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Decode Corporate Identity Number (CIN) Online

A Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is a unique identification number supplied by the ROC to any firm registered in India. Read this blog to know more.

CIN Number, also known as Corporate Identity Number or Company Identification Number, is a unique 21-digit alphanumeric number assigned to each Private Limited Company, One Person Company, Limited Company, Section 8 Company, Nidhi Company, and Producer Company registered in India. 

Since the Registrar of Companies’ inception, the CIN number has been used to track every part of the business. It is required for use in all dealings with the Company Registrar. We examine the definition and organisation of CIN Numbers in this post.

Importance of Corporate Identification Number

Since a company’s incorporation by the ROC, all its aspects and operations have been tracked using its CIN, which must be presented on all transactions with that ROC. 

The 21-digit CIN has a unique significance that is simple to interpret and aids in locating basic information about a corporation. It is used to find the basic knowledge of MCA-registered domestic businesses. 

For various levels of data information, ROC / MCA has a company’s CIN that can be utilised to identify or monitor the company. The CIN includes details about the registered business under the ROC as well as the identification of the organisation.

Breaking Down Corporate Identification Number

The 21-digit CIN serves as a company representative and data source. Six components make up the CIN.

The CIN in the illustration above can be decomposed as follows:

  • Section 1: L is the initial letter
  • Section 2: 01631 as the next five digits
  • Section 3: The following pair of letters: KA 
  • Section 4: 2010’s subsequent four digits 
  • Section 5: PTC, the following three characters 
  • Section 6: The final six digits, such as CRN 096843

The following details are provided in each section:

  • Section 1: Contains the first element of the CIN, which indicates whether a firm is “Listed” or “Unlisted” upon that Indian stock exchange. To put it another way, the 1st character alludes to the listing status on the stock market. The CIN would begin with the letter “L” if a corporation were listed; otherwise, it would start with the letter “U”
  • Section 2: Comprises the five primary digits that classify the business ventures a firm engages in or the sector that it belongs. This categorisation is determined by the type of economic activities that such an establishment would perform. Every category and industry has a specific number assigned by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)
  • Section 3: Contains the following two letters, which stand for the Indian state in which the business is registered. The letters KA, MH, DL, etc., stand for Karnataka, Maharashtra, and the like. It functions similarly to a vehicle identification number
  • Section 4: Contains the following set of four digits, representing the year a company was incorporated
  • Section 5: The company categorisation is indicated by the following three letters. These three letters can be used to determine whether a business is privately owned or publicly limited. If this company’s CIN number begins with the letters FTC or GOI, it indicates that it is an affiliate of a foreign corporation or held by the Indian government
  • Section 6: Contains the final six digits of something like the Company Registration Number (CRN) given by the relevant Registrar of Companies (ROC).
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Abbreviations in CIN number

The following are the acronyms used in Section 5 of the CIN:

  • FLC: Financial Lease Company as Public Limited 
  • FTC: Foreign Company Subsidiary Operating as a Private Limited Company 
  • GAP: General Association Public
  • GAT: General Association Private 
  • GOI: Businesses owned by the Government of India
  • NPL: Not-for-Profit License Company (Section 8 Company
  • OPC: One Person Company 
  • PLC: Public Limited Company 
  • PTC: Private Limited Company 
  • SGC: Businesses owned by the State Government 
  • Public Limited Company with Unlimited Liability 
  • ULT: Private Company with Unlimited Liability.

Some Examples of ROC Industry Codes used in CIN Numbers

Industry Sector Industry Code
Hospitals 85110
General higher education in science, commerce and humanity 80301
Production, supply, and documentation of ready-made software 72211
Real estate activities on a fee or contract basis 70200
Activities of travel agencies and tour operators 63040
Freight transport by motor vehicles 60231
Retail sale of construction materials 52341
Farming of cattle, sheep, goats, horses, asses, mules, and hinnies; dairy farming 01211
Manufacture of mineral water 15543
Manufacture of all types of textile garments and clothing accessories 18101
Manufacture of electric motors: universal AC/DC motors and DC motors or generators 31103

Steps to Check the CIN Online

Anyone can look for a company’s CIN. A person can access the MCA website’s company details, including the date of establishment, the type of company, the company directors, etc., through the CIN. You can also get company-related documents on the MCA website, including the income statement, annual report, and other official documents. Anyone who pays the required costs can obtain documentary evidence of the firm.

The processes to verify a company’s CIN are listed below:

Step 1: Go to the MCA website

Step 2: Select the “MCA Services” button, then “Company Services,” then “Find CIN” 

Step 3: Click on the “Company” option

Step 4: Click the “Detection Method based upon Existing Company / LLP Name” option

Step 5: Select the option “Starts With” under the heading “Search Based on The existing Company / LLP Name,” type the company’s current name, and press the “Search” button

Step 6: As seen below, the company’s CIN will be shown on the screen.

Steps to Check Company Registration Number Online

The steps listed below can be used to examine a firm’s information when the CIN of the company is available:

Step 1: Go to the MCA website

Step 2: Select the “MCA Sevices” tab, then “Master Data,” then “View Company/LLP Master Data”

Step 3: Type in the “Company CIN,” the captcha code, then press the “Submit” button

Step 4: The accompanying firm information will be provided upon that screen as seen in the image below:

  • Organisational Identification Number (CIN) 
  • Business Identification Number (CRN) 
  • Code ROC 
  • Group of the Company 
  • Date of establishment, authorised members, and information regarding paid-up capital 
  • Number of employees of the Company Address and email for the registered office 
  • Undercharged Assets 
  • the date of the previous annual general meeting (AGM) 
  • the balance sheet’s date 
  • Information on the directors of the company, including their names, birthdates, and DINs.

Usage of Corporate Incorporation Number

Every company having an Indian headquarters must provide its Corporate Id Number on several different documents, such as:

  • On receipts, bills, and invoices 
  • on alert 
  • Re: memos 
  • using letterhead 
  • reports and audits every year 
  • Each electronic form submission on the MCA website for the business’s official materials 
  • Any other corporate publications.

Penalty for Non-compliance of Mentioning CIN

The failing corporation and all of its officials are subject to a fine of ₹1,000 per day for the duration of the default if the requirements mentioned above are not completed. However, the maximum penalty for this violation is a mere ₹1 lakh.

Changing Corporate Identification Number

Every registered firm is provided with a CIN for identification, 

even though in some instances, such as:

  • Any modification to a company listed status 
  • Any modification to the city or state on where a company’s registered office is situated 
  • Any alteration to the industry or sector that a corporation is a part of.


Any corporation must have the CIN number, which is an important number. Therefore, it might be helpful to incorporate your business if you get its purpose, requirements, usage, etc. You will also be more prepared to apply for a CIN number online if you know the changes, penalties, and other CIN-related information. For further details regarding any queries, Contact Vakilsearch

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