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Company Incorporation World-Wide

Looking for an overview of the company incorporation procedures and practices worldwide? We’ve got you covered in this article.

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Many Indian business organisations these days are seeking to expand their businesses worldwide, to cater to the demands of non-resident Indians and other potential customers. But, the process of company incorporation varies according to the jurisdiction where the company is being registered and the legal and tax implications therein.

In this blog, we will discuss company incorporation in the 7 most popular corporate destinations worldwide.

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Company Incorporation in the USA

The United States is a sought-out destination for foreign businesses seeking to expand, due to its well-formed business rules and regulations. However, these rules differ from one State to another. 

Certain important benefits of Company Incorporation in the USA are mentioned below-

  • Savings, housed properties, and other personal assets are protected by regulation from risks
  • Low rates of corporate income tax
  • Business-friendly rules and regulations
  • Taxation laws are favourable for foreign business entities, particularly in the states of Nevada, Delaware, and Wyoming
  • Quick and highly streamlined process of incorporation
  • No mandate to declare the names of the shareholders and directors of your company in the U.S.

Company Incorporation in Australia

Australia is also another viable option for foreign companies seeking to expand their reach. Certain important features and benefits of Company Incorporation in Australia are mentioned below-

  • A company can be incorporated in Australia as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), sole partnership or a partnership firm (either limited or general).
  • The corporate tax rate is significantly lower even when compared to individual tax rates. This enables companies to lower their tax burden considerably.
  • When you incorporate a company in Australia, you can take advantage of the powerful mix-market economy of the country.
  • Australia has numerous free-trade agreements with countries in Asia, Europe and America, this offers lucrative opportunities to foreign investors
  • When you incorporate an offshore company in Australia, you are not required to disclose information about your shareholders or investors. This respite significantly lowers your regulatory burden.

Company Incorporation in China

Incorporating a company in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world can do a world of good for the global growth and reach of your business. 

Certain important features and benefits of Company Incorporation in China are mentioned below-

  • A company can be incorporated in China as a WFOE (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise), an RO (Representative Office), a WFCE (Foreign-Invested Commercial Enterprise) or a Joint Ventures Company.
  • There is no restriction on the repatriation of profits. Foreign exchange approval is not required if you want to remit the profits out of China.
  • The corporate tax rates are on the lower side.


Company Incorporation in Dubai

Every business person in this world harbours a dream of incorporating their own company in Dubai, as it is quite literally a legal tax haven. 

The advantages of Company Incorporation in Dubai Free Zone are mentioned below-

  • Investors from any nationality can get complete ownership of their company in Dubai
  • 100% tax exemption is provided on corporate or personal income
  • Full repatriation of profits and capital is allowed
  • Such a company is excluded from all export and import duties
  • The company is also exempted from all corporate taxes for the initial 15 years.

Company Incorporation in Germany

Germany is widely regarded as the topmost choice if a business is looking to make its mark on the European continent. Certain important features and benefits of Company Incorporation in Germany are mentioned below-

  • Germany is centrally located in Europe, with easy accessibility to most of the European countries
  • Germany houses a highly-skilled workforce
  • A lot of Government support is available in terms of HR recruitment and training
  • Grants, low-interest loans and other Govt. initiatives are provided to small business entities at the entry-level
  • Germany enjoys a very low level of corruption

Company Incorporation in Hong Kong

Many foreign businesses wish to expand their business to Hong Kong as they want to be a part of this magnificent economy. Certain important benefits of Company Incorporation in Hong Kong are mentioned below-

  • Hong Kong boasts of an open and highly market-driven economy, which suffers very little intervention from the Government.
  • Offshore business activities are made 100% tax-free. Your company needs to pay taxes only on the profits made in Hong Kong.
  • You will not be required to make any capital investment to incorporate a company in Hong Kong. A shareholder just needs to sign an M&A along with a declaration to contribute towards the company’s capital.
  • You do not need to have a local person as a director/shareholder to incorporate a company in Hong Kong
  • In Hong Kong, it’s fairly easy for a foreign national to open an offshore bank account. Upon submission of their address proof, passport and company incorporation documents, a multi-currency account can be opened within just a few days.

Company Incorporation in Singapore

Because of its strong trade policies, Singapore is one of the most sought after destinations for incorporating an offshore company. Certain important benefits of Company Incorporation in Singapore are mentioned below-

  • Benefits of a strong and stable economy and a highly developed capital market
  • Low tax rates
  • Boasts of an easy and efficient process for company incorporation
  • Excellent infrastructure and strategic geographical location
  • Highly productive workforce
  • No restriction on capital import or repatriation of profits
  • The stable political climate and minimum corruption.

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