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Employment Agreement

Basic Legal Documentation for All Businesses

Over the course of a company's existence, legal documents are crucial for safeguarding the interests of the business and the owners. Taking care of your legal issues doesn't have to be an arduous effort. Often, it is better to begin defending your company right away than wait until it is too late. The success of a business depends on a number of important legal documents. Let's see what all basic legal documents are necessary for a business.

Confidentiality Arrangement

It seems sensible to want to discuss your company plans with loved ones during the first enthusiasm of starting a new venture. But keep in mind that once an idea is expressed, it cannot be contained.

Ask them to sign a Confidentiality Agreement (also known as a Non-disclosure Agreement, or NDA), under which they are obligated not to divulge your confidential information to a third party and may decide to quit the business should all be covered in this agreement.

Make sure you have a Partnership Agreement in place that specifies how decisions are made and how earnings (and liabilities) are divided if you conduct business as a partnership. Several legal documents might be created for your partnership business.

Employment Agreement

From the beginning, an employment connection should be documented. To reduce the likelihood of disagreements, an employment contract outlines the responsibilities and expectations of both the employer and the employee. Key aspects that a contract for employment should address include: the trial period, compensation, benefits, working hours, yearly leave, and termination

Memorandum of Understanding

MoU stands for Memorandum of Understanding. It is an important Legal Document for Business containing important conversations with your suppliers, potential partners, and others involved in the business. It’s a milestone towards the realization of a project with the input of different parties and is used at the Intention Stage of a project.

A comprehensive MoU should set a clear roadmap to its parties on how they will perhaps move from the Intention Stage to the Contract Stage. The parties may never be able to move on from the Intention Stage without an MoU.

A Non-compete Agreement

A covenant not to compete is a legal stipulation in a contract between an employer and an employee or contractor that forbids the employee or contractor from working for the employer’s rival companies or starting their own rival enterprises once their service is over. Competition can be subject to time limits, field restrictions, and geographical restrictions.

The risk for employees about its trade secret client lists and other critical resources is reduced by non-compete agreements. It enables employers to assert a defendable interest in both the knowledge and “inside information” of employees as well as in their labour.

A Partnership Agreement or Shareholders’ Agreement

A shareholders’ agreement is a contract made between a company’s shareholders that lays out some important guidelines for how the firm will be handled. This agreement promotes cooperation among the shareholders and continuity over the course of the company’s existence.Who the shareholders are, what their obligations are, and what will happen if and when they d

​​Hiring Documents: Employment and Freelance Agreements

People build companies. It is, therefore, important to have well-drafted hiring documents that protect employees, consultants, and freelancers of the company. The document governs the terms and conditions of employment, as well as the rights and obligations of both parties. Employment contracts have provisions pertaining to salary, bonus, benefits, leave, and termination. The consultancy and freelancer agreements, often used in the IT and creative sectors, would include a clause pertaining to ownership of new intellectual property.


With this, you will have all the documents that you need in hand while you take off with your big idea! It is recommended to create a duplicate of all of these crucial documents and always have a soft copy by your side. While you get those documents for your business, make sure you are getting assisted by registered legal professionals like Vakilsearch! They are the number one legal service provider in India. Do your paperwork hassle-free with their legal experts now. We hope this article helps you start off with your idea. Feel free to contact us if you still need clarification. only use it for the purpose for which it was intended if you are working with potential business partners and will be sharing your business ideas with them.

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