing in the country, it is a must that you convert your business into a legal entity, giving it all rights to sue anyone fraudulent.

With things moving online, now you can even register your company online. Experts at Vakilsearch will guide you through every legal aspect of registering it. All you have to do is just get in touch with Vakilsearch.

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