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Benefits of APEC

The Apparel Export Promotion Council provides huge benefits to the business class. Learn all the benefits of AEPC registration

The Apparel Promotion Export Council is a trade institution that provides support for the clothing exporters to stimulate the export of Indian commodities. APEC gives streamlined, one-stop assistance for apparel exporters. It attains this through industries that contain growth plans to improve demand, facilitation of trade incidents in many countries, commodity management assistance, marketing activation assistance, and shipping consultations.

The Apparel EPC is a government-sponsored organisation that stimulates the exports of Indian apparel and fabric products. Apparel EPC gives an extent of assistance to its partners, including market data, export growth, quality control, and financial assistance. To evolve into a member of Apparel EPC, businesses must first register with the institution. The registration procedure is moderately easy and can be completed online.

What Are the Benefits of Apparel Promotion Export Council

Trade Facilitation 

  • Apparel Promotion Export Council will help with exporter’s issues, goods stuck up at customs, Icegate, Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), and Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India (ECGC)
  • It ships the goods to similar organisations
  • It facilitates in settling the exporter’s problems related to exporters indexing, pending Rebate of state levies(ROSL) & Rebate of state and central taxes levies (RoSCTL), pending drawbacks, etc.     

APEC’s Facilitation for Risky Exporters

  • There are a lot of exports being put under the Risky exporter’s tag
  • It will direct the stoppage of Integrated Goods and Service Tax (IGST), difficulty, and other refunds
  • It will handle the difficulty of long delays in finding these prosecutions
  • Apparel Promotion Export Council has been helping almost all with the Directorate General of analytics and risk management (DGARM) to appreciate the incomes, advise the exporters on the necessary procedures for discovering, follow up with DGARM and avail the NoCs
  • An affixed facilitation desk at HO & provincial offices of Apparel Promotion Export Council has been operating on attending the trials, taking them up with DGARM, and getting them resolved. 
  • As of 11 June 2021 Apparel Promotion Export Council has taken 94 Risky exporters cases with DGARM out of which NOC for 67 prosecutions has been earned.

APEC’s Facilitation for Amended Technology Upgradation Fund Schemes (ATUFS) 

With the purpose to promote the faster analysis of the pending TUF cases Apparel EPC has been collecting the technological up-gradation fund schemes (TUFS) and is bringing them up from time to time with the Textile commissioner’s office and Ministry of Textiles with concern to differences in procedure guidelines and, technical problems, documentation problems, and other clarifications and about their resolutions.  

 Apparel India magazine 

  • Apparel EPC circulates Apparel India magazine along with an e-copy of it, which is uploaded on a website that features all the latest updates of national and global changes pertained to the textile & clothing industry, government notifications/circulars, and GST updates
  • The significant actions conducted by Apparel EPC for the advantage of the industry are circulated
  • APEC’s Apparel India Magazine is widely published online as well as offline and is provided to all the stakeholders such as exporters, buyers, buying agents, administration administrators, and all others concerned.

Apparel Dossier 

It keeps the partners informed through a weekly apparel file for weekly news, announcements, and the problems that Apparel Promotion Export Council has assumed, for apparel promotion export council Members 

Update on notifications 

APEC educates its partners regarding the new notifications/circulars/public needs which are related to DGFT, CBIC, and Textile Commissioner. GST, MSME, etc.

Documents required for APEC registration

Initially the customers are required to feed all the credentials and deliver a petition form that can be downloaded  free online at the AEPC website. Applicants need to provide some meaningful features like the name of the business, the time from which it is running, enrollment number, export turnover of foregoing years, etc. The applicant also wants to submit the following papers at the duration of submission of this application form:

  • Self-certified copy of the import-exporter code (IEC) published by the licensing authority (DGFT)
  • Duly notarised, an effort on non-judicial stamp article
  • A self-certified document of Memorandum & Articles (MOA) of Association or Partnership agreement or Certificate of company registration, as per the regulations
  • In the case of a manufacturer exporter, a self-attested document of SSI Certificate or Industrial License is necessary. 

Fees involved in APEC registration

To register with the Apparel Promotion Export Council, you must first submit an application, along with the required documents. Once registered, you can access a variety of resources and advantages that will help you grow your company. 

Before applying with the Apparel Promotion Export Council you need to know about what is APEC, businesses must first submit an application with the required documents. After the application has been evaluated and accepted by the Apparel Promotion Export Council, businesses must then pay a registration fee in addition to submitting their business plans and financial statements. After registering with the AEPC, businesses can take advantage of its many benefits, including government incentives, trade fairs, and marketing assistance. 

Entrance fees for a current registration are ₹1000 + ₹180 (18% GST) = ₹1180 + Annual Fee of ₹ 8000 + ₹ 1440 (18% GST) = ₹ 9440, in Total = ₹10620.

How Vakilsearch can help in APEC registration

If you are looking forward to being a global exporter of readymade garments then registration with Apparel Promotion Export Council is mandatory. Registering under Apparel Promotion Export Council provides multiple schemes and subsidies for the registered firm. Experts at Vakilsearch provide the best holistic solution when it comes to Apparel Promotion Export Council registration. Even if you are looking to revamp your AEPC membership, reach out to our experts at Vakilsearch. We will get it done very soon!

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